We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Jon Michaels | Wealth Advisor

Without a doubt the most important factor behind my success is relentless persistence. As an entrepreneur from the age of 21 years old, I have failed many times. Knowing when to keep at it, versus knowing when to pivot to an adjacent opportunity has been the key. As far as my firm, Stronghold Financial, we have an uncanny ability to make very complex financial topics easy for our clients to understand. We skip the jargon and explain concepts in a way that normal people can understand them, process them and feel like they are well-informed to make the best possible decisions. Read more>>

Gordon Wilson | General Dentist

Dr. Gordon Wilson. Owner of TLC for Gums in Phoenix, AZ. I don’t think that there is a single important factor that can be attributed to our success. However; one of the most important factors is – Evolution. With me, it’s been an evolution that has spanned more than a quarter of a century. We’re constantly evolving as we search for new and innovative procedures in an attempt to always be at the forefront of dentistry. Read more>>

Matt Schneider | Serial Entrepreneur, EVP/Equity Owner of a global SaaS company, Business Coach, Investor

Leadership. I learned early on that Leadership is always the problem and Leadership is always the solution. But Leadership is not a title or a rank. Its the ability to influence. There is also a massive difference between positional authority and moral authority. Being an Entrepreneur means many things. One of the things it means is that the ultimate decision making for both issues and opportunities, stops with the Entrepreneur. That requires decision making. It requires the ability to make effective decisions for yourself, the team, the clients and stakeholders. Read more>>

Dianne Keck | REALTOR and Co-Owner of Assistance Canines

If you consistently prioritize the best interests of your clients, success will follow. I mean that quite literally in that I am willing to walk away from a paycheck if it means protecting a client’s best interests. I think that in any business where you have a fiduciary responsibility or you deal with issues of ethics, this is a non-negotiable principle, but it also is a recipe for long-term success. Read more>>

Colleen Lanin | TravelMamas.com Founder and Editor

Most importantly, grit is what really has enabled me to build Travel Mamas into one of the world’s most successful personal travel blogs. I truly believe that the people who are the most successful in any field are those who have sticktoitiveness. It’s easy to enjoy your job when things are going well, but it takes grit to keep striving toward goals, even and especially when things are difficult and frustrating. Talent is wonderful but it will only get you so far in athletics, the arts, or business. Those who keep at it after others give up are the ones who win the race! Read more>>

Jason Phillips | DJ

The success if my project is supported by my amazing friends and family. They make up the closest thing I have to a team and without them I’d be pretty far off. My “accountabili-buddies” that keep me focused when I’m dreaming more than doing. I know that all can be achieved with the right mentality and support system. Read more>>

Michelle Tunno Buelow | Founder of Bella Tunno, the purpose-driven “Buy One, Feed One” baby brand on a mission to end childhood hunger.

At Bella Tunno, we don’t measure success in dollar amounts. We measure success by how much we give back, how many meals we donate, and the number of people we help. Since day one, we’ve never sold a product without giving back. We’re committed to doing good with our brand – for our community, our team, our customers, and most importantly, hungry children. We’ve donated more than 7.5 Million Meals since we launched our Buy One, Feed One initiative. We put purpose before profit, and THAT is the driving factor behind our success. Read more>>