We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Heather Christiansen | Real Estate Investor & Philanthropist

I hope my greatest legacy is the positive impact I’ve made not only in the IBD community but also my 3 wonderful children. I want it to be known I was always strong, I fought hard to stay healthy, and my goal is to help as many p0eple as I can. I’ve always tried my hardest to be kind and never judge anyone. You never know what their story is or the journey they have traveled. Be kind always. Read more>>

Grim Moses | Emcee, Artist, Audio/Visual Production

The whole reason behind what I do, Is to bring something to the table that makes people feel personal strength. I think society tends to make us feel like we need to be or think a certain way in order to be taken seriously. Life can take its toll on you. I feel like my legacy should be one that leads people to stand up for self no matter the cost. The way we are told what to think and believe needs to be studied. We as an interconnected community should always ask questions and challenge the status quo. Being blindly lead by the government or our peers is not a trait of individuality and free will, but one of indecisiveness and frailty. So, If you listen to Grim Moses music and your not sure what to take from it, Listen more closely for the context that speaks for Unity and Strength. Because that is the context behind every piece of creative work I release. I want to also just send a shout out back to the Voyager for helping spread the word about the hard work people like myself are putting in on the daily to give something back to the world. Thank you. Read more>>

Charlie Russell | Owner and Founder of Animaru Maid Café

As a group of activists, environmentalists, and humanitarians, Animaru’s goal is to share the message that even small changes towards helping the earth can make a big difference for future generations. By combining the theme of endangered animal awareness with the popular maid cafe troupe, we are able to spread this message across a wide audience, reaching many different people. We hope that our guests, fans, and friends can take something positive away from each of our events. Sustainability is a process, and just like Animaru continues to learn and grow, we hope that our actions and words of encouragement can gradually lead to a greener earth. Read more>>

Mike Midkiff | Business Owner

My hope is that people remember me for wanting to help others in any way possible. This is why I have the business I do. Our spa services provide people with over 60 know health and wellness benefits. We can all give back and put others before ourselves. The hundreds of testimonials we have received makes all the time, dollars and effort worth it all. All people are valuable. Read more>>