Sometimes the best way to understand a business is to go back to very beginning. We asked entrepreneurs how they came up with the idea for their business and have shared some of those responses below.

Sabrina Summers | Blogger & Founder of Summers Side Up: The Blog

My blog was inspired by my journey with an autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease in the spring of 2017 after months of trying to figure out why I was sick all the time. Unfortunately the doctor I was seeing in the beginning to treat my autoimmune disease told me there was no hope to live a “normal life” and that diet and exercise wouldn’t be beneficial. Read more>>

Lauren Paez | Artist & Energy Healing Master

I created Lala Lotus Co. when I was in treatment for chronic Lyme disease. I was sixteen when I decided to learn about crystals and their individual meanings. I quickly learned that crystals helped me with so many things, like anxiety management. Eventually, I learned how to incorporate crystals into jewelry so that I could have my crystals with me and distract myself from the hardships I was facing in treatment. Read more>>

Lisa Rehurek | Business Owner, Speaker, Author, Founder of The RFP Success Company

I had been branding myself as a business consultant, and frankly it wasn’t going very well. It was sluggish and I was having a difficult time getting clients because I was too broad. I knew that. I was on a quest for my niche, a way to narrow my focus. What was interesting is that I started to get calls from prior colleagues asking me if I still did RFP work. I’d take the work, because I needed it. I remember being out to dinner with a friend, who knew of my struggle to find my niche, and she pointed out that my niche may have just found me. Read more>>

Ryan Luke | Financial Coach & Police Lieutenant

The idea for my business came to me after I realized I possessed a skill set that not many people in my circle of friends had. My company focuses on personal finance and developing proper money habits. The funny thing is I never intended to create a business. My business started as a hobby and quickly sprouted into a business. I have learned so much from my hobby turned business that I wish I would have started earlier. Read more>>