You know that feeling where you are so excited about getting up in the morning because you just can’t wait to get to work?  Some folks will think that sentence is insane, but others know exactly what we’re talking about.  We asked some of them to tell us why they love what they do so much.

Melissa Marusteri | Hair Extension Specialist & Holistic Health Coach

I love being a cultivator of confidence. I am so grateful that my clients entrust me with their appearance. In just a few hours, I am able to impact how a woman feels about herself and awaken her inner confidence. She leaves my salon feeling powerful and her inner beauty shines outwardly. Its much more than hair, its an expression of self-care. I can’t imagine doing anything else! Read more>>

Sydnee Rivera | Hair & Makeup Artist

A little secret about me is that I’m very much an introvert. I love meeting new people and having good conversations in small settings but I also love my alone time. Sometimes it can be hard to get myself out if I’m cozy in my own environment. I love what I do because not only does it allow me to use both sides of my brain, it also pushes me to spend quality time with and become close to my clients. They become friends and I love hearing about their lives… the good and bad, and being able to be there for them. Read more>>

Reena Giola | Portrait Photographer

I know it will sound cliche, but I love photography and photographing my clients because I am capturing a moment in time for them. I think we tend to forget that life and relationships are precious and being able to do this, photography, has meaning. Read more>>

Randy & Monica Gaspar | Bling n Ink- Designers & Memory Makers

We started our business looking for any and every job there was. If you needed shirts, we would find a way to design and create them. We did shirts for industries we knew nothing about and we struggled. We felt that there was something missing. However, we soon learned that it is best to focus on who and what we know. We started to work with individuals and celebrating their life events; from football moms, to the bride to be, to birthday celebrations and cancer fighters! Read more>>

Cassandra Chan | Ceramic Teacher & Artist

Every morning, I wake up feeling happy and content as I get ready for another day of creative wandering. That usually happens when I’m reading books, watching movies or chatting with friends and the children I interact with. My ideas mostly stem from connecting with people and that’s what I love most about my creative life. It is the people around me who inspire me to create every day. I love making art and spreading love through my work. The most meaningful aspect of what I do is to create happy moments through art. Read more>>

Nicole Kline | Vintage Addict, Designer & Artist

I do love my business and what I love about it most is the adventure. I find it so fun to search for specific vintage items in my go to spots and even more exciting to me are the random places that pop up for a search because I never know what I am going to find. Also, since I deal with mostly vintage items, I love the stories that come along with each item and the nostalgic emotion that they evoke from my customers when they find something special to them in my shop. Read more>>

Rochelle Reed | Artist

I love repurposed found items from beaches, forests, deserts, rivers, etc…then creating artwork with it. Most of the items are considered litter ie: broken glass, pottery, driftwood, metal that have been aged over time into an usable media. Every found item has history, a story to “tell”, a memory conjuring moment and that is what I enjoy most! Read more>>

Shannon Broderick | Creator of Dogs Eating Cake LLC

I love what I do because it makes an impact. It not only makes peoples day, seeing their dogs gobble up my treats but it also gives people to opportunity to join in on the mission statement for Dogs Eating Cake. My mission has always been to be able to creative a fun platform to connect, educate and inspire the community through serving dogs in need. The best part about it is being able to meet and connect with so many different people (and dogs) in the community who share the same love for dogs as I do! It an amazing community to be a part of. Read more>>