We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Steven Ebright | Landscape and location photographer

As a photographer, the importance of personal style is a combination of both innate artistic expression as well as the result of a purposed cognitive process, developed over time. Read more>>

Melissa Moore | Lifestyle Blogger

Consistency is the most important factor behind my success as a lifestyle blogger. It’s important to be present on social media in a consistent manner and engage daily with your followers. I feel that it helps me connect with them and that I could be a consistent resource for them. Read more>>

Aprildawn Gollihue | Personal Brand Photographer

The most important factor behind my brand is authenticity. People can tell when a brand is pretending to be authentic and trying too hard to fit in as “vulnerable”. Being true to what your brand represents and your brand’s personality is key. As a Personal Brand Photographer I help other business owners discover their Brand’s real personality and help them shine online. I am my brand so I share work, family, and my favorite coffees. Read more>>

Karolyn Kiburz | Meeting/Event Planners and Association Management

We are very professional and pride ourselves on the doing the right (ethical) thing for our clients and our business. We also spend a lot of time networking and that has helped us stay in the game for a long time, even through the pandemic. And it was important that we diversified, having clients were we just managed their meetings/events and also full association management clients so although our business was negatively impacted by the pandemic, we were able to ride it out with the associations we managed. Read more>>

Jonathan Allison | Wedding Photographer

I believe the most important factor behind my success is kindness. I think that the most comment or compliment that I receive at most weddings from guests and couples is “you are so nice, easy to work with and so patient”. Hearing that lets me know I did a good job. By being consistent, I really believe or I know that it has lead me to receiving numerous leads and clients which has lead to my success. I think lots of people have the skills of being a good photographer but what really stands out is how you treat others and how well you work with people! Read more>>