We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Sal Cosenza | Artist & Design Educator

Firstly, I enjoy it and it’s not boring. Secondly, being artistic and creative often invites collaboration, diversification, and interaction. Read more>>

Kate Malcolmson | Wife and mom

I have always been creative, for as far back as I can remember I have loved to draw and make things. My favorite thing to draw when I was 5 was a haunted house and I loved to make faux fish tanks out of boxes. Throughout my life I would paint anything I could get my hands on and I still do. However I haven’t always pursued a creative career. In 2020 I finished my honors degree in psychology, I was in hospital after having my son and I was doing the final assignment on a laptop in my hospital bed. I wrote my last exam while still recovering from an emergency c section a few weeks later. Now with my new born son and finally finishing my degree I thought this is my chance to achieve my dream of pursuing a creative path. Read more>>

Esther Mitchell | Photographer & Undergrad Student

I decided to choose a “creative” career because I wanted to not only have my own business, but I also wanted to use my interest and skill in photography to help other people capture special moments in their lives. As a photographer, you’re able to work with clients from all walks of life from all over the country (and hopefully one day, the world.) At the age of 15, I started to gain interest in the world of photography. I got a job at a summer camp doing videography, which eventually led to me opening my business- Mitchell Photography. Having my own creative career, only bound by my own creativity. In the future, I hope to expand my business/brand enough where I hire aspiring photographers who want to also make a living doing what they love. Read more>>

Cj Lundbad | Illustrator & Writer

I don’t have any conventionally, practical skills. Additionally, I share a birthday with Shakespeare and George Lopez so I think that has played a cosmic influence on my life. Read more>>

Jordan White | Singer songwriter in Jane N’ The Jungle

I’ve always been passionate about the impact art can have. I was inspired at a young age to pursue an artistic career in hopes of helping impact the world with the art I create. I think when you start pursuing something you are passionate about, not all things make sense right away on why you do it, you just have the feeling that it’s something you need to do. Growing up it was very hard for me to get out of my shell, I was shy and afraid to speak publicly and perform. In high school, Theater helped me become who I am by allowing myself to find different parts of myself in the characters I would play. It was at that time I knew I wanted to pursue music and the performing arts. Read more>>

Montana Walsh | Owner of Sweet Boards by Montana

Creating things, ideas, media, art and design have been a passion of mine since I can remember. In everyday life, I see design; both good and bad. How the entryway to a store works so people can easily get in and out. How a paper cup is crafted so that it feels good in your hand but doesn’t burn you. The window display outside of a store that makes you go inside and spend money… all of these things are the results of creativity and design working hand in hand. I have always felt that a person who is creative will always be in demand. There are limitless opportunities in business, entrepreneurship and in life for those who understand the importance of creativity and design in just about everything we do. Read more>>

Monse Apud de la Fuente | Photographer and Journalist

I decided to pursue a creative or artistic career because I could never envision myself doing anything else. From a young age, I was fascinated by the power that creativity and art have to say so many things without or with few words. I come from a family of painters, creators, designers, and photographers who inspire me everyday to create and make anything possible through art. I am passionate about many forms of art but particularly photography. I decided to pursue photography as a career because I belive that a picture is worth a thousand words. As a photojournalist I can help tell stories through visuals that can touch peoples hearts and minds. Read more>>

Emmalyn P | Content Creator and Retired RN

I always thought I have creative abilities but just never had the chance to pursue it because I was busy with my career and other things. I was a pediatric nurse long before I started looking into content creation. As cliche’ as it may sound and as much as I loved being a nurse, I actually started my blog as a hobby and outlet from my demanding career. Since then, it has enabled me to express my creativity through photography and fashion. Read more>>

Ron Blake | Artist & Activist

I kind of just happened upon my creative odyssey. It all went into hyperdrive in a most unexpected way. You see. I experienced a moment of laughter on a suicidal night on November 2, 2015. A simple joke from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert sparked a ray of hope from within me. I’d struggled horribly for a long time. Being diagnosed with PTSD after a trauma. Three men had entered my home one evening years earlier while I was asleep and sick. I was held down. Raped. Beaten. Nearly killed. Read more>>

AJ Crane | Actor /Live Music Coordinator/Trainer /Writer

I believe that there is still much positive change needed to make this planet a more ideal place. There is a story everywhere you look; in everyone. There is something that we may have lived through, loved through, thrived through etc along our journey up through awareness that many others have experienced too! I believe that through performing arts and creativity we have a means of inspiring others to to inspire others as well! I plant 10 seeds and those 10 seeds are replanted and then there is 100 seeds because those 10 seeds produced 10 more seeds, and so on and so forth! We have the power to change the world; one just has to understand that, embrace that and put it into effort! Read more>>

Anna Rawson | Medical & Photographer

I originally planned on being a social worker when I graduated high school. I was persuing that career and in my last semester of college when I switched majors to nursing. I became an Emergency Department nurse for over ten years. I then went into nursing administration for over 3 years. Currently, I juggle photography with being a PACU nurse. In my off time, I make it a priority to regularly escape into nature. It is in nature where I feel alive, creative, passionate, connected and at peace. I want to bring that feeling, passion and peace to others. I enjoy serving others and love sharing my creativity. Photography is true passion and what I want to spend my life doing professionally. Read more>>

Stephanie Daniels | Artist, Hiker & Adventure Seeker – Owner of Brushes and Boots

From an early age I enjoyed expressing myself through my creativity, whether that be through painting or music or writing. I loved seeing what I could create and sharing that with others. Growing up I secretly wanted to be a full time artist but didn’t believe that I could make a successful career out of it. After all the term “starving artist” exists for a reason. I took the safer route and studied interior design in college and while I loved using my creative mind to solve problems I still wondered about my dream to be an artist. After college “real life” set in and I didn’t have much time to think about that dream so it faded away and while I still used my creativity in other ways I pretty much decided that being a full time artist just wasn’t meant for me. Read more>>

Melissa Miller | Travel Photographer and Writer behind MissRover.com

I grew up in a creative home. My mother is an artist, doing graphic design, photography, wedding cake design and more, and my father is a musician. I feel like creativity was unavoidable for me in this environment, but I was encouraged to go into healthcare because of the financial struggle my parents faced as artists. So, I ignored my desire to chase a creative career and spent 6 years pursuing a Masters degree in occupational therapy. It didn’t take long for the desire to chase creativity came back and ultimately made me leave healthcare to pursue travel photography and writing. I’ve learned through this that I’d rather be working so hard everyday doing something I love than continuing a career that provides financial stability with no passion. I feel so fortunate to be in privileged situation to do so. Read more>>

Jennifer Bi | Kid at heart/ Adventurous/ Unique

I pursued an artistic/creative career because I want to show the world what my mind sees when I see buildings, models, nature, etc. I needed a healthy outlet also from my day job working in the mental health field. Since I cannot draw to save my life, I knew I had other advantages especially with my artistic eye. Read more>>

Jayy The Prodigy | Music Artist

I chose to pursue an artistic career because it was an outlet for me. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression music was a way to show the world who I was. You know you hear many artists describe the reasoning for starting their music career was because it was their saving grace and I am one of those people. I was bullied for about 12 years and became depressed as a kid. This caused me to be silent but also be fearful of being who I am. Read more>>

Taylor Westrick | Owner & Designer

Since I was a little girl, I was always using my imagination to create things. You could find me painting, making things like animal masks, or even crafting glittery jewelry. There was no way I was going to end up in a boring desk job where I would be doing the same thing day in and day out. I chose to pursue a creative career so I could utilize my passion for creativity every single day. I’m an out of the box thinker, and I thrive on having new and exciting things to tackle each day. Read more>>

Kahlia Ferguson | Owner & Performer

I pursued this career because I genuinely love performing and making moments in children’s lives extra special. I worked as a character performer in Los Angeles and learned so much regarding high expectations when it comes to costumes/wigs and child interactions, that I thought it would be beneficial to bring those same expectations to Arizona. My goal is to send performers out into the world who truly love working with children and will provide an event that guests will never forget. Read more>>

Chris (Chritter T) Thomas | Music Artist & Teacher Assistant

Music always made me happy and was an escape in a certain way since I was a little boy. I truly Love it, all aspects of it from listening, creating, and making visuals with it. I wanted to give back to the people from what I got out of it. I always seen myself being apart of a rap group because I’m team oriented, heavily influenced by the likes of OutKast, Three Six Mafia, Young Bloodz, etc always wanted to do this with my Boyz however it started off good like that but since 2014 been finding ways to keep going to finish what I started. I’m in that hip hop feel good music type lane and now being a solo artist proving it can be done being yourself. Music is apart my many pursuits of Happiness in life so to inspire and give Love through it is why I do it. Read more>>