We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Gennaro García | Artista

Loving what I do , staying creative and understanding that being an artist you have to find the perfection in the imperfection of your own art, realizing that to be able to live from doing what I love I have to be disciplined and that the business of being an artist Is 50% creating art and the other 50% is selling the art, public relationships, being out there, being present in every market available. Read more>>

Colleen Quinn Quinn | Fashion Stylist/ Designer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is consistency. As a creative, I think at times we can be our own worst critic, which can sometimes prohibit us from displaying our work or moving forward into a new challenge within our work. For me, I have found that I am never 100% ready for each opportunity that comes my way, but I’ve learned that is not a bad thing and how you grow in your business and craft! With this perspective in mind, I think that being consistent with my craft and my content on social media has given me an advantage in my business and my current success because it shows that I am determined and continue to work hard no matter what challenge is thrown my way. In addition, being consistent has let me to opportunities I may not have had otherwise. Read more>>

Chris Sweeney | Scuba Instructor & Co-Owner of Fins Up Scuba LLC

I believe that the key to my success and the success of Fins Up Scuba breaks down to a simple philosophy. Give each client your full attention. Every client is different but in general they want your attention. Your whole attention, not you helping four other people and checking your text while speaking with them. Giving clients your attention means giving them your time and that shows them that they are valuable to you and that you respect their time as valuable also. People want to be respected. If a client is looking to be ignored, they can sit on there couch and surf the web. My clients value the level of service and detailed knowledge we provide. Just taking the time to listen as created life long clients and many good friends. Unfortunately this may be a dying art in retail. I leave you with this thought… Read more>>

Johnny Jinx | Broken Clover Owner

My business model was designed to help artists keep more money from their work by only charging a flat booth rental rate. Before I opened the Clover, I was handing over at least four thousand dollars to shop owners every month. Its a shitty deal and it comes with no vacation days. I got a phone call once, The Call, about my step-mother’s painful battle with cancer coming to an end and I should get a plane ticket to “come say goodbye”. I called the shop owner and told him the news and That I wouldn’t be able to work for a week. His response, “yeah, just make sure you have someone to cover your shift.” The thought of going to others and explaining my situation again and again was just too much. My legs gave out when I hung up the phone and I cried on his shop floor. A year later, I was working in a shop in Denver. Read more>>

Rayann Marie | Lifestyle Photographer

The most important factor behind my success is getting to know my clients on a personal level! I used to just show up and shoot, leave, deliver photos, and that was it. Sadly, this is a common practice for most photographers. It wasn’t until I began really getting to know my clients that my work began to feel more personal and less like work. Whether it is just an in person consult or making dinner together, getting to know one another helps the client open up in front of the lens and reduces wedding day jitters. Obviously this looks different given the current pandemic but face time is a good back up! Because of the relationships I have with my clients, I often get to photograph multiple milestones in their lives. It’s a ton of fun seeing families grow creating traditions with them. I also get majority of my business from referrals! Read more>>

Robert Goldman | Artist

Success can be subjective. I have been a professional artist now for 50 years, some years more successful than others for sure. Since moving to Prescott in 2013 and being closer to the areas I like to paint, each year has gotten better! Just last October was the best month I have ever had. I give a lot of credit to the Maynard Dixon Legacy Museum who have given me consecutive one man shows with a third scheduled for 2021. Each show has been better than the last with a near sell out each time, in spite of Covid19. I specialize in the landscape of Northern AZ and Southern and Central Utah, and collectors now look forward to seeing each new work. Read more>>

Jonathan Allen | Owner & Executive Chef

Our customers have ultimately driven our success. They have been our strength and backbone since day one. As a result, we have developed strong relationships with them and we are devoted to their well-being. We strive to bring creativity, flavor, and simplicity to their busy lives by creating exciting new menu items on a weekly basis. A lot of our customers require modifications based on their dietary restrictions. We consequently cater each of our meals around individual needs. Our willingness to focus on individual customer satisfaction drives our company forward and makes each day worth it. Read more>>