We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Aaron Reed | Member of The Brothers Reed band

We believe the key to our success has been a genuine connection and engagement with our audience. A Brothers Reed show is always going to be about more than just the music. We strive to entertain and we don’t disappoint. We poke fun at each other and are self deprecating in a way that is endearing to people, and shows them that although we are serious about our art and work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t have a massive social media following, we don’t have a super crazy life story, and we have never had any industry support; yet we continue to thrive and create new music, merchandise, and content. Read more>>

Alicia Neal | Aesthetician and PMU Artist

Passion. Our skin is our largest organ , it serves us a lifetime. We owe it consistent maintenance and with little effort it’ll stay healthy, radiant and strong. I am dedicated to helping others achieve a realistic skincare regime. I strive to make skincare a necessity and not just a luxury. I keep up with trends and offer a variety of services new/trendy and old staples that have been proven to be affective for decades. I maintain fair pricing which is crucial because everyone deserves to be able to avoid to treat themselves. I keep a calm relaxing environment for guest to unwind and relax. Also , I continue to invest in advanced education and recently developed a tool which is trade marked and patent pending to help other Micro Blade Artist sharpen their skills Read more>>

Brook Choulet, M.D. | Concierge Psychiatrist & CEO of Choulet Wellness

I think the most important factors are perseverance and passion. If one is not passionate about their brand or business, it’s hard to keep pushing forward during difficult times or when faced with obstacles. I am really passionate about my clinic and vision for the level of mental health care I want to provide to the local community. Read more>>

Aurora V. Dijkhoff | Founder & Director

My vision for Focus was to create a magazine that becomes an important part in Aruba’s history and social development. Focus believes in offering high quality magazine issues with interesting, inspirational, and thoughtful interviews. Our mission was to always offer our readers the best experience. I find it important to keep up with the current trends, to be innovative, and be one step ahead. Without a doubt there were many of us who were faced with challenges these last two years, whether it was business oriented or in our personal lives. Read more>>

Asya Yesayan | Knitting and crocheting artist, founder of NL HandMade

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius, these are the words that I totally agree with! It started as a little hobby. I enjoyed the process of creating something unique, something that only yours, customized to your preferences and taste. Made my first steps by knitting and crocheting for me (so the customer is always satisfied :-)). Then for my kids, friends etc. All my friends and relatives were encouraging to start my own business. My first steps were a little unsure, but when you do something with love and inspiration you can’t go wrong! And for sure quantity transfers to a quality! And no matter how busy or how tired you are, you will always find time and energy to create something new and special! Read more>>

Pravneet And Hurshneet Chadha | Chief Smile Officers, Founders, Project Smile AZ

Kindness is the most important factor behind our success because it makes the world a better place. Our project is based on simple acts of kindness that anyone, anywhere can do, at anytime and be a smile maker 🙂 Read more>>