We had the good fortune of connecting with Jayden Eggimann and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jayden, what is the most important factor behind your success?
The most important factor behind my success was actually more so an obstacle that I faced back in April of 2019. I was in a BMX (biking) accident when I was at the Chandler, AZ BMX track with a good friend of mine. And a fun fact/side note, I actually grew up on this track racing until I was about 6! But when I was there I ended up hitting a jump wrong & next thing I knew I was trying to pull something out of my throat that I thought I had been choking on… Welp,, it was a ventilator I was on after 23 hours being knocked out cold, coma stated in the hospital. This was the most important factor to my personal success because I basically escaped death & now held a totally new perspective to the meaning of matter and life. What made the wake up even more impactful was how I woke up to the question we all ask ourselves growing up, “Who would be there at my hospital bed or funeral”. Now, that’s definitely not something I’d ever want to see again, but damn was it a perspective changer and a life changer more so than anything. The other thing that I woke up to and overheard was my doctor talking to my parents about the numbers and chances on how I basically should have died if it was not for the full faced helmet. And how crazy it had been there were no other injuries, other than the concussion & blood in my lungs. I then rose to my feet about 3-4 hours later and walked my ass out of that hospital because there was life to live. I now refer to this as my “reawakening” and ever since then I don’t seem to have a stop button. The ambition and motivation that came from that wake up is something else. I now truly believe and see the REAL meaning behind the quote “Live every day like its your last”. I can first hand tell you,, you really may never know when the last one could be. You never know when that last “good-bye” to a family or friend could be.

What should our readers know about your business?
Personally I run two businesses. One being a personal training & lifestyle coaching business, ‘Eggy Fitness LLC’. I am based out of Self Made Training Facility in N. Scottsdale and have been there since May of 2020. It’s basically my second home and family, a place that gave me opportunity when nothing else seemed right. I walked away from a full time commercial installation job where I was working 50-60 hours a week for under $750 in pay…. I turned what was an empty clientele list into what is now known as the ‘SMILEGANG’. Also connecting to multiple companies of many other types through my media engagement on Instagram and the community that has been built all around through the process. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds where I just ‘walked away’. This has been a profession I have been after for about 11-12 years now. But not just the profession of personal training,, but more so that trainer who can break things down differently & also connect personally on a different level with anyone I work closely with. I not only want to make impact in changes physically but mentally as well. I played baseball growing up which always made me be somewhere near exercising, and for myself I actually grew up on the bigger side (being 165lbs in 6th grade…). Yeah, I was big and yep I got bullied. So from a young age, one who was filled with a lot of anger, I started to learn how people and their energy work, how I needed to learn to harness emotion and craft relationships that needed to last. There was a day I came home and looked my pops in the eyes saying “I will have abs one day, just watch me” and I never turned back from then. The motivation and love for body movement started SUPER YOUNG & my baseball career led me to many connections. Not only allowing me to meet and connect to many pros and other elite athletes, but gave me the chance to learn and gain a piece of paper, my bachelors haha, in Entrepreneurship in Health and Wellness w/ a Minor in Communications. I played at two divisions one schools (Grand Canyon University & Valparaiso University) and one of the best junior colleges (Central AZ). This gave me the insight needed to what it really took to be not only an elite athlete but an elite trainer as well. This was were I got to connect and work with some of the best in the game and with others just starting to become as well. My love for this industry started when I found the weights when nothing else felt right. It was an escape, a time for me to just take anything confusing or feelings of anger and just harness them and really release my mind. The gym and working out is my foundation, it’s where my love for work happens now & I can’t be more blessed to say that. I also run a movement, yes a movement not a brand, known as “The Smile Movement” (IG: @Smile_Movmement). It was something I crafted and put together in 2017 after going through a whole series of injury that led to a lot of depression & anxiety to come. I had created this more so as just a fun idea for my friends and I to rock ‘#SMILE’ on shirts during the 4th of July, which now has ended up being something many many many people want to rock daily now! Over time the business has faced a lot: business partner drop-out, finishing school and ball so having to close books, almost dying, toxic relationships, wrong crowds of people, etc. There were all types of obstacles that I faced while developing this business and never were they easy. But they definitely transformed my mentality into a strength that is the heaviest on me. My mentality was shaped incredibly through learning the business sides of merchandise and ultimately seeing how people react to anything,, even being a super positive company. I battled friends and family saying I’d just give up and do nothing more than the first set u=of things. I have com back a couple times and now am here to stay. The road seems to be a never ending one and I am definitely okay with that. I’ll tell ya why… Because this is a road any entrepreneur would love to being riding down. But what makes it so special and why I absolutely love it, is how it was all crafted and has evolved from something I personally started but let a community take over and create. Maybe that made sense, maybe not, for me the movement does nothing but make sense, #SMILE. WHAT IS THE SMILE MOVEMENT? The Smile Movement is driven at seeking the positives over negatives & getting after every day with everything you have to offer. This movement is that reminder that gives a simple yet contagious message to SMILE & never look towards those negatives. It’s a message to be strong and confident in yourself while never losing sight of others around you. “At the end of every day, find a reason to smile” -Jayden Eggimann (Jayden_Egg)

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
For my week long trip I’d definitely start out by having them see my work place, being Self Made Training Facility, and being my friend we’d get a good workout in everyday or every other haha! From there, depending the time of year I’d either take him to the lake on a. friend’s boat or take him up north to Flagstaff to check out ‘Snowbowl’ and go shred the mountains! There would definitely be times we go down to Old Town Scottsdale, well when it’s open lol, and get a little crazy like with responsibility of course. I’d definitely take my friend to Cartel Coffee Lab, HB Wellness & even take him to a couple of my favorite eating spots! There are all types of things to wonder around and see in Scottsdale so getting bikes or even the Byrds would need to happen!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
A shoutout is huge and for myself mine goes to a friend & mentor of mine. His name is Billy Woodmansee,, & although there are ups and downs of many kinds this man has taught me and led me rightfully for so many years. I was given an amazing opportunity when I was about 13-14 years old. He let me scrub toilets, clean the gym & even pay my only $20 weekly allowance to come and train under him and beside him to learn. And you better believe I said yes to that opportunity. One that turned into overtime training that led to me evolving enormously and getting a scholarship for baseball, then to interning for him personally while in college for research papers I had to conduct and then led to me being able shadow his days, free of course, for hours and just be able to obtain and soak in all types of knowledge and information. He’s a father to a son, he’s a friend to many & he will always be counted as a mentor of mine. The biggest of shoutouts to you B-Wood.

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