We had the good fortune of connecting with Krystylle Richardson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Krystylle, why do you teach about financial independence?
I am a big believer that our relationship with money affects every single area of our life.  If we grew up with a healthy wealth mindset, it is an engrained tool that is easily used if we so chose.  If we did not grow up understanding wealth principles, it will take time to shift our mindset about its role.  This is further explained in my online course Designing Your Wealth Formula, where I define what a Wealth Personality Index is (K7WPI).  Budgets are very important. What is even more important in my opinion is understanding your wealth profile and having a Financial Independence Preparedness Plan ™ (FIPP™). I outline the various aspects of this and how anyone can determine theirs in my online course on Life Innovation Academy. Being financially independent is more than just a budget. We focus on the root cause for why we are where we are today in relation to our finances. We start though by defining and possibly redefining wealth. This is not just money. Taking a look at our relationship with money and our understanding of wealth principles during any economy is key to helping us achieve our financial goals. I love guiding people through this discovery and redefinition process in my online courses and limited one on one coaching. My passion in this area of wealth strategies is also being featured in USA Today, Yahoo Finance and other major media outlets.

What should our readers know about your business?

One big thing to know about me is that I have a sense of urgency about impact.  My life and business are built around providing avenues of impact for people no matter where they are on their journey, and I do that using innovation principles.  By day I am an International Quality and Regulatory Executive in Healthcare.  In the evenings and weekends I am a Wealth Innovation Strategist, equipping people for success regarding their inventions, ideas and businesses.  Helping people to re-image a life aligned with abundance is my mantra and goal each day.  I have always been a student and a teacher.  Learning what I can, to show others, so they can thrive as I have throughout my life.  Coming from Flint, Michigan and growing up humbly, helps me appreciate my parents sacrifice and their impact on us and the community. I believe our greatest impact in life comes not from what we acquire but from what we give.  My parents gave my brother and I that foundation.  My husband and I have created a very fulfilling life using these principles over the past 30 years.  Our anniversary is coming up and it has been a great 30 year ride.  He is a great partner and support.  With his behind the scenes talents, I was able to create a movement called Life Innovation and the term Innovaligy ™ which means an innovative philosophy to manifest positive impact, to shape the life they desire. I am also the energized creator of The Woman WeekendPreneur™ as part of the Life Innovation Academy, a unique online 7-Figure incubator. We work with men as well.  This initiative however, is to help all women to make better use of their time in order to jump from full-time nurturer to a thriving and fulfilled business owner. I am also the ICN Global Ambassador of Innovation, aka “The Untapped-Income Coach” and a pastor.  All of these combine to allow me to have the fulfilled life of serving people in a way that helps them have a better life for them, their families, and all they touch.  Be doing this, I help people leave a positive legacy as they algin their present and future with abundance.

The areas of Life Innovation are dynamic and yet simple because we all live most of them every day but may not think about them in this manner. We are not one-dimensional human beings. So we all have to focus our life efforts in more than one area in order to live and be fulfilled. Sometimes we let things get to us, like when I was bullied for instance.  I was able to overcome the after effects of that with God’s help, and made it my mission to pour into others to help them to be overcomers as well.

All of the things I do are to let people know that they can be overcomers and thrive in life. It takes more than just believing it takes real tools from people who have been there. I’ve been through alot but we all have. What I have chosen to do with it is create initiatives from the tools that helped me rise. Now these tools can be used by others in my coaching, business development and mentoring programs. Those areas include Health Innovation (see my show Dance Walk Live on JD3TV and website DanceWalkLive.com), Kingdom Innovation (see my show WOKE on JD3TV), Wealth Innovation (See my show Innovation Unleashed on JD3TV) featuring my millionaire/billionaire alliance, Mindset Innovation (See my website IAcceptMe.com and my show Above Your Best – Unity Innovation  coming on e360TV), to name a few.  My goal is to have messages that reach the masses in the way that speaks to them, when they need it, where they need it. After having covid and double pneumonia last year, I woke up again to the fact that we sometimes need to be jolted out of routines and reminded that time is a gift.  I do my darndest to use that time wisely, sometimes not sleeping much to get things done.  When it catches up to me, I rest, then back at it.  Covid has had some lingering affects of not being able to do as much as I used to but I am still thankful for each day and live it to the fullest.  God is good.

Statistics show that over 164 million people suffer from anxiety and depression worldwide.  I live to help people see their value.  I get fulfillment out of helping people align the various areas of their life in order to live out their God-given purpose. I believe that God created us all for a divine purpose. Sometimes we get in the way of that with our own plans. Alignment with Abundance is one of my tag lines and the way I live life. We are overcomers because God has given us the minds that we have and we do not have to live life in need. Understanding the God principles behind wealth is where I thrive. I hope that this resonates with someone so we can work together on their goals. I love it. Life Innovation, “Reimagine & Live a Life Aligned with Abundance”. It’s Awesome!  Another way I help people to discover their reimagined life is through my EMERGE experience.  The first was help in Arizona with delegates from 6 states.  The next will be in a castle in California.  It is a media mastery experience, confidence building experience, and monetization incubator.  Anyone interested in knowing more can message me through krystyllerichardson.com.

I often hear, wow Krystylle you are so talented and so busy.  My answer is, I thank God for the gifts and talents he has given me and I use them for him everyday.  I thank God for our 2 beautiful daughters and supportive family.  I love living life to the fullest and encourage others to do the same.  Life is short and we do not know how long we have to be here so let’s make the most of each day.  I went skydiving for my birthday a few weeks ago to check off another bucket list item.  I was fearful initially but I did it.  For me, that is what life is about; living it through your fears and through tragedies, pressing forward and making the best of all lessons learned.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
Arizona is so so amazing. The Phoenix area is so alive and vibrant in its own way. One of my favorite areas of the city is South Mountain. Being able to go up there and look at the cityscape is fantastic any time of the year. Whether morning and night, it is a beautiful place to get a good look at the valley. Some people hike others drive up.  Either way it is a great view.

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I am so thankful for all of those who have encouraged me on my journey, mentored me and believed in me. I truly believe that no one is where they are based on their own efforts alone. It is actually impossible if you think about it. During this series I would like to specifically thank my parents for raising me with an attitude and mindset that “I can be anything I want to be and I can do anything I want to do in life.” This opened many doors in my mind to the fact that the world is a big adventure just waiting to be explored.

I also would like to that the influences of my pastors as a child Rev Turpin, Rev Greer and Rev Smith. This firm foundation strengthened my faith so I could properly tackle all of the obstacles that life sent my way.

In recent years I would have the say the book and the philosophy that has changed my life the most is Think & Grow Rich (TGR) by Napoleon Hill. The mind is so powerful. My many mentors, friends and coaches (too many to name) have helped me look at life and business in a whole new way.  As a Christian, it is important to understand God’s purpose for our life, and then live it based on additional principles that help us to be the best version of you. This book and these mentors have done just that. The people I have met in this circle of TGR practitioners have opened so many doors. When everyone is operating on the same principles, our burning desire to have a positive impact in life gets easier. Having the knowledge and the funds to make that impact is key as well.

I pray that all who read this found something to inspire them to do better, be better, give better.  We are the sum of our thoughts and actions.  I look forward to getting to know the readers better.  They can reach me on krystyllerichardson.com. Your impact awaits.  Your financial independence awaits.  Your legacy awaits.  Let me help you discover it. Blessings to all.

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