There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Cerila Gailliard | Project Management Professional Consultant & Trainer

The most important factor behind my success is taking the time to build relationships. When I started my business this was the advice I was given by a person who had been in business for over 10 years. Building businesses relationships takes time. It is not something you build immediately but over a period of time. Read more>>

Megan Befort | Family Photojournalist & Filmmaker

The most important factor behind the success of my brand and my business has been finding my niche and speaking in a strong voice to those customers every time I reach out to them. As a photographer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking every kind of photo for every kind of person. But when we’re constantly speaking to everyone, we’re really speaking to no one in particular. When I realized that honest, unique, and real in-home documentary photography and filmmaking was my passion, I started speaking to that audience 100% of the time. Does that appeal to everyone? Absolutely not. In fact, there’s a very small group of families that are looking for what I do. However, when they do find me, we connect on every single level. Read more>>

Lexi Peers | Couple’s Photographer

AUTHENTICITY! Being a genuine and kind human being has taken me farther in photography than anything else. People value connection and once you build that trust, there’s nothing better. Read more>>

Jayden Eggimann | Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach, Business Owner & Content Creator

The most important factor behind my success was actually more so an obstacle that I faced back in April of 2019. I was in a BMX (biking) accident when I was at the Chandler, AZ BMX track with a good friend of mine. And a fun fact/side note, I actually grew up on this track racing until I was about 6! But when I was there I ended up hitting a jump wrong & next thing I knew I was trying to pull something out of my throat that I thought I had been choking on… Welp,, it was a ventilator I was on after 23 hours being knocked out cold, coma stated in the hospital. This was the most important factor to my personal success because I basically escaped death & now held a totally new perspective to the meaning of matter and life. Read more>>

Barb Harris | PR Pro & Nonprofit Organization Advocate

What’s made our firm successful is that our clients know that we have their best interests at heart when we join their team. That’s how we view ourselves – as members of our clients’ team. We are invested in their success and while we bring them the value of an “outside” perspective, we also strive to be trusted team members who are dedicated to learning their business, helping them identify the best stories they have to share, researching the best channels to tell those stories, and forging relationships with media and stakeholders. We measure our success by their success. Our brand – teamworks communication – was created to reflect that spirit of collaboration. Our very first client more than 23 years ago was the nonprofit St. Louis Area Food Bank. We worked with them for almost 20 years. Read more>>

Kimberley Casazza-Cutts | Business Owner

Hands down, the most important factor behind my success and the success of my business has been perseverance. It seems so simple, but in a world where we are constantly being torn in many different directions mentally and physically from an overload of forces – it can be so easy to lose track of your goals and even easier to let go of them. From the start of my career, I made a commitment to myself to never give up, no matter how challenging or impossible a task or goal seemed. This promise or guiding principle helped me grow, learn, and ready myself for entrepreneurship. Being a young entrepreneur, especially in today’s economic and political climate, is extremely difficult and can feel sometimes like you are just a tiny voice screaming in the middle of a hurricane. Read more>>

Remi Goode | Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist

Although I would steer clear of calling myself a success in any particularly notable way, I think I can talk about finding personal success in what I do. As a 21-year old singer-songwriter, I have been writing music for almost ten years, but have only found a way to be as prolific as I wanted to be in just the last year. What slowed my progress as a writer most of all was second-guessing myself and waiting for inspiration to strike. The best thing I did to consider myself a successful songwriter was hold myself accountable to work at it every day. Of course this is advice I had heard for a while, but implementing it was really important to getting where I wanted to be. Every day that I did something as small as write one lyric or come up with a chord progression, I could cross it off my list and call myself a songwriter that day. Read more>>

Sabah Ali | Business & Brand Coach

The most important factor behind my success has been my ability to control my mind and how I show up every single day in business, life, and relationships. Many people believe there is a secret sauce behind “success”, but in reality – there really isn’t! I work on my inner self daily, a combination of meditation, journaling, exercising, and goal setting. Not only does that allow me to feel AMAZING and energized every morning, but it creates a vision of where I want to go. With no vision there is not path. Read more>>

Craig W. Cutler | Artist

In a word … differentiation. Everyone can take a fabulous photo these days – portable technologies have become increasingly enabling – to a very good end, I decided, long ago, that I would have to be unique and have a completely and totally distinctive style, That has paid off immeasurably with business throughout the American West to designers and collectors with sales from Las Vegas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, High Point, Park City, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and even Manhattan. I use about 26 different kinds of software and have learned them all to know what does what and if I have a vision to create something in my head – I can execute it. Sometimes it just happens and sometimes it’s planned. It’s cool for me now as customers tell me they know it’s a ‘Cutler’ by my style – they see it somewhere and know – I love that. Read more>>