A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Laura Jewett | REALTOR & Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

By definition, inspire means to breathe life into or to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something (Oxford Languages). We are the Inspired Living Real Estate Collective, a division of Tru Realty. So even our name conveys our team mission to provide the tools to give our clients the ability to find inspiration throughout their entire homeownership journey as well as their lives beyond the transaction. Real estate is such a wonderfully diverse industry! I am challenged and intrigued by something new on a daily basis – and I love this! And I love real estate, that is to say houses! And I truly love connecting people with the perfect home for the next chapter in their lives. Read more>>

Samuel Baek | Social Media Influencer

Seeing the influencer boom during early quarantine inspired me to give Califoodventure a make-over long over due. It was originally branded to focus on Disney’s California Adventure foods, but I knew in my heart I needed to expand to a broader audience. So I kept the name, rebranded and wanted to focus on local/favorite businesses all over. The name speaks for itself as we are embarking on a venture together throughout California with food. Read more>>

Stephanie Padhye | Elopement Wedding Photographer

I am completely inspired by the thought that there is no end to growth. It just continues on and can develop forever. Growth, whether it be personal or creative, is something I find myself constantly thinking about. There are so many things I have planned for myself & my life, and realizing that there is no limit to being able to reach those goals really inspires me to keep pushing forward. Read more>>

Coco Barnes | Founder of Closet by TLC

Believe it or not, Closet by TLC was actually inspired by the pandemic. I originally was going to start my TLC Cosmetics brand back up, but once the pandemic hit we were all having to stay at home. So I started researching things that were popular during that time and it was loungewear more specifically onesies. Read more>>

Trenton Jung | Science Illustrator & Art Instructor

I am endlessly inspired by the complexities of the natural world. The colors, textures, and forms found in nature are the driving inspiration for my art practice. I enjoy incorporating the subtle complexities of nature into my illustrations, almost like playing a game of “I Spy” with the viewer. Read more>>

Gai Russo | Jewelry Artist

That’s a big question but here is one inspiration I reach for often. I grew up in a rural town in NE Ohio so I spent A LOT of time outside. All of the textures and shapes of tree bark, leaves, and branches/twigs; how they intraconnect the woods, supporting one another, overlapping, creating negative and positive space, and so forth; you can fill a notebook with just one glance. Read more>>

Matt Linderman | Filmmaker

I am inspired by beauty. It’s why we as artists and creatives do the work that we do. We not only are captivated by what we see around us, but we also want to make something that in some way reflects that beauty and inspires others. Two places that I primarily find this beauty is in the created world around us and in the human person. As a filmmaker, I appreciate the visual beauty found in both of these, but I also am very interested in the beauty of peoples stories and personalities. Each individual has an an interesting story to tell, perhaps one of pain, tragedy, joy, or accomplishment. Read more>>

Caroline McLain | Small Family Business Owner

Children inspire me in small and big ways daily, such as to love, trust, speak up, appreciate and laugh! Children are a reminder what it’s like to be happy with the simple things in life. Read more>>