We had the good fortune of connecting with Crux Conception, M. Psych and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Crux, is your business focused on helping the community? If so, how?
Power was the deciding factor, which led me to start my own business. When I started out public speaking, I, like most individuals, had to pay to speak. Most people who attend conferences don’t realize that a majority of the speakers are charged to speak. Speakers are required to pay their own travel and hotel, and on top of that, they have to pay the conference a fee to speak.

Then, while attending/speaking at a conference in San Antonio, TX. I sat to hear the Keynote speaker. I was not impressed and said to myself, how did this individual get this Keynote speaker spot. I later discovered that if you have a title after your name (Dr., Ph.D., Esq.) or have written a book, you qualify as a Keynote speaker, regardless of whether you just stand in one spot on stage and click slides all day.

Although I had a “wow story” to tell, I was not getting those keynotes or paying speaking gigs. Then in 2019, I decided to form Crux Conception (a synonym for crisis intervention). At this moment, I researched and took classes regarding self-promotion, marketing, and the utilization of social media. This concept helped me to understand the speaking business and also allowed me to help represent other speakers. The ambition and drive gave me the ability to build a name/brand. These factors assisted me with gaining a reputation as a transparent speaker who is serious about uplifting and cultivating audiences.

Although my book is not published yet, I now get speaking gigs and keynote slots, and I haven’t had to pay to hear myself speak since 2018. I feel this was due to taking myself seriously and demanding respect.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
As a retired homicide detective, I spent 25 years meeting people at what may be the most unpleasant time in their life. Now, as an international speaker, I get to be myself, open and transparent. In addition, I am letting the creativity in me come out. That said, I am proud of my work as a Law Enforcement official; I cared about the victims and family members whose cases I worked. I felt their pain and seen their tears. However, law enforcement today is outdated and needs to conform with the times and struggles faced by its citizens.

I became a public speaker because I love speaking and teaching. Sometimes, I feel most alive when I am on a stage speaking. I love research and researching, I have over 16 originally written lectures/topics that I utilize whenever I give a talk/lecture, and now I just completed my manuscript.

As a rookie police officer, I recall my first field training officer (FTO); we just finished a domestic dispute investigation, where the female party tried to cut her boyfriend’s reproductive tool off with a typical household air-fan because she caught him playing with himself in front of her, while she slept. As we both got back into the squad car, my FTO looked at me and said, if I were to write a journal on everything I witnessed as a cop, I’d be a rich man.

So, that’s what I did; every time I completed an investigation, I would write it down in my journal. I did this for the next 25 years of my career, and today, as the late NOTORIOUS BIG would say, “I GOT A STORY TO TELL.”

Being a Cop is a noble profession; however, the job description needs to change, it is still stuck in that “closed fist” type of mentally. I recall being in a gang unit; however, it was not a gang unit. The Fort Wayne Police Department’s version of a gang unit is to follow, stop, harass and frisk (true story). I later found out from cops who worked in larger cities that a real gang unit knows the streets, knows the culture knows the mentality of the so-called gang members; that was and is something most police agencies are not willing to do.

I want people to know that I saw and experienced injustice conducted by law enforcement officials for years and that it is a “good old boys” network. I want people to know, when they read my book “Outside My Mind: Dirt on The Badge,” that we, as civilians, can change the way police treat us. Defunding the police is not the solution; however, reforming the police is the answer!

Below is an excerpt from my unpublished manuscript titled: Outside My Mind: Dirt on The Badge. I added chapter summaries to the end of each chapter. What makes this unique is, the summaries are in the form of poems. Being an adjunct professor, I always love the chapter summaries in a textbook, so I figured why not add them to the manuscript.

Chapter 9 Summary:
Oh, how the white boys danced that night.
Law Enforcement is a noble profession (Part I)

They seem to be the tormentors of our dreams,
this was ignited by wanna-be marines.

Your supposed to be our protectors,
that’s the reality.
So, why do you come into the community,
with a warrior mentality.

In the academy, they train us
to have that warrior mindset,
training you to believe that,
all inner-city civilians
are insider-threats.

You’re not in the military,
you’re the police,
your job is to protect and serve,
by maintaining the peace.

Law Enforcement,
is a noble profession.
So why can’t you get
better recruit-selections?

on the selection committee.
Like they know what’s best,
for the inner-city!

How do you expect to understand;
current-cultural boundaries,
when you and your family,
live in another county.

In your eight-hour shift,
you drive around our community.
Depriving us of equity, and justice,
all with impunity.

Allow me to break down, this disconnection.
You don’t shop at our stores
attend our churches,
shall I continue to show the lack of connection?

Your children attend different schools,
you don’t play by the rules.
looking at our homes,
deeming them cesspools.

Law Enforcement,
is a noble profession.
So why can’t you get
better recruit-selections?

on the selection committee.
Like they know what’s best,
for the inner-city!

You play with people’s lives,
and do it for enjoyment.
You say your part of the community,
yet, you don’t reside,
within your place of employment.

Disconnection, disconnection,
no service, no protection.
no connection, no affection,
just the boys in blue,
with a case of rejection-infection.

But let’s call it for what it is,
a brutal insurrection.

How much longer,
will citizens have to suffer.
Wouldn’t it be beautiful,
to see more qualified officers of color?

-Crux Conception, M. Psych

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Fort Wayne is a fun place to visit (notice I said visit); with that said, we are revitalizing downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. There is not much to do here in the winter; however, we have minor league baseball and a host of festivals in the summer. I like the festivals; there is something for everyone to do. I am still a little disappointed that we have to go to Indianapolis or Chicago for individuals in the black community to find something that motivates our cultural wellness.

Being an educated retired black man in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is not much to do; one has to force themselves to enjoy what the city offers. That’s just being honest, and it comes from a person of color, who sees communities like Fort Wayne attempt to appease people from different cultures, yet they don’t make a strong effort at embracing cultural diversity.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I like to send a shoutout to my grandson Carson, although you are too young to read at this time. Someday, when I am long gone, you will look back at this article and know that your grandfather loves you with all his heart and soul!!

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