We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Mike Maitrel-Burgard | Founder & Executive Chef

Stay authentic. When I moved to America I learned a lot about the habits and culinary trends. I tried really hard at the beginning to cook the same things we see everywhere in restaurants, the classics. It was a good experience and I learned a lot. However something was missing. Identity! I think it is the core of my business today, offering a chef that will be able to provide everything you want in term of cuisine, but the most important is that I stay myself. I am still this big tall French dude cooking in your kitchen. Read more>>

Dasha Semyonova | Fashion Model & Photographer

THE, and I mean THE, most important factor behind the success of me and the success of my personal brand is being different. In a sea of sameness, it can be hard to stand out when that is less popular. I always strive to try something unique, I want to show people things they haven’t seen before, and I want to achieve things that haven’t been done yet. Read more>>

Josh Lien | Photographer (@joshlien27) / Retired Chemical Engineer

I say no a lot. As a photographer, I take hundreds of thousands of photos. The vast majority of those images will never see the light of day. I only share the ones that resonate with me. Read more>>

Daniel Bigay | Artist, founder Wabbitz World and Badwabbitznft

Consistency is key. Some days you will win and some days you wont but the key is to continue creating and showing up. Ive learned that consistency also forms habit, getting into a good habit of creating and pushing the ball forward becomes second nature and normal. Read more>>

Tha Sage | Hiphop Artist

Determination through both the highs and lows of your process . Success for me is a good balance of both and realizing greatness is dualistic in nature. Edison failed one thousand times before the one moment of greatness struck him. What’s great? “The Process”. The creative process is what makes an Artist. Somedays I will make leaps and bounds; other days a complete halt. Read more>>

Billy Magner | Founder, Brainwashed Coffee Co

We try to build on a few pillars for the company that we set up early: The first being that we don’t want to take selves too seriously. This coffee company supports a serious mission of helping people who are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, but we know that we can’t be so serious about all this. It’s just not in our nature. The second pillar is the idea that we hope to attract people as opposed to promoting ourselves, which sounds like a terrible marking strategy, but it seems to be working. Read more>>

Allison Walker | Marketing Coordinator, Bookmans Phoenix

Bookmans takes great pride in being active participants in our communities. Bob Oldfather, our founder, always said he never had a grand vision for Bookmans. It was never about money for him. He really just wanted a cool place to hang out. So, that’s what we aim for every day. The most important factor behind our success is our vibrant, diverse, fun-loving community. Read more>>

Justin Olney | Real Estate Agent

For me it has been the power of proximity. Meaning being around the people you want to become like. Whether that is financially or really any aspect of our lives. Then when you are around them you need to provide as much value as you can to them. In turn they are going to give as much or if not more back to you! Read more>>

Alexander Frekey | Founder/Co-owner

The most important factor behind the success of Performance Supplements is being 100% authentic. Being authentic comes in many facets. First being authentic in terms of actually taking care of the consumer with real knowledge and truthful answers to what they want. Secondly being authentic with what we believe in and showing the public our passion behind what we do. Lastly building the brand the right way and for the right reasons. Read more>>

Carolyn Stone | Naturopathic Doctor

As someone who built their business almost entirely on referrals, the most important factor behind my success has been connecting with my patients in such a way that they feel well taken care of and supported as they make changes towards better health. I come from a very small town where everyone knows everyone so I’ve made it my mission to bring that small town feel to the big city. My patients really are like family to me – I know about their kiddos, Read more>>