We had the good fortune of connecting with Mandy Aliano and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Mandy, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
My thought process . . . This is a great question! I knew I was designed for something great, even as a young girl! I worked four jobs as a young adult just to live “The American Dream,” yet I working for someone else’s cause and dream. Boudoir happened naturally and organically, I grew up with a camera in my hand, so I knew I already had the skill and knowledge. I had also worked in many customer service related positions as well, which gave me the confidence to serve my clients to the very best of my ability! However, I have always felt that photographers in general needed quantity in order to not be “starving artists.” So, I did as much research as humanly possible to figure out a way to make my business profitable without needing quantity, but instead Quality. I can proudly say that I definitely provide quality to my clients! I hired a business mentor, found a beautiful studio and got right to work and have served my clients with the very best value and quality since 2014, and am now living life on my own terms and my own American Dream.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Wow! Such a multi-faceted question! Truthfully what sets me apart from others is my personality and how comfortable I make my clients feel. But also, my style, my knowledge, my skill, my service, and the high quality of work that I produce! I am where I am today, because I remain Humble and Grateful above all else! I am driven, motivated, hard working, dedicated, and provide everything my clients would need and want for a luxury experience. I truly believe nothing in life worth having is obtained easily. I have worked so hard to become the best at what I do, and to provide a certain level of service. Entrepreneurship, is like an emotional roller-coaster, but it’s all worth it if you stay on to the very end! Overcoming any challenge or obstacle can be difficult, but keeping an open mindset truly is key! I’ve learned that not every person is my client, and that is OKAY! I’ve learned that not everyone values quality, attention to detail, customer service, and expertise. I have learned to be CONFIDENT in what I do, and I love myself so much more for it! I want the world to know that I am truly passionate about empowering women, couples, and men! I am completely obsessed with becoming the Ellen DeGeneres of Boudoir Photography! I have photographed hundreds of women and men from all walks of life and for all different occasions, whether it be a surprise gift for a Groom, an Anniversary gift, birthday gift or just because, ect. I have even photographed women just getting out of a relationship or marriage and wanting to take back their power and femininity. I Love what I do, and it shows through my personality and my art!

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
If I had a friend coming into town for a week long trip I would take them all over Arizona! We would go float the Salt River to cool off in the summer months. We’d go check out the wind tunnels in Sedona. We’d travel to Flagstaff to see the Lava Tubes, and downtown Tucson for all the amazing murals. We’d eat at all the best restaurants including the taco trucks, and go to all the dive bars for Karaoke! We’d hike and 4-Wheel all the best trails, oh and JEROME, can’t forget Jerome! 😉

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Absolutely! I give all the credit to my family for always supporting me and believing in me. I work over 100 hours a week, and couldn’t do it without the love and support of my Husband and Children! My grandparents also deserve a huge shout out, because without them I probably never would have picked up a camera. But, my Grandfather is a wonderful photographer, and he and my Grandmother bought me my first camera at the young age of 4! Lastly, but certainly not least . . . my amazing business coach and mentor La! She has been with me through ALL the ups and downs, and has seen me through it all!

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