We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Kaitlyn Benincosa | Wedding & Event Florist

I feel the habits I have that help contribute to being successful is time management. I am still a University student AND I am still working my regular job – so sometimes it can be hard to fit in working on my business! Every week, I schedule what I am going to work on with my days off. Once I complete a task, I cross it off of my list. I NEVER get through my whole list. I never try to get down on myself, because I know that I am literally doing as much as time allows me. Read more>>

Marcus Timmons | Big Herc916 Life Coach & Youtube Influencer

The sink or swim mentality is what I feel helped me succeed in business. I don’t have a backup plans or what if options. When I set a goal in my mind, I make sure the universe has no option but to give me that which I desire. Read more>>

Takayuki Aoyama | Blue Painter & Travelor

Wake up early, enjoy the sunrise, and drink a glass of water. I meditate, then go to my desk and write down in a notebook the future I envision for myself and what I need to do to achieve it. By continuing to do this, I am able to move forward without hesitation toward achieving my goals, and I am always able to reflect, correct, and improve. It all starts with my morning routine. Read more>>

Lori Brown | Massage Therapist Extraordinaire

It’s less of a habit and more of a strong personality trait. I’m stubborn. Not like “I’ll open this pickle jar myself” kind of stubborn, but a “I have this dream, this idea, and I’m going to push and work for it no matter how long it takes me to get there” kind of stubborn. That’s exactly what I did. I decided at 17 that I wanted to be a massage therapist and run my own business, and I did everything I could to make it happen. The pieces all finally fit together and when everything else was closing down, I decided to open my own studio in January of 2021. If that isn’t stubborn I don’t know what is! It’s gotten me pretty far in life because I just don’t give up. Read more>>

Emilie Adams | Lash Artist

Habits that have really caused me to have a breakthrough with my business have been becoming a social media wiz and being consistent with it. The more you know about social media the better off your business will be because social media is such a big aspect of everyone’s lives Read more>>

Bridgette Lee Phipps | Entrepreneur & Actress

I’ve always been one for setting wild goals. In the beginning of my career I was often told I always get what I want. I wasn’t sure if that was a positive or negative thing at the time, but when I look back I’m so glad that I was told that. It helped me to not have doubt that I could set whatever goals that I wanted and achieve them as long as I put the effort in. I continue to set those wild goals, but now I also take advantage of setting and describing obstacles. Read more>>