Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Colin Haviland | Emcee & Owner/Operator of ZILLA ENT.

There is nothing more valuable than being authentic. If you are true to yourself and what you believe in, gimmicks aren’t necessary. Real recognizes real. Read more>>

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore | Sales & Communications trainer | Culture Change Consultant

It was family tradition to make something out of nothing. Staying focused on outcomes, instead of obstacles, kept me moving forward. Read more>>

Samantha Bayer | Baker

I believe that my success is due to the incredible support system that I have. My friends and family are the ones who encouraged me to start my own business this past year. They saw how passionate I was about baking and motivated me to start an Instagram page to get a following. This gradually lead me to start selling my homemade baked goods locally. My support system is what helped ignite my drive and passion for my business. Read more>>

Christie Kerner | CEO + Founder, My Little Mascara Club

Simply put: doing good. It’s one of our core values and permeates everything we do. Technically, we sell mascara on subscription. But, in reality, we helpwomen feel better about themselves and life. We create jobs that enable people to fulfill their personal passions. We partner with others that are committed to uplifting women to reach more and more women with tips and tools to help them live their happiest lives. We even ensure that women can get great, confidence building results from our products without having to worry about toxicities or harming the planet. It’s our commitment to do good, from every angle we can, that has enabled our success. Read more>>

Nichole Black | Realtor®

I am an educator and protector at heart. My whole life I have always wanted to learn everything about what I do, so I could educate and help as many people as possible. I feel a personal responsibility to my clients to be the best for them. These two overarching factors drive my success and brand. Read more>>

Suzy Bean | Owns Interdependence Natural Foods

Respect. We, as a crew, have held space for some human dramas amongst us, but we have done as well as we have by respect. I would say we listen and hear each other, without over-indulging in long stories and “therapy.” But when something emotional in nature in regards to work arises, it is considered important. When I first stepped into purchasing the business, one of the previous owners suggested I not try to become friends with the staff, but maintain boss-ship. I think I understand where she was coming from, and professional boundaries prevent being overly emotional about practical decisions. Fortunately though, I have had a respectful enough crew that we have been able to relax into being friends as well. This makes coming into work feel like the daily life of a tribe rather than an impersonal “grind.” One of my staff even told me last week that when she is down, she is actually uplifted by coming to work. I’m so happy about that. Read more>>