There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Pamela Jayne Sassi | Homebody, Traveler, and Sleepwear Designer

I came about starting my own brand with the goal of being successful in order to give back to the community on a larger scale. I firmly believe if you want the success for the right reasons, it will come to you. Read more>>

Jessie Swygert | Director of Operations

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels has been so successful because the community that surrounds us believes in our mission and continues to support our programs. Unfortunately, the need for our services to patients and families continues to grow each year. Amazingly, the individuals, groups, and companies that stand by us have grown as well. Our founder, Lorraine Tallman, made a promise to her daughter to help every child diagnosed with cancer, and we will not stop until we reach that goal. Our team members are full of drive, talent, and compassion. Together, we will keep that promise to Amanda. Read more>>

Brandy Holden | Interior Designer, Allied ASID

In almost any industry it’s important to work as a team. As an interior designer, there are many people that make up our team. It starts with the client and then branches off into architects, vendors, general contractors, project managers, and so many other trades that bring a project to life. My belief is “we can be stronger in numbers.” After 18 years in the interior design industry, my team has become like family. I trust these people to put their best foot forward for the sake of executing a project to the highest standards in the building industry. There is absolutely no way I could ever know or learn all of the information that goes into one project. Therefore, I ask for team work. Read more>>

Kaity Zaiser | Renaissance Woman

I would say there are a few things that are important for my brand right now. First, I want to ensure that the consumer is receiving a quality product, as they invested their hard-earned income to receive the piece(s). Secondly, my focus is to take all the proceeds and place them into reputable charities that support the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s important to take a stand for the part of our community that is suffering right now. This platform of mine is being utilized as a resource to help our fellow black brothers and sisters who are suffering from a long lineage of oppression, police brutality, inequality, systemic racism, and more. Read more>>

Lindsey Joralmon | Entrepreneur & Mental Health Warrior

sales that have been made thus far. Each purchase supports a respective foundation that advocates for mental health awareness, suicide prevention and domestic violence so knowing I’ve been able to give back to these important causes, even if in little increments, makes me feel accomplished. Every new order provides a sense of satisfaction to know someone liked one of my garments enough to make a purchase when there are so many other apparel options they could have chosen. My designs are a creative outlet that represent something that has transpired within my life in some way and I hope they speak to people beyond just being a picture on a shirt. Read more>>

Colleen Biggs | Pioneer for Women change-makers

The success of a brand has more to do with the consumer than the actual business and the products and services it offers. Yes, it’s important to ensure that your product/service provides a solution for the consumer, but more importantly, how you serve your community is key! I have found the success behind Lead Up for Women to be serving first. We stand for the success of other women. Every platform we create and every opportunity we provide women is applied and measured to one simple rule. Read more>>

Michael Alvarez | AKA PROPH

God first and foremost. And Family honestly. Support from the ones you love the most is so big in everything us as artist do. It’s a big risk in this industry and to get unconditional love and support also criticism from the people that mean the most always boost moral as well as motivation. With out them this journey (which is already incredibly hard) would be impossible. My work ethic to my drive has always been because of the circle of people in my life… man I’m lucky. Read more>>