We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Rebecca Taig | Rebecca Taig | Founder and Creator of Rebeccataig.com

Getting to the end starts with the beginning. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Shortly after my diagnosis, I began to develop other autoimmune conditions, resulting in food allergies and sensitivities. Through the process of elimination I realized that I could no longer tolerate gluten, and in 2012, I embarked on my gluten-free journey. For the first time, I began to heal my gut and nourish my body from the inside out and it all started with food. Read more>>

Whitney Espinosa | Baker – offering healthy options as well as fully decadent baked goods.

First off, I’d like to be able to focus 100% of my time and energy on growing my baking business. It has been a side gig for several years. I want to move into my own space – either a commercial kitchen or small shop. My end goal is to establish a successful brand and then sell the business in 10 years. Read more>>

Vanessa Pérez, MA | Small Business Owner

Like most entrepreneurs, we work longer hours, and usually weekends. I juggle Vanidosa Cosmetics LLC, a full-time job, and a time-intensive personal life. I’ve come to realize, running a business on your own can and will burn you out. I aim at growing a team to liberate myself from wearing all the hats. I desire free time on my hands to focus on new creative endeavors for Vanidosa Cosmetics and for travel time with my family. Vanidosa Cosmetics exist for many reasons and one that has become most prevalent is to gain freedom, I crave a life where I spend more time with family and friends. Read more>>

Jamila Yacinthe | Esthetician/Wax Specialist

THE END GOAL !Easier said than done, right? Especially if you’re uncertain about what your goals are or what they should look like in the first place. My goal has always been to be a business owner. In a few months I will have finally fulfilled the education and experience requirements to be a Licensed Esthetician, which I’m very determined on passing. I’m aiming to make that perfect experience for consumers of the waxing community. I am very passionate about the career that I have chosen, and for me working with clients to improve their skin is a rewarding profession that doesn’t feel like work. Read more>>