What are your thoughts on budgeting? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Harmful? Does it make us focus on the wrong things? Is it irresponsible not to budget? We asked folks we admired to share their thoughts with us.

Zac Faulk | Watch Enthusiast and Founder of Cactus Timepieces

I do have a budget! I take my personal finances as seriously as I do my business finances. Lifestyle and spending decisions are really based on whether or not the decision aligns with my short, medium, and long term financial goals. My top priorities are always covering living expenses, saving, and reinvesting into my business each month. Anything that’s left over goes to fun stuff! Read more>>

Krystylle Richardson | Life Innovation Coach, Wealth Strategist, Jumpologist, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Minister & Humanitarian

Budgets are very important. What is even more important in my opinion is understanding your wealth profile and having a Financial Independence Preparedness Plan ™ (FIPP™). I outline the various aspects of this and how anyone can determine theirs in my online course on Life Innovation Academy called Designing Your Wealth Formula. Being financially independent is more than just a budget. We focus on the root cause for why we are where we are today in relation to our finances. We start though by defining and possibly redefining wealth. This is not just money. Taking a look at our relationship with money and our understanding of wealth principles during any economy is key to helping you achieve your financial goals. I love guiding people through this discovery and redefinition process in my online courses. My passion in this area of wealth establishment is also being featured in USA Today. Read more>>

Melis | Owner & Designer Melis Accessories

My favorite Quote /Affirmation is “Be who you are and say what you feel, Because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind’’ Bernard M Baruch This rings true for me in so many ways as a person, artist and also as a business owner.Being authentically true to who you are is so important and, as an artist, the creating comes from your TRUE authentic self if your can tap into it. It is a difficult task because we are always bombarded, and easily influenced, by others opinions or negative chatter. You could have an amazing idea that you share with a friend or loved one and if they are not supportive or positive they can talk you right out of your creative path. Not everyone is a visionary, nor a business scholar, but you cannot allow others to influence your decisions, and must speak your truth and stay true to yourself, no matter how others project their opinions. Read more>>

Stacey Weber | Chef & Business Owner

“What do winners think about? WINNING!” This is so short and simple but is something my Dad has said to me since childhood sports. This short affirmation has shaped the way I think and approach business and most life choices as an adult. I expect success and visualize acheving my endeavors and aspirations. Most often there will be deviations along the way and always lots of hard work but expecting to “win” and having a positive mind set has been a recipe for success for me. Read more>>