We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard | Doctorate prepared Family Medicine Board certified integrative healthcare practitioner

After working for the past 25 years for acute care facilities (family medicine, emergency medicine and trauma), I felt i could do it better. Give my patient population the time and dedication that they deserve without being on a time limit of having to see (so many clients per hour) almost like an assembly line so to speak. I deliver personalized patient-centered, customized wellness plans of care. It is not one size fits all or cookie cutter healthcare. My practice style is very patient specific. Together (collaborative approach/protocol if you will) is geared for the client to achieve the maximal results in order to live their best life now! Read more>>

Majo Mansour | Holistic nutritionist, kids nutrition specialist, founder of Midi Bites and cofounder of Majka

When i started the business ,i just became a new mom . and i noticed that there was nothing on the market that was very easy to grab and go that can replace a sweet tooth, nutritious , balanced and when you look at the ingredients you feel safe sharing it with your little ones. so i decided to start the company offering high quality organic ingredients , no preservatives , vegan and gluten free as well as nut free in some flavors so the bites can suit almost all dietary restrictions. I really wanted a bit that can check many marks, in this day and age we are living in it is almost impossible for us and specially kids to stay away from highly processed and artificially fortified chips and snacks without any added benefits. with Midi bites i hope to start and be the part of the shift to a cleaner snack option movement. Read more>>

Jacob Kloster | Food truck owner and operator

My thought process was fairly simple. I come from a family of entrepreneur’s and had a first had look at what it takes to own and operate a business. I decided to branch out and start up Detroit Coney Cruiser out of sheer frustration. I was working for an employer and we didn’t quite see eye to eye. I thought he was making some bad decisions for the future of the business and let him know, as I was an invested employee. He told me that if I knew so much about operating a food business then I should get one myself. After a few months of research and reflection I decided to open up the food trucks. Best decision I have made in a long time. Read more>>

Lauren Beardsley | Naturopathic Physician & Health Engineer

I always wanted to be a healthcare practitioner, and once I allowed myself to think outside of the box of what a doctor role “looked like”, I stepped into making the difference I was meant to have in the world. Fast forward beyond years of working in the hospital and private group practices, I started my own business to deliver my unique approach to health and people. Read more>>

Jordan Breske | Arizona Blogger

When I moved to Gilbert in May 2015 I instantly fell in love with the charm of the city. Gilbert has changed a lot in 6 years and new restaurants, shops and businesses are popping up all the time. One of my favorite pastimes is going to check out and explore all of the new (and old) places in Gilbert and just like that…the idea for @gilbert_guide was born! I started this Instagram account to provide Gilbert residents with an authentic look at all of the wonderful things happening in Gilbert and the East Valley. Read more>>

Kelsey Rausch | Owner + Design Revolutionist

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was 10 years old, I would take all of my dad’s office employee’s lunches out of the communal refrigerator and sell them back to them at what I dubbed “The Pit Stop Cafe”. That spirit has carried through in so many forms over the years. However, once my corporate event job was taking off it was terrifying to leave the comfort of a paycheck and benefits, not to mention a 401K program. Read more>>

Liz Jurado Armendariz | Designer & CEO

As a consumer I was always very concerned about shopping online and having to return my items because I didn’t like the item or it didn’t appear to be what it look like on line or it didn’t fit to the proper size that I requested. When starting my boutique this was a huge part of the thought process as I decided to be as clear as transparent with showcasing my items and making sure that all wearable items are fitted with real life models instead of mannequins to ensure we have true to size online fashion and everything is tagged to its proper size keeping our return rate minimal to zero and customer satisfaction at 100% while increasing customer purchase rate. Read more>>

Scott Eller | Co-founder, Red, White & Chew

Twenty years is a long time. That’s how long I spent in the corporate world–working for some of the biggest names in Pet Food and Supplies. Those experiences were invaluable. I was able to learn so much about how to run a business, and even more about how NOT to run a business. My business partner and I started our company five years ago with the idea that there is nothing more important than the relationships that we build and keep. Relationships with our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and even each other and our families. Corporations have a tendency to lose site of that. We make make great, healthy chews & treats for dogs in a way that we consider every purchase as a chance to build a new relationship–a part of our family. That has worked for us and kept us centered on what is important as we build our company. Read more>>

Calvin B Jackson II | The Main Squeeze (President/Chief Creative Officer)

In the third grade, Calvin was called to the Principal’s office for having too much money in his pocket. He had been selling hand-painted ceramics to the other students. An entrepreneur was born. Though he loves painting, he feared being a starving artist so he channeled his creativity to the digital arts. After growing and developing his management skills at a few different agencies throughout Chicagoland, it was time to step out and launch his own agency. The Lemon Ad Stand is a wordplay on an actual stand he built for his daughters to grow their own business. It’s just the love of entrepreneurship, the ability to build your own destiny, where you make the rules, and get to break them, too. Read more>>

Brenda Jackson | Luxury Travel Consultant/owner @ Cordially Invited Travel

I entered into the travel industry in the late 1980’s early in my career. My family life and career took me in many different directions. But it was my love of travel that brought me back a number of years ago. With my husband Jeff, sho has had a very long career in running global corporate marketing and has traveled extensively. Both of us love to help people and we thought by helping people with their travel dreams, would be something we could really feel good about. In these challenging times, I wanted to build a travel organization that truly catered to our customers, by boosting their experience and not worry about the scheduling of air, hotel, resorts, excursions etc. Just experience the joy of the trip. Read more>>