We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Kalumanauti Malone | Musician & Artist

I feel like everything inspires me when it comes to music or painting or performing etc. I’ve been inspired by my own mistakes and moments of happiness, I’ve been inspired by others love life, I’ve been inspired seeing someone at the park playing their guitar, and even a beautiful landscape inspires me at times. I think life itself is inspiration and unlocks creativity on a whole new level the more you sit back and observe. Sometimes creativity will hit me right at that moment or sometimes later when I’m thinking about the day. Read more>>

Robbie Pfeffer | Multi-Media Artist With Playboy Manbaby

I have always been inspired by people who want to pursue a very distinctive and specific vision or people who seem to be unable to not speak in a very unique voice. When I say that I really mean weirdos. I like people who are very clearly not doing something for the money or fame or whatever odd outside approval people are compelled by. But they seem to need to do whatever they are doing. Those are my people. In music and art I enjoy people who have a voice that is so incredibly and obviously their own. Like Tom Waits in music or David Lynch with films or Ada Lovelace in science. People who just did things they found interesting in a way that is interesting. Read more>>

Janae Dunn | Singer-Songwriter / Fitness & Goal Coach

I am a part-time fitness & goal coach, as well as a part-time worship leader at a church in Chandler, and I sing and write my own music on the side. In all areas of work, I am inspired by the same things — 1. My relationship & faith in God 2. Self-Worth 3. Challenges 4. Different seasons of life 5. finding the fighter’s spirit As a coach, a worship leader, a singer-songwriter — my goal in all my efforts is to hopefully help people see their innate potential and worth as they were created to be, versus how society “tells us to be”. I believe in trying one’s best to extend out to others from a place of transparency, empathy, honesty, love, grace, forgiveness, kindness, support and personal experiences. I always find where I can relate to the person first, and then begin from there whether it be in coaching someone on their goals and fitness, writing a song, or singing on stage leading a room in worship. I am inspired by hope and positivity and finding reasons to be grateful within our hardest storms, because I want to help people become stronger and see joy as an attainable possibility always, no matter the circumstances. Read more>>

Jana Williams | Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

I am inspired by so many things. People watching is one thing that inspires me so much. To see how lovers at a French cafe are holding hands, or how a couple is laying on the beach together. I get very inspired by body language. In my job, I direct my clients a lot. At times I feel like a film director as well as a photographer. It’s all about story telling. Read more>>

Monica Torres | Writer & Mentor

I find that I am most inspired by vulnerability and authenticity. As both a therapist and a writer, I have come to see the raw beauty that exists when we are living our truths without facades or hesitation. A tremendous amount of courage is needed to feel deeply and share what is felt with others despite the criticism or ridicule that one may face. As a society, I find that we place such a heavy emphasis on success and achievement- sometimes, at the expense of happiness and well-being. I, myself, find inspiration in the humans that admit they are scared instead of acting dauntless and the ones that share they are hurting rather than appearing unbothered. Connection, passion, creativity, love- all of the beauty in this one life demands that dig deep to the core of our being and then share what we have been hiding with others. Read more>>

JenMarie Zeleznak | Artist & Art Instructor

I am inspired by the ‘condition of being’. The existence of life and the social relationships and experiences that develop and unravel, and the psychological response to the condition of being are of great interest. An introverted empath, I find myself observant of others and relate other’s experiences to my own. I am motivated by my own social [relationship] issues [struggles], but it is through the animal as my subject matter in my artwork, that I am able to work through or understand my own complex emotions. I am greatly inspired by complex emotions relating to loss and [personal] tragedy, desire and fear, along with intimacy and connection in both body and mind – all concerning both the presence of and absence of. I tend to gravitate towards ‘nuisance’ animals as my subject matter because I identify and relate to how they are perceived. I am most fond of observing these types of wildlife and watching their personalities, behaviors, and social relationships or interactions. I hope viewers of my art think inward to their own experiences and relationships and relate to the animal in a psychological and emotionally way – to see – at once – both themselves and the animal. Read more>>

Danielle Ganon | Artist

I’m inspired by my culture, heritage, and community. I am who I am because of them. Because these three factors shaped me, I dedicate all. of my work to them. I draw inspiration not just from the traditions and the people themselves but also from things like nature that are still linked to them. That’s why I named my small business Southwest Sampaguita (the Filipino word for the Philippine Jasmine flower) in honor of where I currently live and where I came from. Read more>>

Jo Allebach | Artist – Impressionist Landscapes and Other Things

Inspired Inspiration comes from observing the light and shadows and how they present the world around us and all its beauty. The physical process of putting the paint on the canvas gives me peace, calm and joy. This inspires me to present a painting that the viewer will find they feel those same feelings. One big thing, I was fortunate enough to go to Paris several years ago and went to Giverny. I was so amazed and got such a feeling that propels me to paint even if I would be struggling to get to the easel. I have known very deep darkness in my life, and this has inspired me to want to paint beauty and pleasant places. I love it when people exclaim “I have been there” or “I want to be there” even it is sometimes a montage of a beautiful place. Read more>>