We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Moises Bautista | Music Producer, Musician & Dj

My music helps create new memories to the listeners, Whether you’re driving to a certain place blasting your car stereo or sitting in your room with your headphones on. You have certain thoughts and feelings when you listen to my music which is going to leave an imprint to your memory. Hopefully in the near future you hear my music again and that will trigger your old memories when you first heard me. Read more>>

Charles Szczepanek | Pianist, Composer, Arranger & Producer

Music being the abstract thing that it is, what I do affects people in a multi-pronged way. First, and most generally, there are people who are simply listeners of music. Most people I know listen to music in their car going from place to place. Many also listen to music while they work and while they workout. Even if those people don’t actively engage with music, they are likely spending hours each day consuming it and enjoying it all the while. Those facts make music marketable to nearly every person on the planet. To reach those people and help them relax and be more productive at work, I have a branch of compositions dedicated to being lighter, easier to listen to, not so distracting, but still tastefully written. I believe that music plays an integral role in society helping to calm anxiety, relieve tension, and bring inner peace. Read more>>

Kyle Herrig | Athletic Trainer & Applied Functional Science Specialist

Even now more than ever, I think we all realize the importance of health and fitness. At Triplex Training we understand that each person is at a different level and has different abilities and comfort levels. We want to be your health expert and guide you down the path to your best self. It’s not a secret that exercise is good for us, but you want someone who can be by your side and safely push you to better yourself. With our judgment free gym, we have many different abilities working side by side due to the full body functional nature of our exercises. Take out the guessing and let us watch you move through the proper technique, push you when you need to be pushed, pick you up when you need some assistance. And if you haven’t been working out it is really hard to get started, but we can help you take that first step. Read more>>

Perla Isabel – Interstellar | Multimedia Artist, Model & Fashion Stylist

Why did you pursue and artistic or creative career? Art is the only way I know how to maneuver through life. The only way I can describe it as is the incarnation of madness that goes on within my mind as it goes off in a million tangents my work is the same. I am an artist of various forms, I have done Fashion/ Runway Modeling for designers such as Cathy Garcia, who has styled for celebrities such as Bruno Mars and Ringo Starr. I have also styled models and created original concepts for photoshoots captured by my husband and creative partner, JKWVSS (JakeWaves). The list goes on, Painting, Light Art Installations, interior design, singing, playing bass, & Poetry. As of recently, I founded a creative social event team, Twelfth House. It encapsulates my interests into one home for all artists to be a part of. Read more>>

Matthew Richardson | Environment Planner & DJ

One of the things I love about Truth Sound Productions is our heart is for community and to give back. We are constantly working with local towns and communities to create fun environments for families to come and bond and grow. We also stand behind many different events in which allow us to help and engage with charities and organizations that are fundraising. Our heart is that in everything we do we create a space for everyone to come together and experience something together as one. Sometimes that’s in the form of supporting a cause, fun environment, or just a love for being with people. Our internal longing is for connection and community and we provide environments and spaces for this to happen, which creates a space for people to continue to do the same. Read more>>

Henry Ward

With the grace of God, I have been recovering from alcohol and drug addiction since November 17, 2008. In 2013 I found running and it has been a critical part of my recovery process and maintenance program. I started pushing myself past my perceived barriers and limits and ventured into the world of ultra running in 2016. As I started having some success in running, I felt like it was a great opportunity to give back and help others. I found that I could use running as a platform to share my story of recovery, to give people hope that there is life after recovery. Since 2016, I have used several races and created my own fundraising events to raise awareness, create dialogue and raise funds to help those who cannot afford treatment get the help they need. Getting into treatment saved my life, and can save others. Read more>>

Kevin Wathey | Founder

Synchronicity is a company created with intention, and has a distinct mission to share the positivity that yoga, health and wellness brought to my life with others. As we’ve seen over the past few months, Health & Wellness is more important now than ever before and that is why despite the difficult times we actually decided to expand. Prior to the pandemic, our sole focus was on creating engaged communities and unforgettable retreat experiences for our clients all over the globe. Since the pandemic essentially wiped out many instructors’ livelihoods, we’ve decided to innovate our approach and focus on providing exceptional value to the ones who want to do the same for others. Synchronicitys Consulting division was born out of the pandemic and our 5-month mentorship program provides Instructors and Studio Owners the tools necessary to grow their tribe and thrive online. Read more>>

Justin Peterson | Tournament & League Director

Just4Sports is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting basketball as an means for young athletes to build self-confidence, self esteem, physical health, and positive body image both on and off the court. Young athletes, both boys and girls, will be given the opportunity to improve their athletic skills by participating in tournaments, leagues, camps, and clubs provided through this organization. Read more>>

Krystyna Bowman | Director

Willow Wish is a grant program seeking to make the free-standing birth center experience financially accessible to families in Arizona. We believe it is the birth-right of every birthing family to experience a peaceful, empowering, transformational birth for the mother, and a joyful entry into this world for the baby.  Today this is only available if the family can pay the fee for service for their out-of-hospital midwife and/or free-standing birth center. By raising funds that are then directed to families ($1500/family), Willow Wish is removing the inability to pay as a barrier to high quality pregnancy and birthing options. This work is especially urgent given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Between more families needing financial support due to a loss or reduction of working hours, and more healthy, low-risk women choosing out-of-hospital birth, we expect that our application volume will increase. Read more>>

Samuel Colby | Exercise and Rehab Specialist & Inventor

I invented the CorePump Machine, which is the smallest, most versatile hydraulic circuit gym in the world. This invention has been very impactful to the world for those that are concerned with their health, time, and space. COREPUMP® MACHINE IS SIMPLE. Time is money, and going to the gym can be a huge drain on both. With a 2’x2′ footprint, the CorePump® Machine is small enough to fit virtually anywhere, so that 10 minute window in your busy day is enough time for a complete total-body workout. COREPUMP® MACHINE IS REVOLUTIONARY. The CorePump® Machine has infinite exercise possibilities. With over 66 possible handle positions, 6 settings of Smart Resistance®, and an adjustable platform, you quickly see how you are limited only by your imagination. The CorePump® Machine doesn’t require electricity, it is whisper quiet and it will outwork any piece of fitness equipment on the market today. Read more>>