We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

AZ Ballroom Academy | Ballroom Dance Studio

We are able to the bridge the gap between ballroom dance and the community. Between social media, mental health awareness and learning new skillsets, we provide the community with a new way to deal with stressors in their lives. With depression & anxiety, especially during the pandemic, movement has become so important so our goal is to provide individuals with healthy skills to deal with issues, a safe environment to explore, staying on trend with social media, and building a business where all are welcomed. Read more>>

Christina Kafalas | LCSW & Founder of Compassion Corner Counseling

I created Compassion Corner Counseling with the hope of making a positive difference in the lives of others and in the community. I hope to address the negative stigmas associated with therapy services, normalize the use of therapy services, and normalize the presence of mental health concerns. We’re all human and we all face challenges that can sometimes seem unsurmountable alone. I would like to advocate for a world where going to a therapist is as common and accepted as going to your primary care physician. I promote practices that improve overall health and wellbeing. I believe that every person deserves the opportunity to heal, feel happy, and achieve their goals. Read more>>

Brook Choulet, MD | Concierge Psychiatrist & Founder of Choulet Wellness

Choulet Wellness is a concierge mental health clinic where our psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors deliver care to our community. It is my hope that by helping people feel better, it is a service to the community as a whole. Read more>>

Trisha Talbot | Healthcare Real Estate Investments

I believe, in general, that a clinician started their career path with the intention to help and heal people. Then, they invested years of training and student loan debt to be able to teach us to maintain our health, prescribe solutions to combat infections and viruses, treatment when we have chronic medical conditions and when necessary surgical expertise to open our bodies and fix something that is wrong. My gifts in this life is not being medically trained to help people. I do believe we live in a world where technology and science are at a level to provide basic healthcare to anyone in the population that wants it and we have cured some major ailments that caused diseases that we no longer have to endure. Read more>>

Cameron & Jeannine McChesney | Owners and Farmers

We started Greenhouse Gardens with the idea to provide fresh, local, chemical-free vegetables, herbs and fruit to the people living in our immediate community of South East Chandler, AZ. We are a small farm with its own farmer’s market and we serve our local neighbors. We believe small micro-farms like ours should be built in and supported by every city or town. Read more>>

Cat Brown | Conscious Creative Workshops & Mystical Art

In the current educational climate of putting pressure on our kids to succeed solely based on test scores, we’ve lost a lot of the critical thinking skills that come with the education that can’t necessarily be tested on. I’m talking about creativity. As a whole, being creative challenges our mental processes to problem solve, innovate, work through frustrations of “it” not working out, adapting in real time, evolving and adding to our current skill-set, while also recognizing and challenging ourselves to be okay with different perspectives and opinions. Read more>>

Krystal Wuller | Founder & CEO (ARA® Water Foundation)

Our organization focuses on meeting a basic human need, We are ensuring our community’s most vulnerable has access to cold, safe drinking water. For what seems like a simple and basic task to so many, is a daily struggle for those experiencing homelessness. Instead of your typical plastic bottle donations, we are providing a lifeline that keeps water safe from the elements, and cold for 24 hours. This is done through the donation of 64 oz. stainless steel bottles. We then partner with different businesses and organizations to build a network of safe fill sites. This ensures bottle recipients can continue to have water daily and stay hydrated. Read more>>

Khiana Oakes & Santrese Taylor | Social Media Marketing

There is no question that there is a significant wealth gap between African Americans and other races in the US. Support Black AZ is dedicated to promoting black businesses, professionals and creatives with the hopes of helping close the wealth gap. We do this through marketing via social media and our online directory. Read more>>