Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Richard Latimer | Repibox Founder

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I found myself at home cooking almost every meal. I wanted to expand into new culinary cuisines, but I found discovering new recipes to be challenging. Recipe search results often displayed great recipes, but I found cooking website layouts often required endless scrolling caused by poor placement of text, ads, or videos, that, while complementary to the recipe, could often make the usability of the website cumbersome. I wanted to come up with a solution that would encourage me to discover even more recipes. I realized that if you can make something easier, you’ll want to do more of it. The solution for the Repibox.com browser extension came out of the idea of exploring how to modify the layout of a recipe website to be more user friendly and accessible, while providing a way for the original content creators to earn clicks and ad impressions on their site. Read more>>

Dana Artzer | Retirement Advisor Extraordinaire & Author of I’ve Got It Covered

There are actually 3 factors. Honesty, integrity & knowledge As a Retirement Advisor, my clients & businesses always know that they can rely on me and trust the knowledge I bring to the table If you don’t take risks, you will never know the reward. I have been deported from Mexico, held against my will in Holland (rescued by the man who has been my husband for 25 years), Opened my own restaurant (then filed for bankruptcy a year later), started my own personal training business (B0dy Design by Dana) and now I have finally found my niche’ as a Retirement Advisor. Even though I have been through some pretty scary times, God has always been there with me every step of the way. If I would not have taken the risks, I would not be reaping the rewards! When I started in the Insurance/Retirement industry, I was completely lost. All I kept thinking was that if I felt like this then there must be thousands or even millions of people feeling just as lost as I was. Read more>>

Bob Reish | Certified Business Coach and Consultant

The idea for my business is years in the making. The process is a series of stumbling blocks and stepping stones. Before I even realized what I do today I was born to do, I was preparing for significance. Each step in front of us can be a stumbling block or a stepping stone, it is up to me to decide which one it will be. From mentors in my life to people attempting to derail me, every influence has played a crucial role in where I am at today. The idea for why I am in business is a combination on experiences, influences and disciplines that has allowed me to grow into and continue to grow as an intentional leader. Read more>>