There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Matthew Wallace | Songwriter, Performing Artist

Taking risks is fun! The easy path is rarely the most rewarding. Comfort and stability are overrated. Why did we like roller-coasters when we were kids? Why did we make stupid, wreckless decisions as teenagers? Because that tingling you get in your chest when you’re standing at the edge of a gorge in Ithaca NY, about to jump into a deep, water-filled canyon, is something risk-takers are always chasing. Do things that get your heart pumping! Read more>>

Jacob Webb | Photographer | Videographer

Gambling on major decisions has been the foundation for my success. It’s hard to recall the times when taking risks have backfired on me – nor do I care to. With that, I can immediately point to a slew of scenarios when I’ve taken a chance and was right. Three and half years ago, I quit my wretched desk job before I was certain that I had something else lined up. I became a professional real estate photographer within that week. In this time, I have photographed over 1,500 properties across Southern Arizona. I’ve done the best that I can to foster my intuition and it’s brought me good fortune. Read more>>

Am BRO | Reggae/ Hip Hop Recording Artist

As an active Reggae/Hip Hop recording artist I used to think every penny taken away from the financial stability of my life that went towards music; like recording sessions, performances, music videos and so on, was a risk. Lately, it feels less like one. Due to how fulfilling it has been to be able to express myself artistically and get feedback from fans and listeners about how they connect with my music. Read more>>

Jonel ‘JoJo’ Cera | Fashion Stylist & Content Creator

Risks are challenges that make you stronger. Taking risks is part of the process to make you an empowered, courageous, and over-achiever being. For me – taking risks have given me the chance to explore myself. I wanted to understand and educate myself on the things that I am interested in, such as fashion, and how I can use that subject to change peoples perspective on everyday life. We live in times were every single being on this planet has an opinion and judgment. Read more>>

Megan Slankard | Musician, Creator

I feel that to truly create, an artist must take an adventure: you must follow a path, dive in deep, cut away weeds, take a leap, and honestly, sometimes that means making a whole lot of wrong turns along the way. Much of the time, only by exploring what sounds or looks wrong, do we know what sounds or looks right. And sometimes that’s totally by mistake. It’s continuing to follow this path, regardless of outcome, that makes art (at least for me) feel the most authentic. Read more>>

Allan Begosso | MMA Fighter

To do what you want to do and make your dream come true you always gonna take a risk. Life is a risk. I always put my self on fire and I like when i am until now. So, every fight, every day I’m gonna take risk to make my dream come true Read more>>

Christin Kingsbury | Real Estate Mom, Business Builder, Wealth Creator

Risk used to be something that i was paralyzed by, like many, I over thought all the negative possible outcomes and struggled to take action because of it. On the road to building businesses and pushing for goals I have failed many times. Sometimes big, often small but always failing forward as I take on the next challenge. Ive learned to fall in love with calculated risk. As an investor, I don’t just take risks without calculation but rather analyze the risk vs reward and focus on the best case scenario. Read more>>

Dacia Riddick | Serial entrepreneur & Hairstylist

When I think about risk taking, I believe it’s a path that causes us to take chances. On a higher perspective, it also separates the talkers from the doers. Through personal experiences I’ve learned that taking risk may not always work out in your favor. In fact, risk taking helps to mold you and create your future. Risk taking allows you build the courage to finally do something you’ve always dreamed of. Risk taking requires you to mentally prepare yourself and believe that you just know it’s going to work out. Read more>>

Andreas Johnson | CEO

It helped me to be able to start my own business, to travel to meet new people if I didn’t take the risk. I sacrifice my family my time I and my money I sacrificed a lot to be where I’m at now Read more>>