We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Melissa Lamson | Leadership Development Strategist

I’m truly committed to what will serve the client or organization best. I have no ego in my design or content. I have a gift of perception and observation. And now with over 20 years in the business of leadership training and coaching, I am able to draw on my extensive experience combined with fine-tuned skill. Read more>>

Jessica Elder | Author, Social Worker, & Mother

I never planned to write a book until I felt inspired by the feelings and emotions that come along with parenting. The feelings and emotions I felt inspired me to write something meaningful and relatable. I used my own strengths as a social worker and mother to write my book. My motivation to complete this very time-consuming project was there because the project was so personal and special to me. I never thought I’d become an author, although I always loved writing poetry and being creative. My children helped me to discover a dream that was within me. I also love helping others (which is why my career has been in social work), and I love being a mother. Writing a children’s book designed to support mothers and children around weaning from breastfeeding was the perfect way to combine all of my passions and interests. I truly enjoy all of the work that comes with being an author of my book. Read more>>

Joshua Farley | President, CEO, & Master Electrician

I remember this moment well… The moment I realized I was using my team’s core values to base our decisions on. And my current team at the time was not a great team, nor did their values mirror my own. I was reading The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni and he spoke about culture and values. He said every company has a culture. It’s whether or not that culture is intentional or accidental that makes the difference. Ours was definitely accidental. We were saying yes to things outside of our wheelhouse and values. We were keeping bad employees because we were busy. We were making all-around bad decisions because we didn’t have the guiding principles that were my own values. And without your own values front and center how do you value anything you do, let alone build a culture intentionally? I decided that day to put my values first, after all, this was my company and we were following my vision. I needed to get like-minded people on the team and this was the answer. Read more>>

Dr. Amber Enright | Doctor of Physical Therapy, Concierge-Care Provider, Business Owner

True Empathy. I have always been a highly emotional person. When I was young I was told that my emotions would be a limitation as an adult. Instead I found that my personal history and the profession I chose would have such a good impact on my ability to control my emotions, and to relate to my patients and their families on an incredibly deep social and emotional level. I hear them tell me all the time that they have never had a provider go to the lengths I have when things aren’t going right. That’s why I chose my company slogan, “Moving you with Heart”. Read more>>

Eartha Hubbell | Founder of Revari

Being authentic! Authenticity is so important for success, both for my brand and for my personal happiness. Staying true to who I am and being authentic in my brand comes in many different forms, including molding my brand around caring for our planet + people, being active in causes and organizations I feel passionate about, and giving back to the community. This authenticity and humanity within my brand is what makes it unique and successful. Read more>>

Tanja Rosa | Holistic Skin and Acne Specialist.

Passion and consistency are the most important factors behind my success. I am very grateful that I may do what I love to do. My passion keeps me inspired, motivated and drives me towards my goals. Consistency is another, very important factor for success in my business. My clients come in expecting the same high standards and always a good experience when they come see me at my skin care practice. My ultimate goal is to keep my clients happy and happy clients will return. Read more>>

Michelle Moore | Founder Mothers Grace Charity/Author | “A Mother’s Grace Healing The World One Woman at a Time”!

The Mother’s Grace brand resonates with most because of the nature of “moms” we as mother’s love unconditionally and have a giving nature. We are most often passionate about our children and the work that we do. As mother’s that have come together to our communities better and the lives of others we collaborate beautifully because of our empathy. We are more empathetic than sympathetic in that we “try on” the issues of others in order to help best we listen, share our presence, and want to bring forth the support that we would want for our own families in similar situations. In essence we practice the “golden rule” do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. When you are passionate and collaborative with other like minded “moms” there is no stopping the creativity and execution of our goals. Read more>>

William Turner | Private Chef

Although there are numerous factors to my success, Client Relationships has to be number 1. Without my clients, my brand doesn’t exist. And the report I build with my clients is priceless. Many of us become close friends. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, or a high profile client in town with their family, they know I care about them and they are going to get the best possible food and service I can provide. In business it really helps if you genuinely like people and I do. Read more>>