A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever.  As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Danielle Lentz | Photographer

When I first started my own business, the lines between work and life were definitely blurry. I was working from home full time while simultaneously trying to keep up with a newborn and a toddler. I was trying to do it all and most days I would feel extremely overwhelmed. I felt like I needed to say yes to every project that came my way and was constantly overdelivering. Over time, I learned that I needed to create healthy boundaries for work and I needed to get comfortable saying no to projects that were not a good fit for me or my brand. I set a schedule for myself and tried to be more transparent with my clients about my availability. I also started investing in tools that would streamline my business and make the day to day more manageable. Read more>>

Tall Skeleton

Work life balance is really hard. I think life in general is all about balance. Right now I still have a day job but I would like Tall Skeleton, and filmmaking to be my full-time job as soon as possible via patreon and partnerships. Since covid-19, like everyone stuck at home figuring out day-to-day balance has been really vital. Now that it has been harder to direct music videos and short films in this climate, it has given me even more reason to make the channel multi-media with video essays, podcasts, and just all different kinds of videos for people to enjoy which I always intended. Balancing work, fun-work, and leisure all in the same space is a challenge but a necessary one. Read more>>

Emmanuel Guarino | Real Estate Agent & Sales Manager

When I started it was go go go! I never stopped. I had no sense of when I should be working and when I should be relaxing. As time went on I found out that a lot of successful people were doing something that I was not. They were working hard and playing hard. They did not live in a world where they worked a little then played a little. When it was time to work they worked and when it was time to relax they relaxed. I have found that if you do not segment out times for you to relax or to be working you will end up not feeling like you are able to relax or work. One of the big things I changed from when I started was I started taking time off for vacations and to do nothing. I found that when I was able to do this correctly I was actually able to work much more efficiently and harder when it was time for me to get back to work. Read more>>

Jason Chakravarty | Glass Artist

The more I have become more involved in the community of glass, the more I realize the commitment. I live through my work. It is the best way I have found to still enjoy things outside of my work. The balance is realized after traveling a chunk of the world through work/art. Read more>>

Amanda Adkins | Artist

Setting a schedule has helped me find balance. There are days I know I will be in the studio working and other days where I take time to apply for artist calls. Taking time away to reflect also gives me clarity on how to move forward with my work practice and what I’m interested in creating. Finding that balance can be tricky at times but I realize even doing the smallest of amount of work on my art moves me forward. Read more>>

John D’Acquisto | Artist

When you think of balancing you type of artwork to appease the customer clientele it is extremely important to find the proper subject to attract business. It’s like who are you drawing or painting for you or your customer base? If you find the right balance and people like what you do then your business will be successful because you have a niche’ people like. It is not fun being a starving with overhead you need to balance your approach as an artist and a business person who recognizes it is bad for your business if you price your creations too high. You need to Find the balance and flexibility with your pricing. Then balancing your life to your family is important. Read more>>