Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Nicole Taylor | Sports PR Professional, Position Sports

The most important factor behind my personal career success and that of our agency, Position Sports, is our reputation of over delivering. As I entered the world of sports business as an undergraduate student intern and volunteer, it seemed every experience and job well done would lead to another. It was a continuous snowball effect of experience, networking and an earned reputation as someone who can deliver beyond expectations. Position Sports, where I lead the team’s communication efforts with clients such as the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, has been in existence since 2005 and continues to grow in a similar manner. The majority of our clients, including Nike, Red Bull, and USA Basketball, joined our roster through relationships and proven performance, not a traditional RFP pitch. Read more>>


Kendra Scheer | Owner and Sweets Enthusiast

The most important factor behind our success as a business and brand is hands down, our team. Without the energetic, outgoing, highly competent team that we have assembled, we would have nothing. Building the team has not been easy. We have learned over the last couple of years that although many apply, the job fit is only for a few. We require highly motivated individuals that operate with extreme personal accountability. In return, we pay well above market and treat all of the team like family. Listening to their concerns, making flexible schedules to allow for personal time off and creating a fun loving, positive culture has already started to pay significant dividends. Our employee retention far outpaces any competing food service / retail brand and each and every single person on the team is what we’d consider top talent. Read more>>

Hollywood Tae | Music Producer

With my profession you definitely have to have talent but also dedication and hard work..It’s been times when I didn’t even wanna make any beats but I was addicted to getting better…That’s what really drove me to be successful. Read more>>

Terrance Johnson | Owner & Personal Trainer

That having passion and desire alone will not yield constant success. You must be willing and understanding that conveying your message is needed to have long lasting drive when times seem uncertain and fatigue begins to take a hold of you. If you can help your co-workers, employees and customers achieve their individual success, you will have a career and business worth growing into a success. Read more>>

Trenita Coleman | Personal Chef

The most important lesson my business has taught me is to never give up. I’ve had many restless days and sleepless nights about how I was going to make certain things happen. I knew I wanted more for my life and to teach my children anything is possible through hard work. They see me every day get up and work from sun up to sun down trying to grow my brand. I want them to learn from me and the only way I can show them that is by never giving up! I have my business to thank for that. It motivates me Read more>>

Joanna Riggs | Fascial Stretch Specialist and Personal Trainer

My career thus far has taught me that the best way to get where you want to go is to listen. No one has all the answers, but listening has gotten me one step closer to learning. Listening not only to clients to help them achieve their goals, but to other entrepreneurs about being a business owner. Being a younger business owner I have taken an immense amount of advice because of my lack of knowledge. I have been figuring this out as I go since I was 19! If I didn’t have amazing people around me as guides along this journey, I would not be where I am today. As a Fascial Stretch Specialist and personal trainer, listening is everything. Listening to what client’s need has been paramount in helping them feel and live better. Figuring out how to best help is not a solo effort by me, it is a collaboration! I have learned to listen to what does or doesn’t work for someone, their goals and the importance of them in their lives, and how to adapt stretches/exercises to be pain-free. Read more>>

Randy Feldman | Bail Bondsmen

I strongly believe that the success of Sanctuary Bail Bonds can be attributed to 2 specific areas. First is having a clear vision for our brand. At Sanctuary Bail Bonds we started with the idea that most people who need bail assistance have no clue as to how the process works. They are in a vulnerable and frightened position. If we take our knowledge of the hospitality industry and apply the same understanding, appreciation and consideration to the bail industry, we would be successful and profitable. By creating detailed bail documentation and taking the time to explain the bond process (risks and possible results) to the friends and family members that would be putting their own finances and collateral up for the bond, we can help them make the best decision with the least amount of fear possible. This includes, at times, saying no to posting a bond or altering the conditions of release to include Recovery Facilities or different housing. Read more>>

Vera Therrell | Small Business Owner, Designer & Seamstress

The most important factors are hard work and consistency. BUT – I’ve also learned over time that in order to be successful you have to realize at some point that you can’t do it all yourself no matter how hard you work. If you want your business to grow you eventually need to hire some work out and as a small business owner a lot of times this is really hard. Your business is your baby and you’re deciding to trust somebody else with a part of it. But it’s one of the keys to growth!. Read more>>

Cari Gililland Associate Broker | Co-Owner of Perspective Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Integrity First Realty

Over the years I have learned so many valuable lessons in each business venture and opportunity. When I look back I think that one thing has remained constant…I love a good challenge. I love learning new things and opportunities for growth. I am most successful and productive when I have structural tension in my life. This tension keeps me from becoming complacent and pushes me to stay focused on activities that will move the needle on my goals. When challenges arise I remind myself that I can do hard things! It is so important to believe in yourself and look for opportunities to learn and grow. Read more>>