We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Natalie Lannom | Owner – My Southwest Nest

I have always known from a young age that I wanted to own my own business. Growing up my parents owned their own small business and I remember going to work with them and knowing that one day that is what I wanted to do. Although I always knew that was the goal, I had such a hard time narrowing down exactly what I wanted my business to be. As a multi-interest creative there are just so many things I wanted to share with the world. Read more>>

Kory Basko | Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Owner & Operator at Kory B. – Fit

I got into fitness 6 years ago this August. I came from a complete and total lifestyle transformation by not only weight loss (80lbs) but cleaning up my entire outlook and habits in life. I knew I had something special going as I continued to inspire others as I was going through my own journey, so it wasn’t until about Summer of 2019 that I decided this was the career path I wanted to take. I then got certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) thereafter. I also knew that I did not want to work a dead end job (the one I was currently with at the time) for the rest of my life. Read more>>

Megan Violet | Content Creator

I wanted to start my own business because ever since high school I knew I wanted to work for myself. I worked plenty of 9-5 jobs that i knew just really weren’t for me and I would be constantly looking for a way out. I told myself “Megan, don’t just sit around, make a change in your life” and that’s exactly what I did. At first it was fairly difficult as with anything you first start though. I wanted the life as a content creator so what I would do is actually examine other content creators to take tips from them rather than be envious of them. Read more>>

Fina Haler | Luna Studio Owner

I was looking for something my son and the both of us could do to bring mindfulness, connection and more joy. I looked around for classes and events but did not see much, at least in my area. The idea of creating this space for us and other people came up and I got to planning right away. Read more>>

Justin Gilbert | Graphic Designer

My first thoughts of creating a business was to get the experience that companies required for Graphic Designers. Even though I had my masters degree I was still stuck in that infamous loop of “you need experience, but we don’t want to give you experience” situation. It evolved from just a need to get experience to being able to help my own people. My goal for Kuvua Design was to help out all indigenous people with the opportunity to have professionally designed identity systems. My hope is to give new start ups the ability to have a good first step. Read more>>

Lily Delatte, MD | Physician and skincare enthusiast

Curiosity and motivation. Like many people out there, I had dry, sensitive skin. I tried many products, and nothing seemed to soothe my skin. Previously, I never thought that my soap could be the problem. After using highly advertised, store-bought soaps, I would lather up with lotion, and I would come out of the shower thinking my skin was the issue – it’s just dry. I researched how to solve my concerns and, in the process, created a great product that works really well with natural ingredients and fewer synthetic chemicals. I hadn’t considered starting a business before but decided it would be a shame not to help others with similar skin issues – that is how twentysix moons was born! Read more>>

Tina Triasih | Entrepreneur

Starting a bulk store business, for me, is like a spring that finds a way to flow. Since childhood I was interested in food, plants, and nature, but in the end, I ended up studying in an education and technology field that didn’t fully accommodate my interests. I am an avid reader, particularly, books on the topic of the plants, nature, food, or health. In fact, I still remember some books about fruits and vegetables that I read when I was in kindergarten. Read more>>

Murray Bolesta | Art Photographer

I’ve recognized I had a skill for composing images through photography since I was a kid. When you’re serious about starting a business, it’s important to take stock of your skills, aptitudes, innate talents, and experience which could be regarded as exceptional. The difference between a hobby and a business is steady income. Read more>>

Jessica Apgar | Owner and Chief Business Strategist

In my search for ways to expand and grow my divorce mediation business, I started to face what I felt were deficiencies in the processes provided by the networking events and organizations I connected with. I also found that there were opportunities to improve the services that the networking organization offered its members, especially in the small business realm. Why couldn’t a networking organization become a “power” business group that actually represents each of its members at events and in advertising and marketing? Read more>>

Adrianne Goudeau (Ms G) | Alchemist

Life! My life was saved by the techniques I use to extract. In 2010, I found myself on 20 plus prescriptions and dieing. I’m a Fentynl survivor. In 2011 I became a medical marijuana patient and started dabbling with infusion. My techniques were guided by elders in the community imparting their wisdom, allowed my techniques to improve and be efficient. In 2019, when hemp became legal, I chose to use the same techniques with hemp. Knowing that my full spectrum THC products have helped me and others, I knew a line needed to be made with the love of life. I believe products should benefit those who consume them and taste good at the same time. Read more>>

John Dyer | Award winning cutter and seller of fine gemstones.

I had always loved business and planned on running my own business. Since around age 11 or 12 I always had some small business like selling candy to neighborhood children, raising sheep and chickens to sell meat and eggs and selling donuts with a mini donut machine on the street in Brazil. After the donut experience I gained real appreciation for a product with a long shelf life and my love of beautiful things and gems in particular helped lead me to start a gem business next. That “next” business has turned into what I have stuck with for over 20 years now. Read more>>

Desirae Rocha | CEO & Founder

As a professional makeup artist, with over 15 years of experience in the industry Change is inevitable. When I embarked on creating MS HOLLYWOOD , the idea came to me in the form of my four-year-old daughter. As I set up my makeup station, just as I would set up for a private client, her tiny self sits in my chair with the “wow factor,’”. Her eyes are wide and she is elated. She was just excited to be in the chair. I began to dazzle her little eyes with glitter and shine and brush gloss over her lips, I saw the way her confidence was already shining through. She sat up taller, and fixed herself neatly. Read more>>

Shar Vaidya | Small Business Owner/Maker

I have always been creative . I remember in college I wanted to start my accessories brand that had all possible options for a women on the go. I did actually start my own jewelry business 6 years ago but could not keep up with it due to my full time job and a newborn to care for. Fast forward to 2020 when covid hit in full force, I was working from home and with another newborn, I needed a creative outlet . So I traded my old die cut machine for the latest one and decided to try my hand at engraving. Read more>>