We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Athina Lewis | Teacher and Fitness Enthusiast

Some habits that I feel helped and continue to help me succeed in life include: open to learning; taking action; reflecting; and practicing mindfulness. I love my career, family, and community. The four habits have definitely shaped where and who I am today. Read more>>

Brit Lashae | Author, Podcaster, CEO & Founder of Journey Written

This is a really great question! There are actually a few habits that I feel help me succeed which are: 1. Waking up early each morning around 4:30-5:00 a.m. to start my day with prayer, gratitude, and reading my bible. This helps me set the tone for my day. I really had to figure out what time of day worked best for me in order to be productive and successful. In the morning it is quiet, everyone else is usually still asleep, so there are less distractions and I do not feel rushed. Having this habit in place helps me set myself up for success by being intentional in my morning routine and setting up my day based on my goals. Read more>>

Georgie Murray | Horse Trainer

The one habit that has helped me succeed more than any other is discipline. Read more>>

Ashley Lane | Artist & Designer

Early on, I made a decision to dedicate myself, daily, to my overall goals. I decided to do something business related, every day. This habit has been playing the biggest part in my growth. I have now started laying out goals for the year and will break them down into months. This helps me with direction and focus and if overwhelm creeps in, I remember that if I am actively doing one thing a day, I am on the right track. This action, over time, leads to consistency which is huge in developing my skill. A mentor I recently found, Bonnie Christine, teaches this. Read more>>

Krystina Moran | Pet Photographer

Consistency. I chose a plan of action and a way to go about my business ethic and stuck to it. I have followed that same plan and only tweaked positive changes — changes for growth — along the way. Read more>>

Katarzyna Wrobel | Organic gardener and garden coach

Gardening is not an easy business, especially in the Southwest. What really helped me, I think, is my stubbornness, perfectionism, and will to get things done. All this needs to be implemented in this field of business. But when you do, and things start to “grow” (pun intended) you get a great satisfaction and a huge grin on your face. Read more>>