To persevere or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway. How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Tamara Hastie | Contemporary Southwest Artist

Any time you are working in your comfort zone you will never have a result that is very different from what you have done or seen before. It’s important to step out of that comfort occasionally and try new things (medium, subject, style) to explore and see what else you like. It’s inherently uncomfortable but the only way to expand and grow…and remember that you can always move back to comfort if/when it’s needed… so don’t be afraid to occasionally be bold. Read more>>

Stephanie Stuart | Bold Interior Designer

From moving 800 miles with my now-husband after only 6 weeks of dating to choosing bold colors and patterns in interior design, I’ve learned that risk moves the needle. My husband is so smart and handsome, I can’t imagine life without him and our two awesome kids. I’m grateful for taking that risk and it taught me to follow my instinct. A friend once said, “the universe has your back,” (which I think is a book I should listen to) and I never forgot it. I’m not sure my friends would fully describe me as a risk-taker, but I bet my clients would. Read more>>

Aaron Siebenga | New-Alternative Artist

When you live life as an artist I think you ask yourself that question daily. I always go back to the fact that it’s who I am. My life has been built around music. My hobbies, and free time go to some music related activity, my brain has been trained to think of words that rhyme or work on the last line I wrote down. To quit would be to kill a piece of who I am. Read more>>

Pierre Kardin | Music Artist

How I keep myself motivated and keep going is just sitting back and thinking how bad do I want it. This is for everything in my life. How bad do you want this and if you want it bad enough, you will not stop doing what you’re doing. Giving up should not be in your vocabulary. I know times get hard and life changes happen but keep that motivation and keep striving for greatness in what you do. Read more>>

Amy Hale | author and cowboy

What is give up? I am in a holding pattern in my career, but my day job goes on. I cowboy for a Forest Service grazing allotment and there is no “give up,” when working with animals in weather and rough country. We must show up to ride, all day, and go until the job is done. And then, more often than not, sleep on the ground, cook over a wood fire, and go again the next day, no clocking out of this work. This dynamic, this lifestyle, has served me well as an author. I show up every day, to the page, to the lifework that is my passion. I show up even when I am in the bardo in regards to publishing. Read more>>

Brian and Anna Maria Rogalski | Content Creators

Our thought has always been that without taking risks, you will stay stuck in a rut and never develop. If you take the easy route, you will not have the opportunity to see and experience new things. Anything worth doing or achieving requires taking a risk. But taking risks goes hand-in-hand with faith. You must have faith that things will work out the way they are meant. That achieving what you are aiming for can be achieved with risk, hard work and faith. Read more>>

Alysa Chapman | Drone Pilot and Photographer

In anything we attempt, It is easy to quit, but so much harder to keep going. We want overnight success and instant gratification. We scroll social media and see others doing what we would like to be doing. Why can’t I have the same success? We question our process and overthink every step we take. Starting and running any type of business is not easy and if anyone tells you differently, RUN! So how do you know if it is time to throw in the towel or go another round? If I am being honest, this is a question I have wrestled with over the last couple of years. Read more>>

Divya Yoder | Founder & CEO

I never thought or imagined myself as a risk taker since I consider myself such a planner! Starting my own business was a risk in itself. Since I have seen success in such a huge risk I have already taken, I’ve started taking more risks in my professional and personal life. I believe taking risks is just being true to yourself and going after whatever you truly want in life – whatever that may be. As Glennon Doyle says “I see your fear, and it’s big. I also see your courage, and it’s bigger. We can do hard things” has really resonated with me, especially when I take risks. Read more>>

Loren Bouchard Lauren Crawford | Babes in a Box

As people who always strive to exceed goals and be successful, owning a small business and starting from nothing has taught us a lot of things. We have had to dually focus on our short-term and long-term business goals and celebrate even the smallest of ‘wins’, reminding ourselves that our hard work and determination will pay off in the future. We embrace set-backs and look at those as learning opportunities. With a product that is so unique and new to the photography market, we could easily give up however our clients enthusiasm and love for what we do keep our energy charged and our creative ideas flowing! Read more>>

John Clarke | Youtuber/Creative/Athlete

I think no one truly knows when to keep going or to give up. On the journey to success or whatever desire you have, the thought always crosses your mind as things become trying, which they will because to whom much is given much is required. What keeps you going though is your love for what it is you’re doing. True Love. If you love something, that thought is quickly erased by you putting in even more work toward your chosen path, because you’re afraid. Of what it’d feel like to have made the wrong decision. Read more>>

Lori Bauman | Artist

I love risk. I love taking risks in the gender bending content of my artwork, in creative business investments and in questioning cultural tradition in general. Can an artist or entrepreneur survive if we’re not risk takers? Today, I say it’s unlikely. I believe risk is a necessary part of living, especially if you want to have an unexpected or above average outcome. Risk is not easy but life without risk is very basic. The unknown, or the future, has always interested me more than the known, or the past. Look at the narratives of my artworks and you will see a studied and thoughtful respect of history translated to meet a non-binary future. Read more>>

Becca Elan | Artist-Philanthropist

Risk is essential if one wants to become a successful entrepreneur. Even if a person doesn’t like taking risks, invariably they will tell you that at some point their success was influenced by taking a risk. Risk to me is about not letting fear in but allowing a way to create opportunity and progress. There have been many successes and failures that I have experienced while trying to figure out what will bring me to where I wanted to be. Read more>>

Colin Gribble | Dancer / leader / Videographer/ Connector

I was influenced to start my own shuffle dance crew upon trying out for a different crew on the east coast. New Empire Shufflers <3
I didn’t make it the first round so that really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone more and really kick my training into high gear. If it wasn’t for the Captains of that team and their members I might not have pushed as hard as I did. (Edith / Kean ) specifically. But basically the whole team was fire. I gained so much inspiration from them you wouldn’t believe it. I’m going into my sixth year now and I literally have not stopped since.. Read more>>

Dariana Brown | Senior at Arizona State University & Executive Assistant for African American Reconstruction

I am a strong believer in Christ, so when I am faced with the decision to keep going or give up I pray about it. One of my favorite Bible verses, Proverbs 3:5-6, says to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” God is not a man of confusion and He will make His plans for your life very clear. With that knowledge, I have learned to honor Him in all ways and trust the plans that He has for me, and I know that if something doesn’t ever work out it is because He has greater plans for me. Read more>>