We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Eustolio Pardo | Street Artist

I´m a street artist, so great part of my work finds home in the public space. And I’ve seen streets change after my work is done. People start taking care of the wall, the sidwalks are cleaned, sometimes even goverment gets involved and instals public lighting. I’ve seen also how my work is liked and transforms into a cultural highlight for a lot of people from my home town. Lots of persons take pictures, even profound conversations are being taken after I make art from a public problem or a new social dilema. Read more>>

Jordyn Moore | Photographer/Photo Meetup Organizer

When I started my business, I knew that I wanted to create a sense of community for models and photographers in the NorCal region. A big part of my upbringing was to go to photo meetups and push myself to network with new creatives, I met a lot of my strongest supporters and closest friends through meetups. I knew that because they helped me through my business journey to create connections, I wanted to make my own photo meetups. Read more>>

Ernest Lerma | Fonder of Waffle Forest

At Waffle Forest our goal is to help reduce carbon emissions. We Create Green space which is our forest in dilapidated land typically in lower income and minorities like my self where i grew up. We are healing the land, beautifying the run down area, Cleaning the air. Numerous studies show developing natural green spaces has a measurably positive effect on the health of individuals, families, and communities. Waffle Forest is a 501C3 Read more>>

Alyssa Reilly | LGBTQ+ Couples & Elopement Photographer

At first, the thought of being in charge of myself scared the hell out of me. At the time I was active duty military and it’s all I knew for the last 10 years of my life. So to say that I was ready to light the fire and own my power in the passion I have for photography, ehh not right away. It took some time for me to build up the courage to actually go all in. I had been doing photography as a hobby and side hustle for a little over a year and a half before I decided I was tired of letting it be a second option. I became a mother in November of 2020, at that point I had been doing photography for almost a year. Read more>>

Michael Esser | Content Creator & Toy Store Owner

I think I’ve been lucky enough to help others with what I do in a few, pretty cool ways. Through my hyper-local show, that’s based in a small community at the heart of the iconic Route 66, I’ve been able to seek out and shine a spotlight on these small, mom and pop shops that travelers might normally miss, and even longtime locals or those relocating here sometimes overlook, have hesitated try, and by seeing these places through me are now plan to visit. Read more>>

Jayme Hanna | Owner & Founder | Holistic Esthetician

We are a new concept in the facial world. Not only do we deliver results with our facial techniques, we also help you take a deeper dive into YOU. Your skin is your biggest organ and is often times a mirror image of your health and emotions. There is a new esthetic movement called Integrative Esthetics or otherwise known as Holistic Esthetics. This approach harnesses the traditional facial treatments, but takes a bigger look at the person as a whole, including emotional well-being, diet and social influences. Read more>>

Lisa Gates | Concierge Business Owner & Nonprofit Co-Founder

Helping others enjoy what matters most, was the driving force in starting East Valley Concierge (EV Concierge). The entire business idea was the result of the challenges I faced in the corporate world. My career was built around supporting corporate executives by helping them meet their goals and objectives. In other words, I did my best to make the c-suite look good! I was the gatekeeper, the personal and executive assistant, liaison, organizer, negotiator, project coordinator, marketer, communicator and diplomat. I sat in the back of meetings to observe, or presented slides to a packed room of suits. Read more>>

Atllas Hopkins | Founder of SEED Philanthropy & Architecture Student

Through our grant giving cycle and donationsWe provide small, homegrown local nonprofits a solid foundation and fair opportunity to further pursue their goals and initiatives geared towards social change. Through our frequent community service and partnerships we not only provide hands on support to our community and the organizations within it , but we also build connections and relationships with those we’re working and building with. Through community cleanups, middle school campus remodels, tending to community gardens and giving very generous donations to other nonprofits do we impact our community the way WE like to. Read more>>

Jenny You | NanoWhat CEO & Co-Founder

In an age of increasing globalization, domineering monopolies, and media moguls – we’re trying to support local businesses and individual creators. NanoWhat is a website where locals can sell their curated collections of places to curious city explorers. We encourage authentic interactions and personalized, niche experiences by supporting quick access to maps my locals. You can download hidden gems and local spots rather than sticking only to mainstream attractions. Read more>>

Jasmin Danae | Community Doula

The Total Mothering Chronicles has a mission to support families and began with the idea of supporting mothers. Doula work, birth work, and wellness consulting with us have an approach towards a holistic experience but one that meets you where you are in your life. You and your loved ones are the experts on you in your life. What I can offer is my knowledge, advocacy, and support. Holding mothers and supporting these families makes a huge difference in their daily lives—confident mothers encourage confidence in their children and inspire them to plan and dream limitlessly. TTMC serves as a gentle reminder that the individual has worked hard, come far, and has made it through so many moments of not feeling good enough. Read more>>