Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Terrance Spencer | Gamer/model/background actor

In such a competitive market via social media I take risks every with my content and my ideas on what to to post and it has paid off for me via having some background appearances in Vh1 s Love and Hip hop Hollywood multiple seasons, a cameo appearance in Bet Death row chronicles, published In a magazine Read more>>

Valerie Farfan | Entrepreneur

What I have learned when taking risk in life or career is to follow my intuition. If it feels like the right move, it is the right move. I’ve realized when things are meant to be, they always work out. So if it feels like the right thing, go for it! Read more>>

Luis Felipe Villasana | Plant-Based entrepreneur

For me, there’s only only certain thing in life: change. That’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way throughout my years. I see taking risks in many ways as willingly embracing that unavoidable change. For me, risk is a great tool because it pushes me out of the comfort zones I’ve build, and makes my strive for a better version of myself. For example, before launching Planta Base (our plant-based foods business) I was well established in a job making good pay. Read more>>

Shannon Bolt | Real Estate Agent & Mom

Redefining the norm and other people’s expectations of us can be a set back in life. I started my career in the corporate world, after many years realized that was not for me, and I decided to take a leap of faith and work for myself. I had life goals and wanted a career that could get me there when and how I wanted.
Taking a risk, requires having faith in your self, having good work ethic and being dedicated to your goals. Read more>>

Vianney Garcia | Tattoo Artist & Illustrator

Thinking about risk taking usually brings fear or anxiety to people, the fear of failure or change. But taking risks is a daily thing and that’s what got me to where I am at now. Taking risks is gaining more insight on yourself as a person, knowing who you are inside and out, what you like/dislike, knowing who you want around you. It’s constant knowledge on not only yourself but your brand and future. It opens a lot of doors you don’t even notice it. Read more>>

Elisabeth Irwin | Balloon Designer & Owner of Pop of Color

Generally, I think the idea of taking risks and the idea of getting out of your comfort zone are too conflated. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world will be the first ones to tell you they are incredibly risk-averse in business. Some will say that in order to win it all you have to risk it all, but as someone with a family, there’s no way in hell I’d risk my home, watching my kids grow up, or time with my husband for a big paycheck. What I do believe in, however, is doing things that make you uncomfortable. Read more>>

Marielle Ceniceros | Licensed Esthetician, Spa Owner

I think risk is necessary. We need it in order to grow and evolve as humans. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump. There’s an excitement to risk. Risk entices you, It temps you with the prospect of endless possibilities.My career has been a collection of risks. First there was beauty school. I woke up one day and decided I was going. That’s it. No explanations, no Plan B‘s. No need to mention it to anyone. There was a clear path in my mind, and I wasn’t interested in outside voices or opinions. Read more>>

Robert Gully | Ripcord Guitars, Luthier

Risk is something to be managed not something to fear. I was a career Special Forces soldier and well acquainted with high risk. With no risk, there can be no reward. Starting a small business in the unpredictable economy of our present times is very risky. I have been able to rely on my life experiences to lessen those risks by starting a business in a field that I am very familiar with and truly love, guitar crafting. I decided to not worry too much about where my customers will come from but to just be true to myself, make the best product possible and trust that the orders will come from this quality and honesty. This has proven true. Read more>>

Joliene Presseller | Bakery Owner

When you start a small business, in order to be successful you have to go all in. When you are all in with no fallback, every decision you make has risk involved. When every decision you make is a risk, it is no longer taking a risk, it is taking action.  As of May 2020, I had newly completed my Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Adult Behavioral Health and was working at the Phoenix VA Hospital as a clinical social worker for veterans with severe mental illnesses. Read more>>