Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Kalin Harding | Family Nurse Practitioner -CEO

I worked in a retail health clinic for about 4 years and I was surprised with how many patients complained about being assigned a provider through their insurance companies, but the provider never had time for the patient. Even for acute things the patients were frustrated in their provider’s lack of time and effort in getting their patient’s needs met. So, the Direct Patient Care or (DPC) Model really appealed to me and my business partner and we opened Surprise Care April 1st, 2019. Read more>>

Joshua Rivedal | Chief Storytelling Officer

When I first started The i’Mpossible Project, I had been thinking about entrepreneurship and doing my own thing for more than a few years. As I started the company, I realized I could blend a whole bunch of things that I’m good at—storytelling, getting others to tell their stories, synthesizing clinical information around mental health into something palatable for the layperson, the arts—to be of service with the business…and that ultimately the business was not about me. The business needed to solve other peoples’ problems. Read more>>

Dominique Holley | Musican

The most important principle I try to always keep in mind both as an arts administrator and a performer is respect. Art is often a deeply personal platform from which to work, especially when you primarily work within the world of BIPOC artists. Whether you’re communicating with audiences or collaborating with your peers and colleagues, you need to be able to project the fact that the work you doing and the people you’re doing it for or with have intrinisic value. Respect can be something as small as saying please and thank you to the people around you or as big as honoring deadlines and appointments or being actively concious of the cultural nuances that relate to a specific project. Read more>>

Monique Liggins | Owner + Founder of Wa Products

FAITH, something every entrepreneur needs. There was something extremely scary about becoming an entrepreneur. I’m a person who likes to know the end from the beginning and all the details in-between and entrepreneurship is the exact opposite. The details are always subject to change and dealing with ambiguity becomes your new normal. Although not always clear and predictable, entrepreneurship has been an exciting journey that has required faith – in myself and my vision. FIND PEACE IN THE UNKNOWN and don’t dwell on what doesn’t go as originally planned. In the beginning stages of formulating my skincare line, I spent over a year researching and developing one product with a manufacturer and in the end, the final product had to be completely scratched. I cried, cried and yes, cried some more because I didn’t know how I would continue after investing so much money, time and sweat equity into my vision. Read more>>

Vince Larue | Pen and Ink Artist & Endurance Athlete

Interconnected awareness through kindness and freedom. To realize we are part of a whole, and that everything exist within us. Things we think we are not, as well as things we identify with. Impermanence, the perpetual change, let’s not cling to things, but let’s care about the details. Read more>>

Ashley R. Carlson | Editor, Ghostwriter, and Author

As a writer and editor–someone who spends most of their time “perfecting” the words on the page–the number-one value to me in my career is completing something to the absolute best of my abilities. That means not only putting my all into every single job, every single page, and with every single client, but also recognizing that I can and must continue to grow as a person and as a writer/editor, and striving to better myself and my craft every day of my life. A huge part of that means not only seeking additional technical training, but also championing inclusion and representation in the writing/editing field and striving never to do harm to a reader or client, while seeking to lift up and amplify all stories, experiences, and perspectives. Read more>>

Ali O’Neill | Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

The value that I am most aligned with currently is self authenticity. My brand, my training, and my self guidance are based on the foundational structure of not just wanting to be true to my clients but to myself as well. This focus allows me to give the best of myself to those I serve, my family, and self. Personal and athletic training can become quite egocentric, and it’s fairly easy to get caught up in wanting to be the best, to look the best, and to act the best. But what that “best” means is shaped by my self authenticity. Focusing on this principle allows me to truly observe myself, my abilities and actions, and the needs for me to provide for my clients. It drives me to learn more, to study more, to reference my clients out to what will make the greatest impact for them and help them the most. It takes the ego out of my work because my clients success isn’t driven by ego but by finding and knowing what will bring the greatest results for them; ensuring they feel understood, motivated, and making sure they reach and surpass their goals. Read more>>

Tiffany Nakatani | Found-Her/Creator

When I started my own business, creating herbal tea blends, I needed support. It was the first time I had ever started a business. I had started creating tea blends around 4 years ago as part of a personal search for remedies to some issues I was having with my thyroid. That search grew into Love in a Cup LLC, my tea business and tea bar at Balanced Body Therapeutics. I found myself learning as I went along, and sought out different resources, and through that, I came across programs and other Women business owners that assisted and supported me. That put a passion in me to do the same for other women running a business or wanting to. And this is where Boss Women Unite was created. My purpose is to empower and support like-minded women who have the desire to take that step in starting or growing their business. The goal is to provide a space for “Boss Women” to showcase your products and passion to the community while having support from other women doing the same. I want us women to realize our potential as world changers, business owners, dream creators and heroines of our own stories. Read more>>