There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Aleks & Bonnie Tarasenko | Ballroom Dance Instructors

The most important factor behind our success in our ballroom dance career is authenticity and humility. With authenticity being the most important one. As ballroom dance teachers, our goal has always been to help people grow and transform from their life experiences and help celebrate their newfound confidence. In our lessons, our main objective is to remain authentic and empathetic, while maintaining professional boundaries in the intimate and vulnerable moments we experience when dancing. Being authentic to us means being true to ourselves — humorous, kind, supportive, and real individuals with a passion for sharing the benefits and beauty of dance. Read more>>

Sharon Skaar & Erin Dodd | Co Founders of TreCeuticals, Sharon is the CEO and Erin is the President. AKA:Thelma & Louise

At TreCeuticals, we’re all about building relationships, networking, collaborating, inspiring women and giving back to our community. We’re a team of passionate, talented, driven, and resilient women focused on creating game changing skincare solutions. We believe that skincare should be easy, so we made it that way! Our goal has always been to create a solution driven team that inspires creativity, kindness, and respect. Not to mention we have allot of fun! Read more>>

Jesse Terry | Touring Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist & Children’s Book Author

Growth/Authenticity/Humility/Kindness A lot of this has become much clearer to me in the last couple of years. The pandemic really gave me time to take stock of my life and career and gain valuable perspective. Growth: I believe we owe it to our fans/customers to keep striving to be better every single day. It’s a daily decision to grow & get better at our craft. And we’ll never run out of things to improve or ways to expand. Read more>>

Austin Villegas | Photographer & Editor

The most important factor behind my success is making my work my own. If you look at my past edits, it’s not the conventional way of editing portraits or landscapes. Having my own style is what drives me though, finding a look and making it my own. Ive always been a big fan of horror movies, and I like to incorporate an element of that in every edit I do. If all my work looked the same as everyone else’s I wouldn’t have the drive to keep doing it. Read more>>

Olivia Davis Daniela Craig | Co-Founders of Survival, social club

Olivia: We had our first event in October 2021 and as far as the success, we are nowhere near where we plan to be but I believe we’re doing the right things. The biggest factor with our success is creating a QUALITY experience. We want to make sure people are comfortable and having a good time at all our events. It’s the worst feeling when you go out and feel like you wasted your time and money. We’re building our brand with family energy, where people can come, and be themselves! We’re not here to judge. we’ll act a fool with you. Read more>>

Melanie Wilson | About Me Page/Biz Bio Expert

Showing off my genuine self! I am a writing coach, and I show entrepreneurs how important it is to share personal pieces of themselves, so that their customers can get a glimpse of who they really are. Are you playful? Serious? Quirky? This, I believe, is the success behind my brand. I teach the value of “putting yourself out there.” That doesn’t mean that you have to share deep personal secrets. It can be something as simple as letting people know you prefer chocolate to vanilla, love Broadway show tunes, and have a hatred of the Red Sox. Read more>>

Audrey Monell | President of Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning Inc.

The most important factor behind Forrest Anderson Heating & Plumbing’s success is our commitment to staying true to my grandfather’s core values that he set in 1961 when he founded this company. Those values are: treat our customers right, treat our employees right, do our best work every time, and always do the right thing. We are constantly remodeling our workflows and processes to modernize our business to provide the best service possible. No matter how modern or efficient our business becomes, we will always keep those core values at the heart of everything we do. Read more>>

Frank Bonincontri | Automotive Dealership Services & Motorsport Photography

The most important factor has always been a combination of three pillars for me, authenticity, hard work, and consistency. Being true to the camera as far as telling a story and capturing specific shots, but also authenticity as a person. Staying true to yourself, clients. Being able to understand their needs then delivering quality photos and services, but above all else is delivering an experience that others cannot. Read more>>

Krista Kunkel | Owner of / NotMjG

My brand is called I make apparel that puts a smile on peoples faces. The most important factor behind my brand is I helped make someone’s day better or someone wearing a shirt made someone else’s day better. I might not be super successful but my success is based on being authentic and pushing positivity. I love when people tell me a story about how they wore my shirt out in public and made a new friend or it was a great ice breaker. Read more>>

Justin Moldenhauer | Private/Personal Chef

Consistency. For success at almost anything consistency is key, but when it comes to food it is the most important factor. The reason In N’ Out, Panera, Olive Garden, or any chain restaurants are so successful is because you know exactly what you are going to get: no surprises. This has played a big role in how I keep my business successful and why I gain clients almost exclusively by word of mouth. Let your reputation proceed you and you will proceed to grow your business. At this point I would say my personality and work ethic (reputation) is my “brand.” I officially created my LLC in January of 2022 and have been at full capacity with clients for the last few months. Read more>>

Carol Farabee | Entrepreneur, Professr, Author, Mentor, Coach, Grant Writer, Humanitarian

Psalm 12:5 NIV, that says, ‘Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the LORD. “I will protect them from those who malign them.’” There is a point in our lives that we face ourselves and what we have accomplished. We look at what we based the accomplishments on and how we arrived at that point in our lives. Read more>>

Jim & Kat Garrett | Microgreen Farmer

We work very hard to maintain high standards by using the best suppliers and trade techniques to produce a high quality, local product. It could also be attributed to our end vision of giving our community a local source of these superfoods, that are sustainably grown. That intention keeps us focused and on track with why we’re doing what we’re doing. Read more>>