Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Deacon Hayes | Personal Finance Expert

I always wanted to start a business ever since I was a kid. I remember buying a book at a thrift store for a quarter and then selling that same book at a bookstore in the same plaza for a dollar. I enjoyed finding ways to make money and eventually realized that it is even better to help people and make money at the same time. That is when I decided to pursue helping people make better financial choices by creating an online publication with content around making money, saving money and paying off debt. Read more>>

Brittany Kidd | Event Planner, Nonprofit Founder, & Retail Store Owner

My thought process behind starting my business was to make a difference in the community using skills I had developed throughout my time earning my masters degree in psychology and working multiple retail jobs. I always knew I had a special gift: being able to understand what people want whether it’s just someone to listen to them, or to direct them to the right product that fits all of their personal needs. Read more>>

Steven Lee Tracy | Music producer, Mixer

For the most part, its all I’ve known. I started my first business when I was 19 as a grocery delivery service for elderly, and disabled folks. My motivation was simply that 19 year old me didn’t want a boss. Now that I’m an adult music producer, I still don’t want a boss, but its now in line with something I love and that I’m good at. I’ve been offered some jobs along the way based on work I’ve done, but they didn’t last. It really just confirmed for me how much I love self employment. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but I’ll take the (sometimes) additional stresses and complications as a tradeoff any day. Read more>>

Ryan Bazen | Woodworker

Ive always. thought about starting my own business. When I moved to Phoenix, I started working for a high end trim company here and had to purchase all of my own tools. I just thought if Im spending my money on the tools then I might as well work for myself. In 2019, I took the plunge and went out on my own. Read more>>

27 Tattoo Studio Apryl and Anthony Triana | Owners and Artists

Our thought process behind starting our own business was to create a safe space for artists and clients. We wanted to open a tattoo shop that felt like home when you entered. I wanted the clients to feel welcome and I wanted a place where artists could be themselves and feel appreciated while also working in an inspiring environment. Read more>>

Ian Simon | Glute Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach

When I started The InstaBooty, I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I watched my competitors and I saw a lot of light weight lifting, a lot of booty bands, I watched a lot of trainers do a lot of the same things, made their classes outrageously priced, and frankly, take advantage of a lot of their clients. I wanted to turn this lane on its head. I wanted to be the complete opposite. If you’ve seen our gym, it’s outdoors in the elements, we focus on developing full body strength, not just making things look great on social media. I also think it is important to coach our clients to have a balanced lifestyle. Let’s face it, Arizona is a fun place, and most people want to enjoy their lives. I refuse to be the coach who restricts people. I refuse to be the trainer who doesn’t practice what they preach. More importantly, I wanted to create an environment where women felt safe, and provide a community of like minded people who wanted to better themselves. The InstaBooty is more than a boot camp or a place where you just go to workout. Read more>>

Mehul Mistry | DJ & Production, Realtor and Design/Remodeling Company Owner

I was a college student and was given the opportunity to DJ a party because they were not able to find someone in time and knew I had a large collection of music. I took the opportunity and It lead me to meeting the owner of the restaurant where the event was held and he wanted to hire me to DJ their New Years Eve party that year and I agreed. That pretty much opened the doors to more events mostly all coming from people who were at one event and needed me for their own event. Word of mouth is such a powerful thing when it comes to helping a business grow. I still rely on word of mouth referrals and am happy with where it’s gotten my business today. I had no business knowledge and needed help to get an LLC and things in order but once it was all set up the ride has been a ton of fun. I have worked full time in construction for several years but have been in and out of jobs, so this business has been the only constant in my life for more than a decade now. That business mindset has also helped me launch couple other businesses on my own, which I am very proud to have achieved. Read more>>

Joe Lowery | Retired Letter Carrier| Veteran| Coffee Roaster

I have been told that I have the unique ability to make a long story even longer, so, I will try to avoid that. I, from a very young age, have loved coffee. As an adult, I got sucked into the world of what I thought was great coffee(I will only say that the company logo included a green color and had an image of a mythical, female, sea creature). I, for several years, was a devout consumer of this companies’ coffee beverage. I was a letter carrier with the USPS and after serving on the same route for several years, getting to know my customers, most knew of my love for this coffee. So each Christmas/Hanukkah season, many would give me gift cards to that particular coffee beverage company. Then approximately 9 years ago, I had a delivery to a customer of 2-3 medium sized parcels for 3 days in a row. They were much heavier than I expected them to be. On the 3rd day, a Saturday, the customer came to the door and I asked, “Bill, what in the world is in these boxes; lead, dirt, rocks, what?” He replied. Read more>>

Jason France | Personal Trainer

I had been working for a national brand (Orangetheory Fitness) for four (4) years. I had presented ideas to the corporate team about innovations I thought could advance the brand into the future. I was snubbed at every offering and regularly told to “just coach your classes”. So, I decided to ask the owners I was working for if I could invest in their next franchise. A lot of the trainers that worked for the owner had the opportunity for equity in the studios we were helping open; but again, I was told “No, just coach your classes”. I knew the marketplace was changing, especially as it related to health and fitness, and without anyone listening to my calls for innovation; I decided to do it myself. Read more>>

Cindy Seiter | Owner I Red Carpet Rentals

The idea for our company was created by my late husband who is the father of my children and who also suffered from a debilitating mental illness. His entrepreneurial skills and my unique vision laid the foundation for fine wedding and event rentals. After the loss of my husband, I made the life-changing decision to continue our dream of starting up a female-led business in the wedding and event industry. Fortunately, I was able to meet my husband Taylor, whose craftsmanship and wood-working expertise has created our niche for beautiful farm tables and other unique hand-crafted pieces. Read more>>

Meliza Miranda | Owner/Operator

Our thought process behind starting a new business was mainly, to offer people delicious dishes from all of the regions of Mexico in a pleasant environment. To always make people feel welcome. When customers leave our restaurant, we want them to feel that they ate a delicious meal, was given excellent customer service, and can’t wait to come back. Read more>>