We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Miranda Reyes | Events & Wedding Planner

SOCIAL MEDIA. Day in and day out there is not a moment where I am constantly thinking about something new or something different to do on social media. It is always going to run back against the question of.. Well have I tried it yet? Well why not? Read more>>

Stew Jetson | Actor

I am an actor and have worked hard to get where I am, Many factors have gone into getting me to where I am today, and don’t get me wrong there is a very long way yet to go, but what I pride myself in most is my awareness of others. Getting an agent, going to auditions, meeting with casting directors, directors, crew members and other actors is sometimes overwhelming and challenging, but being aware is something that I always bring to the table. Being aware has many layers to it in my opinion ranging from being aware of your expectations as a performer and being prepared, to being aware of how hard a crew member is working so you be sure to acknowledge and thank them. Awareness is something that has helped with my confidence, preparation, execution and presence in a room. Everyone is capable of being aware, but as we see in our everyday life, not everyone uses it. Read more>>

Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick, PhD, LPC | Owner & Mental Health Therapist

It is nearly impossible to choose only one factor behind the success of Evolve Counseling. There are so many crucial parts that have come together to contribute to a successful first year in business, including the help and support of my loved ones, the hard work and dedication of all the providers in our practice, as well as my own passion and drive to succeed. However, I believe one of the most significant factors that has contributed to our success is the culture of our practice. In spite of our education, licensure, and experiences in the mental health field, all of the providers at Evolve are human first and foremost. We strive for relatability and authenticity in our practice and believe that it is incredibly important for our clients to see us as people who they are able to connect with and relate to. Read more>>

David Laird | Owner

People. I am in the people business. People don’t always know what they want, what they need or how to get there. You have to be able to communicate effectively and see things from their prospective to help them find their path. The people I hire, I hire for their knowledge and experience, but most of all for their heart to serve others. I can teach them knowledge and skills but I can’t teach a desire to help others. To put others needs before their own. Be where you say you will be, deliver what’s promised on time even at a loss. If you genuinely care for your staff and your clients you will build relationships that will last a lifetime. Read more>>

Billy Economics In Comics | YouTube Channel

I do not think there is just one factor, it is definitely a combination of a few. Connection: Connecting with my audience is very important. I am 100% genuine with them. Allowing them to come in to my world and life and showing them who I am. I want a personal connection with my subscribers. Information: Knowledge is power. In my business information is king. I put everything I have into providing this information early to my subscribers so they can reap the benefits. They can use this information both to save money and make money. Laughter: I love to entertain. I want them to have a fun experience when watching me. I want them to say, “What will he do next?” Or “I cannot wait until tomorrow’s show!” Drive: I want to be the best at what I do. Thankfully, I love what I do which makes it that much easier! Read more>>

David Hock | Executive Producer & Director

This is an interesting question for me because my “brand” is live theater, specifically musicals. Art and culture is obviously quite subjective for the end user, in my case that is an audience. With that brings two factors for success; first would be the providing a high quality product, as would any business want to do. My goal with Scottsdale Musical Theater Company is to always strive to make our shows achieve a high level of quality from talent to the orchestra to the overall presentation. Every audience member may not like a particular show, or the artistic concept we went for, but I never want there to be a doubt about the integrity or quality of what they watched. My goal is to always have every audience member walk out thinking that the production values were first rate. Second, is a philosophy that is best summed up by a lyric from the Stephen Sondheim musical Sunday in the Park with George; “Stop worrying if your vision is new, let others make that decision they usually do, just keep moving on”. I can never know if an audience is going to like a show, all I strive to do is offer the best theater experience I can. Read more>>

James Patrick | Internationally Published Photographer, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host & Entrepreneur Coach

In my career as a photographer I’ve photographed more than 500 magazine covers. But when I started taking photos two decades ago I promise the images were not that good. As a podcaster with a show charting in multiple countries, I’ve been on the microphone a few thousand hours. My first episodes, I can guarantee sucked. As a writer I was able to create a best-selling book. But I’ve always been having my articles published since I was 15 years old and I know my first handful or articles were absolute crap. The difference is – I was willing to push through the bad in order to create something worthy of being noticed. The struggle that many aspiring entrepreneurs have when it comes to launching a business or creating their success is that they hold onto their idea for too long. Read more>>

Priscilla Behnke | Be Awesome Inc. Director

We are constantly focusing on the mission of Be Awesome, “To make a positive impact in the world by developing confident, connected, and successful youth through mentoring, education, and community programs.” We go over the mission at the beginning of every meeting we decline to participate in anything that doesn’t help us reach our mission. We also stay on brand visually. Inventory and decor is on brand with color as much as possible (teal, white, silver) and we take pride in displaying our brand and want to make it inviting to community members. Read more>>

Liz Tomko | Owner

Artplay has become a brand in large part because before opening an art therapy business, I was a graphic designer. Understanding the importance of being recognized as a valuable service is key to the success of any business. We are extremely focused on helping the child, but equally as concerned with creating a relationship with the parent. We give out branded gifts to parents each year… such as eye-masks, or tins of tea, or a scented candle, or bath salts, all of them branded with the Artplay logo. The employees are treated very well, so moral is high and they sure their love for the Artplay Way with parents and kids. It has become a place where kids and parents get their needs met (calm environment for regaining emotional strength). Read more>>

Jenny Willigrod | Artist

The most important factor behind my success is consistency. All of subject matter is uplifting to my clients and happy people make happy clients. Other consistencies of my art are the bright palettes I always use and my bold technique. These two factors have helped me create my brand of art. Read more>>

Jeffrey Alexander Malkoon | Co-Owner

The people who think critically about where they spend their time and money. It’s easy to buy generic today. It’s what most people do. Standard beer company. Standard peanut butter company. Standard candle company, etc. You see a wall of it at the store. It may not be the healthiest choice, but It’s cheap. It may not support American entrepreneurship, but It’s convenient. We all do this at times. But the people who take the extra step of understanding the power of their choices in this world and acting on that knowledge – supporting independent, community businesses run by entrepreneurs working their asses off to make a difference and succeed – those people might as well be the sole factor behind the success of our brand and any brand. They’re that important to us and to society. Read more>>

Holly Carlson | Licensed Aesthetician

I think whas has helped me in being successful in business is being myself and holding true to my core values of treating everyone with kindness and always being willing to go the extra mile for my clients. I also believe that it is my passion for skin care and wanting what is best for my clients has also assisted in the success of Face It Skincare. Read more>>

LiLi Kosek | Owner

This is an interesting question. My business hasn’t achieved the success that I expected yet. There is still a long way to go, but we are happy with what it has built up and returned to us so far. I would say we target the right products and plan for big is the key. Target the right products– In business, choosing a right product and make sure the product is in huge demand in the market is the key . Once get success and experience with the initial product then create a new product line which is related to the initial. Keep exploring and repeating. Plan for big– Never set up your goal by numbers such as amounting what sales volume you want to achieve yearly etc. Set up a big plan like you want to change people’s mind /idea or you want to hire more employees and return to the society. Read more>>

Diane Sanborn | Artist & Art Professor

I listen. After all of these years of painting, I have learned to not only engage myself in a conversation with my work, but to also visually listen carefully to what the painting is telling me. Over the years I have acquired a data bank of aesthetic information that never really sleeps. When I work, I hear those voices of previous instructors that were genuinely interested in guiding me as an eager student. Now as an art professor, I share what I know with my students. Color and Composition are at the forefront of solutions to my visual problems. After all of the ups and downs in the art world, my focus now is to keep creating work that is both interesting and important. Although my formal concerns are abstract, recently I’m moving back to incorporating the figure. I never stay with any subject or style very long, however my work has been described as always staying true to my palette and to my instincts. It perhaps explains why my work shifts styles from week to week, but always looks like mine. Read more>>

Dejan Simurdic | Swim School Owner

Great program and the time we invest in training staff to be the best they can be. Read more>>