Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and creatives we have worked with have told us that it’s not about where you start in life, it’s about your ability to recognize the lessons life is teaching you and to use those lessons to succeed in the future. So, we asked rising stars from the community to share their most important lessons learned with us.

Kylie Holman | Singer/song writer

The most important lesson I have learned throughout my career is to stay true to myself. I write everything I sing, which is one of the things I love most about being an artist. I stay true to myself and my artistry by not allowing society’s standards to altar my perception of my art. I learned to stand tall and be proud of myself in everything I do, not everyone will support you and that’s okay. Read more>>

Dai Baker | Founder & Brand Strategist

The most important lesson I learned thus far in my business was the need for having systems in place. It took me about two years before I actually began to have systems in placed. For the the first two years of my business I was operating without any standard processes. I would onboard a client differently each time, complete a project differently, manage my leads in a variety of ways and this was becoming a problem. Not having any systems was costing my business valuable time and money. Read more>>

Tracey Marshall | Boutique Craftsman

It’s easy to come up with an idea, it’s hard to follow through with all the details needed to bring it to life. The spark is instantaneous, but that’s just the beginning. The difficult part lies ahead with culling and refining products, sourcing materials, and marketing, marketing, marketing. The initial thought is easy “why don’t I do this?”. But what comes next? Branding, marketing, packaging, advertising. Those are the things that throw me for a loop. I’ve never been great at self-promotion – I’ve always been better at supporting my fellow craftsman. Read more>>

Tammy White | Owner & Head Whipster

The most important lesson I have learned is to be unequivocally and authentically me. A little over a year ago, I was vending at a pop-up market when a patron suggested that I start making CBD bath bomb because she “loved them”. I did and they didn’t sell. I did not enjoy making them and found myself looking at their creation being a burden. What brought me joy well into the wee hours of the morning was handcrafting body butters and scrubs. Then there was the time when someone asked for a body wash. Read more>>

Genevieve Martin Del Campo | Mom and Owner behind JJBella Co.

The most important lesson I’ve learned with starting a business is that, you will fail at some point. I know this is something many have heard before, but prior to starting my business, I never actually believed it (naïve of me right?). It wasn’t until things started to slow down and customer reactions were not what I was expecting that it finally hit me, the saying is true. I felt like a failure and I felt lost; like maybe this wasn’t what I was “supposed” to be doing. That’s when I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate what I really wanted. Read more>>

Bria Hembergér | Makeup Artist & Creative director

Although there are many important lessons I’ve learned through my developing journey as Glamflesh; there is one that means the most to me. If you create art with the intention to receive validation and clout, you’ll never feel fulfilled. If you create art from the passion in your heart, the validation will come naturally from within. Clout follows when you’re creating work that is true to yourself; and if you’re creating work that’s true to yourself, the clout won’t matter. Read more>>