Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Julia Winter | Designer & Founder of Jewel Ya

When I consider the “why” behind Jewel Ya it was all about flexibility. I was searching for flexibility both professionally and personally. For my search to find it I engaged a life coach. I was struggling to find the guts to change. Having a safe person to discuss options and think about different perspectives helped me find the courage. I wasn’t leaving a roll, company or opportunities that I didn’t like. I’d been in technology sales and management for over 15 years. Walking away from the comfort and frankly strong future options was scary. But, what I didn’t have was flexibility. Building Jewel Ya allowed me to create exactly what it would look like and how I would operate. I can’t say that I’ve never looked back. But I can say I found the flexibility and I love that. Read more>>

Kira Kawakami | Clinical Esthetician

I worked for a dermatologist for over a decade. When she was ready to retire, I panicked. I have had this stable job for almost 13yrs…what do I do now?! I thought about what was important for me to have in my life. Freedom. I had worked for other people for so long. I had to work on their schedule, do their facials and sell their products. I had to ask someone else for permission to go out of town. I didn’t want to do that anymore. I wanted it on my terms. I wanted to follow my rules. So that pushed me to hustle. That hustle got me some of the most loyal clients that I am grateful for. Read more>>

Breta Alstrom, MS, RDN | Autism Nutritionist

When I started Nourished Together, I saw this gap in care for autistic kids and their families and knew that the best way to fix it was to create a space where the needs of families can be prioritized. There aren’t any major health systems prioritizing comprehensive care for autistic kids, everyone has multiple providers that don’t always talk to each other and that results in care falling through the cracks. At the end of the day, I could work in a hospital and fight everyday for better care for these families, or I could create something that is truly accessible from the ground up. Read more>>

Amanda Mael | Co-Owner

Our thought process behind starting our own business was to be able to do something that we love, all together. My dad, Ron, was able to retire this July and we were able to finally put our focus into this idea we have had for so long! Baking has been a focus in my family even before I was born, so we wanted to continue with the tradition. Because of this experience, we knew we could make cookies better than any other’s we had tried and thought it would be great to be able to share them with other families and hopefully one day be able to become self-reliant as a result of this. Read more>>

Tina Newton | Creator of Baked

Baking has always been a favorite thing of mine to do, it only made sense to do something that I love and provide for my family at the same time, I was always baking anyways. Read more>>

Nicole : Aerin Betscher : Shaver | Crystal Store Owner

We got really into crystals together last year and realized how much other sellers were up charging their products, so we decided to come together and create a more affordable crystal shop for beginner collectors who can’t always afford large, expensive pieces. Read more>>

Steven Alexander | Physical Therapist

I started my own business because I saw a need in the market. I have always been the lead physical therapist/manager of these mill-like clinics that have you see 2-4 patients in an hour. It was so frustrating to be providing care to a patient for 10 minutes and sending them off to work with a physical therapy technician who we may have just hired straight from high school and they have no exercise background. I remember seeing the look of despair when I would be working with a patient and seeing one of my other patients who was currently in the clinic just sitting in the corner waiting for the technician, who is working with 6 people themselves, to tell them their next exercise to do. Read more>>

Lauren Dike | Creative & Small business owner

My boyfriend and I have always dreamed about running our own business/not working for another person. We wanted to build something where we could be self sufficient and work for ourselves. When covid happened, it was a blessing for disguise for us. We had disposable income and nothing but time. We decided to go all in and see if we could build something like we dreamed about. Read more>>

Jennifer Withee | Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

During the pandemic, I was working from home and seeing patients remotely. I was grateful to still be able to help others via telemedicine and still have a job security, but I was beginning to feel restless and missed being able to interact with people in real life. That’s when I started brain storming. I guess you could say that lack of real human interaction drove me to finally take the plunge into starting my own aesthetics practice. It was always something that I wanted to do, but I guess the preservation of my mental health is what drove me to take the plunge. I have zero regrets. Read more>>

Jon Hood | Music Producer/ Beat Maker

Starting my own business began with my passion for music. Once I was at a point of where I was comfortable releasing my music I began to work on presenting my work, starting with simple videos and then moving into creating full visuals for each piece of work I put out. As I continued to put work out I’ve found new was to create content especially with playing guitar. I think the most important part of it all is understanding the longevity of it all. With every piece of content and project my skills grow and with that so does my brand/business. It’s about being consistent and always learning for me. Also one thing that goes hand in hand with that is collaboration and engagement with the community. Read more>>

Suzy Guarino-Hall | Tap Dance Teacher and Choreographer

My thoughts of starting up Tap 24.7 began as a young dancer/actress trying to make my name known and trying to get a foot in the door. I spent much of my time sitting around and waiting for that big call; for someone to “take a chance on me.” I had many opportunities when I was younger, and I was very grateful for all the work but nothing really catapulted me to the level of success that I was looking for. I realized in the early 2000’s that I needed to create that opportunity for myself instead of waiting for someone to pick me up and carry me to the place I needed to be. Read more>>

Hunter and Myra | Creators of Pelirrojo Bakery

It all started with cinnamon rolls for easter morning back in April of 2020. I, Hunter, baked them and they were the talk of that day. Every one of my siblings rambled on about how I should go about selling them. My girlfriend, Myra, was there processing what everyone was saying. She knew I’m a decent cook and she wanted to be an entrepreneur, so she insisted we start a baking business. We really dove deep into making this a reality and started selling baked goods. We went ahead brainstorming and coming up with ideas and recipes that were uniquely delicious. Cookie flavors that would be surprising and original. That was the start of Pelirrojo Bakery! Read more>>

Nevaeh / Ashlee Douglas / Mclarty | Co-Owners of Not Ur Friend

The thought process behind Not Ur Friend started out as equal opportunity shopping. Giving people the chance to find hidden gems for a base price; no matter the brand or retail number. We had been interested in the vintage/ resale community prior to starting our business, constantly attending events and looking for underground thrift shops. A common theme we found was the upsell of vintage items. This stood out to us because there is such a market for preloved clothing, and people are willing to purchase resale at the same price (if not more) than retail. Read more>>

Kaya Malone | Registered dental assistant & permanent Makeup Artist

A friend posted a quote on Instagram that’s stated “ everyday we get up to go work and build someone else’s dream “ and that really spoke to me. That quote right there ignited me to dig deeper into my passions and become my own boss. I knew nothing about starting a business but I kept my faith in God to guide me thought the process. Read more>>

Hannah Hernandez | Vegan Food Guide

I wanted to take something that I was truly passionate about and make it an even bigger part of my life. Read more>>