There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Dr. Scott Maymon & Dr. Sarah Stone | Naturopathic Physicians

Many factors come into play that determine how successful a business becomes. For any business (including ours), getting results and positive outcomes drives success. For us, the most important factor is providing individualized quality care to patients who need support and guidance. We help them overcome their health obstacles to achieve optimal health. Patients seek us out for the natural ways we address the root cause of disease. Simply put, people want to get better, feel better, and enjoy life. We help them get there by empowering them to take control of their health! Read more>>

Hayden Van Hulzen | Founder

Myself (Hayden Van Hulzen) and my partner (Christina Elmen) each had success in our own agencies (HVH Media & Marketing and The Mae Agency) prior to launching our Digital Consulting Agency, Twenty One North. The success that we had individually at our own agencies is what we carried over to our division agency. We both would credit three things that truly are the foundation of our success: 1) Our network; we’ve built an incredible network of all different people in a plethora of industries and genuinely fostered each and every one of those relationships. When they say “your network is your networth”, they aren’t kidding! Read more>>

Jason Raducha | Pro Gluten Enthusiast

I think the most important factor behind success is constancy. There is multiple layers of constancy. The quality of your offering and it being the same each and every time is huge. It builds trust with your customers and creates a basis for your staff. You also must be constant. Showing up to work every day with a positive attitude, the willingness to build and work as a team, showing your customer that you are there for them, because at the end of the day, it is because of the customer we can do what we love day in and day out. Read more>>

Charlotte Shaff | Public and Social Media Relations Owner

I shamelessly believe in self-promotion. Not only for my business but for my clients. And because I love to support small businesses, it is very easy to help spread the word about what they are doing through my networks, referrals and on social media. My focus as a PR Pro is pitching local. I learned quickly when I started out that I can’t do everything and be everything for clients. With 15 years of local media relations, I can quickly find the right reporter for the right client. I have people reach out to me a lot asking if I can help connect them to someone or if I know someone in an industry they need help with. PR is really all about relationships and if you find the right balance of informing and sharing, you can be a great promoter. I talk about my clients online a lot because social media is my “water cooler.” Read more>>

Nancy Christy-Moore | Artist & Instructor

When I first started painting full-time professionally I thought I was on a journey with some definite goals: painting, teaching, traveling, growth, legacy. 40+ years later I consider that I have successfully fulfilled most all of those goals. Having struck out on unknown paths and in many different places each with different challenges, I have learned to rely on my faith in God’s will for all outcomes. This faith has kept me on the path and rewarded me with outcomes I never imagined. An invitation to hold a solo show in Japan where nearly all my paintings sold out within 10 days was a true highlight. Then more recently the Put Some Colour In Your Life film crew came to film me in my Surprise studio and that is my legacy on film and shown world-wide. Read more>>

Laurie Malone | Managing Partner & CEO

Golden Heart Senior Care, providing in home care for seniors, serves 94 zip codes in the Greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area. We started this Company from just the two of us- my husband and business partner, Rodney Malone, Partner and COO, on 7/14/20. Recently recognized as a Top 100 Woman Owned Business in Greater Phoenix (by the Phoenix Business Journal), for the third year in a row makes us very proud. The most important factor for success for our brand is our passion for helping seniors, coupled with our laser focus on growth. Everywhere we go, everything we do is based around our brand. I will give every butcher we meet; server who helps us; restaurant owner we meet, and everyone else my Golden Heart business card. I simply state- “If you know any CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants) or Certified Caregivers looking for work, have them call us.” Read more>>

Brad Leavitt | Builder & General Contractor

We live by the motto “we are saving marriages one house at a time”. One of the biggest challenges in construction is delivering on expectations to our clients. We have spent countless hours to train our team in communication, scheduling, site cleanliness and efficiency. Company culture is so important and our customers see and feel it. They sense the positivity in our construction firm which is unique to the industry. Building a dream home can be a very stressful experience for our clients. With effective communication, hitting our deadlines, and showing we care by keeping their project clean, we strive to save those marriages one house at a time. Read more>>

Jen Enck | Serial Entrepreneur & Crafter

I would have to say the most important factor behind the success of my brand is keeping it true to my personality. I love to have fun and laugh and keep things lighthearted. My products are a true extension of that. Through the years I have had several businesses but the ones that have been the most successful are the ones that reflect my personality. Always be true to yourself! Read more>>

Vivian Valenty | Inventor, Company Founder & President

The most important factor behind the success of my brand Dazzle Dry is its uniqueness in the nail industry filled with brands vying for a fraction of the $1 billion US market with products that are essentially the same. Dazzle Dry is in a class of its own in this crowded market. Dazzle Dry uses a new set of materials different from other brands. Every batch is produced from scratch which enable us to make sure that the product ingredients are clean, non-toxic and not animal-derived. Our well-equipped analytical laboratory allows us to test every drum of raw materials before they are released for use in production. Women are validating the claims on the five minute dry time, longevity of wear (7 to 14 days) and easy removal using regular polish remover without damage to nails. Read more>>