Getting to do what you love?  Providing for your loved ones?  What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Jenna Workman | Business Owner

Initially when researching this industry, before Fair Maidens and Masks was even a dream in my heart, I realized the ability to hire a high-quality and reliable character was slim to none. Many character businesses are “mom & pop” style with no licenses, insurance, or even a website to pull-up. As a parent myself, it was horrifying to imagine ordering a character for my children from one of these businesses… Who would show up at my door? What would they look like? How would they behave? Would they even show-up at all?! These young years of our children’s life are so fleeting and precious. It is very important for many, including myself, to keep the magic alive in their hearts. Therefore, I started Fair Maidens & Masks to bring magic and a higher level of quality that parents and businesses can actually trust. Read more>>

Riane Roberts | Photography & Web/Brand Designer

For me, the most important factor behind my business success has been the relationships I have made with clients. I truly want the best experience and outcome for everyone who hires me. So I work to make sure expectations are set, goals are met and there is communication throughout our process of working together. This has lead to multiple clients becoming wonderful friends after our work is complete too! Read more>>

Brian Helton | Brewer Owner

People! From my employees to the people who visit my brewery. It’s all about relations. If you put employees first then they will rise to any occasion when the times get tough. Our loyal fans visit the brewery and purchase our beer when they see them at stores and restaurants. Read more>>

Amisha Klawonn | Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist & Women’s Wellness Coach

The most important factor behind the success of Oneness Physical Therapy is integrity. Everything from the website, to the initial conversation or email, to the evaluation to every follow up visit is done with the client in mind. The client has often seen various healthcare providers and may or may not have been truly listened to. Within Oneness, I take the time as their healthcare provider to hear their story, pay attention to details and invite the client to find the right path to healing. The environment encourages a feeling of safety, being heard and cared for and truly lighting up the way to optimal health. Read more>>

Bob Roth

The fact that our work is mission driven and that it is centered around a personal experience that propelled us to start our home care agency and assist families in caring for their loved ones. To my family it’s personal, and for some one to receive care in the home (in home care) this is personal too, so it’s a good fit. Read more>>

Julie Xander | Influencer, Brand ambassador & Fitness Expert

The most important factors behind my success are consistency and authenticity. vlogging or blogging is all about about being seen. It is also very much about posting new, interesting content 24/7 that you wholeheartedly believe in. So many influencers post on products and clothing that they have been paid to promote rather than what they personally believe in and want to promote. This can be a difficult choice sometimes but when you look at the big picture, you see the importance of staying true to yourself. The followers can feel this as well Read more>>

Jason Levi | Fine Art Photographer

The most important factor was the influence of my friend, the Catalan surrealist, Salvador Dali. In 1973 in Barcelona, Spain. I was putting together an exhibit of famous citizens of Catalonia, and I needed to include him. My wife, Marisa, and I met him at his home in Port Lligat north of Barcelona, and quickly became friends. He said to me, “Go big! Whatever you create make it big and noticeable. They may not buy it or like it, but you will be remembered.” I became his personal photographer for several years in Barcelona. He mentored me in the use of light in my work. To this day I employ what I learned. I use the same lighting technique the old masters of painting used in both my portraits and in my fine art landscapes. Light is the key. First find the light, then the subject. Not the other way around. Read more>>

Shane Baker | Commercial Photographer: Fashion, Portrait & Architecture

I’m a full time photographer. The vast majority of photographers are part-time or hobbyist. What am I doing that to get a different result? A few things: 1. If you are part-time and want to be full time, never make excuses for why you still have another job. You will struggle, but don’t lie to yourself and say “well I never wanted to be full-time anyway”. It’s self defeating. And worse… the things you tell yourself are the things you will get in life. So if you make excuses like this, life will give you the lie you are telling yourself and others. If you want to be full time, own it. Say it. Tell everyone. Doors and opportunities will open up for you. 2. Get really good at your craft. Not ok. Not good. Really good. Or great. There are thousands of photographers all around. Read more>>

The Boyer Family | Bakery Owners

Honestly, so many “factors” play into whom someone or something becomes. We could go on and on about some of the top factors in our minds, that have played a part in what The Boyer Bakery has become and is today…. like the incredible support from our community who has followed our journey, encouraged us on the hard days, and chooses to shop local and trust us for their pastry and dessert needs. We could describe in detail the countless long nights, early mornings, jam-packed days, and the blood, sweat and tears that coincide with behind-the-scenes tasks and responsibilities that are often unseen. We could illustrate the sheer hard work ethic of every member of our family bakery, who has selflessly made sacrifices, and works tirelessly to put forth such sweet comfort, in the form of classic family recipes that our community has come to know and love. Read more>>

Anna Rodney | CAPPA Doula Trainer & Doula Agency Owner

The most important factor behind my brand is compassion and heart. I care deeply about making an impact in the lives of families and providing them with the absolute best care. Families feel this care and dedication and they know that I have their families best interest at heart. As an agency owner I use this understanding and care for people to find families their perfect doula. As a doula trainer I am committed to offering the doulas a through and passionate training to inspire doulas to care as much as I do. Everyone I meet knows the deep level of care I have for families. Read more>>

Jacqueline Von Hardy | Men’s Dating Coach

Integrity & Authenticity. In short, dating culture is broken. It’s become a world full of scams, fake profiles and the-grass-is-greener mentality. People are hungry for authentic connections with people of integrity. I believe men are our leaders. YES! There are STILL good men out there, but the dating world has them beat down. We help them rise up, step into their power, and we put the good guys in the driver’s seat of their love life. It benefits men, women, and families. When they overcome fear and apply the right strategy while leading through integrity and authenticity, they attract the greatest love they’ve ever known. That’s what we do… all day long. Read more>>

Bill and Lillian Buitenhuys | Bitters Producers & Cocktail Enthusiasts

Heart. We started the business as a hobby because of our love of cocktails and learning. The hobby moved into a business when people asked to buy our bitters and the demand was too great to ignore. It has steadily grown each year. We put a lot of love and effort into making great products. Each batch of bitters is made with care because we want people to really enjoy them, whether they are at their favorite bar or restaurant or at home with family and friends. As long as we continue to put heart into all that we do in our business, we know that we can’t go wrong. Read more>>