We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Soniyah Robinson | Social Justice Advocate and CEO & Founder of Boundless Blackness

My business Boundless Blackness is a pro-Black storytelling platform, Black culture shop and community space, built to share authentic and holistic stories. The power and impact of storytelling is expansive. Sharing stories has been used as both an ancestral bridge to pass down rich Black history and tradition, as well as an oppressive tool to obstruct Black communities from progress. Boundless Blackness works to tell the true stories of Black community members in various forms, including articles, interviews and social media segments, to reject the inaccurate and damaging way Black people have been portrayed in the media historically. Read more>>

Vanessa Rivers | Co-Founder – We Are Travel Girls

Our travel community, We Are Travel Girls, inspires, educates, empowers and connects female (and male) travelers all around the world. Our destination guides are some of the top ranking travel stories on Google and they are packed with useful information to help our readers make the most of their travels. We also help female travelers connect with each other online through our popular instagram page @WeAreTravelGirls and in person through our meet-ups and Travel Girls Getaways around the globe. We’ve hosted an array of curated luxury trips including an eco ski trip to the Austrian Alps, a Best Of Morocco Country Tour and my favorite, our Malawi Safari & Charity trips where we give back and empower the local community we visit. Read more>>

After 7 Tucson | Live music featuring a harmony-driven blend of Rock, Country, and Pop to get you moving!

Our band, After 7 Tucson, is a 7-person group based in Tucson, AZ. Our roots are in church/spiritual music where we honed our vocal harmonies, but then branched out into original music and cover songs that span 60’s to modern rock, country and pop genres. Because everyone in the group sings, we are able to perform a wide variety of music and vocal harmony that sets us apart. We all came up in organizations, careers and hobbies that instilled in us that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and to work for something greater than ourselves. Read more>>

Tauni Beckmann | Founder of ShadeOutDM & head of KC’s Kruisers loaner pup wheelchair program

We are a newly formed 501c3 (been on this mission personally since 2015 with my own Corgi) with the main focus to raise awareness about the Canine version of ALS called “DM” Degenerative Myelopathy. Degenerative Myelopathy, frequently referred to as DM, is the canine version of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). This debilitating, progressive, and fatal disease is caused by a degeneration of the myelin sheath of the spinal cord. Read more>>

Antonio Johnson | Creative, Graphic Artist, Photographer, Vdeographer

I would like to think my business helps the community by giving a professional look with an artistic approach. As a young Black Man, I show the community what’s it like to believe in yourself and put your all into your passion of what you love. while serving your purpose, i believe everyone has different goals styles and approaches in life but were all destine for greatest it’s h0w we choose to go about it. by me continuously growing in my craft of art I’m showing that it’s possible to go into business and make a name for yourself off of hard work and dedication. My business helps entrepreneurs, upcoming businesses, brands and artist that’s inspired to promote there Selfs with a professional marketable look that’s artistically design. Read more>>

Nicole Kwass | Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant

We all want to be our best. I am and always have been a big believer that if you look good, you feel good. What I really mean by that, is if you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, your mood is instantly improved. My goal with Styling and Wardrobe Consulting is to make every person I work with look and feel their absolute best. We are all different, we constantly evolve. Read more>>

Raiya Iverson | Earthside End of Life Doula/Program Director/Owner

The American culture is one of the few in the world who don’t readily take care of their dying. Earthside hopes to help tip the scales by training people to care for the dying and their loved ones. By having this additional, non-medical, compassionate support and companionship, it can help people to easier navigate the end of life transition by encouraging a beautiful and far less scary experience. Read more>>

Jenn & Cindy | Founders of Wildflower Connections

Our vision at Wildflower Connections is to focus on entrepreneurship and the promotion of each other’s businesses organically. We want to infuse our meetings with personal development, a renewed mindset, deeper connections, and an atmosphere to help likeminded people break through fears that paralyze them from getting themselves and their business to the next level. We realize that in order for this to happen, it all starts at the top. We believe that once you find your tribe and step into your authenticity, not only will you soar, but your business will also start to flourish. Read more>>

Alethia Olmedo-Perlasca | Hypnotherapist and Sport Mental Coach

As a hypnotherapist and sport mental coach I’ve worked with different populations along the years but helping the Latino community has been the most rewarding one. Working with professional fighters like Alexa Grasso, Yair Rodriguez and Brandon Moreno has been a pleasure and a privilege to see them grow, thrive and unveil their potential. From my approach and training I strive to help people to see their strengths rather their flaws. To appreciate our resilience and opportunities. The psychology community focused for many years in the “diseases and problems” of people but from my perspective and background I’ve been encouraging clients and athletes to focus on their strengths, their ability to learn, grow and overcome obstacles when having a right mindset. Read more>>

Jay Jones | Chief Vision Officer

Skate Forty8, in partnership with our official charity partner, The Rising PHX Foundation (a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization), collaborates with diverse local artists, like-minded people, and businesses to design dope skateboards for young people who deserve a skateboard but do not have the resources to obtain one. We are Arizona’s first all-inclusive skateboard brand created to serve the youth in our communities through socially equitable skate projects. Our skate projects are multifaceted endeavors that create a platform to promote local businesses, feature talented up-and-coming artists that help fund projects, and provide skate opportunities for kids in our communities Read more>>

Shannon Brown | Relationship coach & therapist

My business is all about helping people, especially relationships. I strongly believe that if we have emotionally connected relationships in our life, we are healthier, more productive, and overall have more joy in our life. The opposite is also true, when we do not have those close connected relationships, we are sad, we are lonely, and overall not as healthy. I also believe that when we have healthy relationships, that has a ripple effect on the whole world. Read more>>

Cristi Rose | Founder/Executive Director, Bethany’s Gait Ranch

Bethany’s Gait Ranch is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so we’re all about helping the community and beyond. I initially started it back in 2007 to rescue horses and pair them with foster children to help both heal. The results were incredibly amazing and we began branching out to serve other at-risk children. In 2011, my husband, who had served 24 years in the Marine Corps, began to see the toll the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were taking on service members of all branches. Although they were being offered therapy, many weren’t taking advantage of it due to the stigma, or it wasn’t helping in the way they needed. Read more>>

Kyle Rose | VP, Business Development at CyberAI Corp

The inability to identify online fraud and scams, particularly on social media, is a huge problem. What is the percentage of consumers that are unable to identify online fraud and scams? The actual percentage is estimated anywhere between 74% to 83% and continues to shift. Poor identification has led to global cyber crimes costing greater than 1 trillion dollars per annum 2020. In 2021, roughly 1 billion dollars was lost to the number one scam on social media, cryptocurrency investment. Read more>>