There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Afi Maita | Lovely jubbly bubbly Image Consultant & Style Blogger

The success of my brand is mainly due to my transparency, being open about who I am as a person, a lovely jubbly bubbly Image Consultant from London living in Scottsdale, AZ for almost a decade with a passion for fashion who happens to be living with the auto immune condition of Type 1 Diabetes. When you invite people into your life celebrating the good & being unafraid to share the bad & they relate, there’s a support you receive that is both humbling & beautiful. Read more>>

Nicole Rowe | Social Media Manager, Web Designer, and Cycle Instructor (in training)

A great support system. My family, my close friends, and anyone who believed in me. It is so important to make sure you surround yourself with people who build you up, who cheer you on in every Instagram post, who share your posts on Facebook, who donate to your campaigns, who Venmo you $5 for an “opening day” coffee, and people who are happy just to see you happy. Read more>>

Tracy Miller | Fine Artist

I think the most important thing for me has been consistency in my painting style and making sure that I continue to be active on my social media as well as keeping my website up to date. I have been so fortunate to have had some decent success in the art licensing field and continue to look for opportunities there. Read more>>

Caroline Sima | Furniture artist Extraordinaire

I think the most important factor behind the success of my business is that the furniture that I sell are all one of a kind, unique pieces of functional art. When I started painting furniture, I found there were a lot of other people that also painted furniture. Most painted a single color or painted pieces all white. Because in our industry, white sells! I felt that if I wanted my pieces to compete against the mass white and single painted furniture, then I needed to make mine stand out. Thus creating my truly unique and one of a kind style. Read more>>

Estevan Medina | Photographer

Original…Creating a signature style took a few years to develop. I love that there are many photographers I am inspired by. All their different styles and approaches inspired me to create mine. It is such an amazing feeling when you’ve approved your own photos. I think of each session as a story and my job is to document it through photographs. I try to capture the nature of it…from lighting, environment to posing. My clients inquire about my work and hire me because of “my” work. Read more>>

Shirley Wagner | Artist

Making art makes me happy. It sounds so simple and even childish, and while making art makes me happy, it is not without challenge. The birth of ideas can come together easily but more often than not, concepts circle in my brain for a long time. Once clarity and resolution arrives, setting the work in motion can be frustrating and even disappointing. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is the journey that brings me happiness. As an artist, I must trust this process. Read more>>

Kareem Neal | Special Education Teacher

I think the most important factor behind my success is the passion and love I have for my job. A big reason why I have been successful has been based on the words of the people I work for and with. I think the reason why those people speak highly of me is because they can tell just how much I love teaching and students. Many people comment on how I “light up” when I talk about my students. That has encouraged many people to want to work with me or have me come speak for their organizations. Read more>>

Devin Haynes | Small Business Consultant and Owner of Boss Moms Party

I truly believe my secret behind my most recent years of success has been my confidence. I lost it for a few years but after evaluation and reflection of my journey I could move forward with a more focused vision. You tend to draw from a different metaphorical well of motivation to challenge yourself and evolve. Your reliance through those obstacles, if you continue to check in on yourself, will naturally guide you into successful situations. If I am feeling doubtful, I remind myself of the wise words of Snoop D-O- Double GG “I want to thank me for believing me in me. Read more>>

Deana Hicks | Ceramic Artist

Creating an art style that I would want to keep and display in my own home. Read more>>

Heather Wolf | Registered Dietician

My success with clients I believe is based on time spent with each person. Due to the fact that I do not bill insurance, I can spend as much time as needed with each client to get to know them, understand their goals ad limitations and build a re-pore that goes beyond just education. Supporting clients through their health journey can help them learn, implement and stay on a healthy diet with out feeling restricted and overwhelmed with diet change. Read more>>

Lisa Fontaine | Interior Designer

As a boutique design firm specializing in bespoke interiors, I curate personal spaces for my clients. I was told once that my project portfolio was very unique, and that I must be designing for each clients personality and not for a particular style. Read more>>

Jill Roig | Artist and Founder of Eco-Pottery Studios

Jill Roig, founder of Eco-Pottery Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona specializes in creating glass-infused pottery.  Jill’s artwork is derived from the natural world and her experiences in the Southwest. This Earth-art connects us to a broader universe and makes space for deep listening and evolution, especially within these turbulent times. Read more>>

Kim Walker | Botanical Mixed-Media Artist

For me the most important factor behind my success is a combination of passion and support. My passion for creating artwork takes me into my studio almost every day of my life. It is an integral part of what brings peace and joy and fulfillment into my life. In regards to success of my brand when measured in terms of my extensive resume over the last twenty plus years, first and foremost I am forever grateful to my husband and my family. Read more>>

Andrea Cook | Artist – Fiber Art Sculpture

I think that the most important factor behind my success is originality. My art is unique. It compliments other artwork in galleries and doesn’t compete. My sculptural rose wall pieces make a bold, beautiful statement on their own, or they are perfect accent pieces. Recently, I have expanded my fine art “Garden of Roses” collection into a fine art gift business called “Rose Memories Designs.” I love creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts for weddings or any special occasion. I make rose picture frames, albums, wine gift boxes, keepsake boxes, and much more! I also offer custom rose creations to make your special memories perfect! Read more>>