Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Debra May | Resiliency & Reinvention Mentor

My inspiration for starting my business began when I was home raising my kids. Having left my job a few years earlier, it felt like I was working way outside my genius zone. The transition from work to home was difficult, and it wasn’t long before I felt overwhelmed by the busyness of kids, schools, activities, and helping care for my parents. I knew I needed something more to fill my own cup. I needed a whole new set of skills to deal with the powerful emotions surging through my life. Read more>>

Cathy Clements | Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

While in my 40s I was preparing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan as a special agent with NCIS. I was having a very difficult time competing with agents 10 and 15 years younger. At first I just pushed harder, it was what worked when I was younger. Then I injured myself, training for a marathon. I pulled my calf muscle half way into a 14 mile run. So I turned around and hobbled back to where we had started running. The whole walk back, I was talking to myself, why couldn’t I do this, why was everyone else still going and i am injured. Read more>>

Kristin Tetlow | Pilates Instructor & Business Owner

After years and years of working for various fitness and health-related companies, I found myself struggling to find a company that matched my vision for the health of my clients. I decided to start my own business where I could design an approach built upon my three pillars of health, happiness, and safety. Read more>>

GerVonne Jefferson | Women’s Empowerment Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Author

Good question. To be completely honest, I did not have a clear vision of what God wanted me to do. I didn’t know how my business would evolve, what I was going to do or who I was going to help. I didn’t know anything about starting a business. I just knew I was called to help and God gave me the word BOLD but I wasn’t sure what it meant. As a woman of faith, God called me to this mountain to not only conquer it and be a B.O.L.D. woman, but to help other women become a Brave Open-minded Loving and Determined Business Woman. Read more>>

Wesley Smith | Founder & Creator of STANDARD H

My thought process has certainly evolved, however, the original idea was to buy a Volkswagen Vanagon, rip the interior out of the back, and build it out as a mobile store. As a resident of Encinitas, CA at the time, I figured I’d throw my surfboard on the roof, go for a surf, and sling t-shirts in the parking lot. It was during a Google search researching Vanagons that I found an image that ended up being the Shift Logo pattern which serves as the logo to the STANDARD H Garage Collection. Read more>>

Rebekah | Owner of The Prickly Partea Co.

Starting my own business has always been a goal of mine. I wanted to pursue an interest I have always loved with skills I have gained in the corporate world. It wasn’t until my first long relaxing bath with a cup of tea after having a baby that this idea of a company came to mind. The Prickly Partea Co. was formed shortly after by marrying a goal with a passion. Ultimately, I wanted to provide a customer the necessary items for them to throw an amazing tea party. Read more>>

Kris Rose | Artist, Author & Travel Blogger

Starting my own business was the most natural path forward for me. From painting to drawing to writing, I’ve always loved to create things, and could never imagine a life where that wasn’t a central part of my work. Building my business has been a process of just taking one step at a time. Because of this, my progression has been slow, but it has allowed me to explore a wider range of options to see what works best for me. Read more>>

Krystal Lepine | Esthetician; Day Spa, Med Spa, Boutique Owner

From a young age, I was always a leader! I worked in the corporate world for about 7 years. There, I learned the type of “leader” I want to be and the type of “boss” I DON’T want to be. I knew I wanted a flexible schedule while raising my babies and also I wanted to have a team to lead, inspire, and grow! Read more>>

Melody Pierce | Miss North Phoenix and S.T.E.P.S. Recovery Coach

Starting my own business as extremely challenging but I saw the need for a resource and coach for eating disorders/body acceptance in our community and knew I couldn’t give up in providing people that. Read more>>

Matt Yaney | Designer and Co-Owner of Uncharted Design

Great question! I have been in the construction world my whole life. My dad was a finish carpenter/project manager and when the company he was working for went out of business, he started his own company. After I graduated from college I had been working as a kitchen and bath designer for several years, but – following my dad’s example – it was a dream of mine to own my own business. When an opportunity presented itself to start my own company, I made the leap from employee to business owner. Read more>>

Carolyn Sewell | Owner/Founder of Ace Athletics

The idea for Ace Athletics came after many years of playing tennis and not being able to find clothing that met my needs of both style and performance. As a mother of three, I had spent most of my time raising my children and decided to start this business to not only challenge myself and create a legacy for my children, but to fill a void I saw in the market. While creating a brand image and ethos, I considered what was important to me as a consumer, so I put sustainability at the forefront of my business and focused on how to be an exemplar of a small local business that can act sustainably. Read more>>

Daniela Pelton | Creative Director, Web Designer, & Brand Strategist

Hi, I’m Daniela! I’m a web designer, brand strategist, and creative director behind The Humanista Co.— a holistic design studio for purpose-based brands and entrepreneurs. In my early career I like to say that I started going down the dangerous path of “shoulds.” I started doing everything I thought I should be doing to build a respectable career and become a “successful adult.” I tried all kinds of jobs, like bilingual recruitment, HR at a global think tank, e-learning at an Ivy League university, and career coaching for a tech startup. They all sounded exciting, and I always started out hoping each would become my dream job. Read more>>

Kyle Carstens | Owner of Arizona Margaria Rental

I decided to pursue this business because fits my personality perfectly. I enjoy having fun, socializing, and meeting new people. When I host parties it’s important that guest feel welcomed and enjoy the event. Arizona Margarita Rental provides an opportunity for guest to experience a “wow” factor at any social gathering. Guests are always impressed with the taste and how easy it is to serve these cool, refreshing margaritas. Read more>>

Melissa Stiles | Photographer and journalist

I’ve never been a fan of working for other people. Once I started to really really get into photography, I could see it being a way to make a living while being my own boss. They always say “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life “. Read more>>

Sara Singer | Charcuterie Board Creator

When the pandemic started, getting a little glimpse of normalcy was very important for me and my family. We all.missed being g able to see friends or go out to restaurants. Creating Charcuterie boards delivered to your home so people could gather outdoors safely and enjoy precious time with friends and family made sense to me. I have a culinary background and food is my love language, so this was the perfect business for me. Read more>>

Stephany Arciga | LashBeautie, Eyelash Extensions

My mindset wasn’t always to start my own business. I had always imagined myself in the medical field. It wasn’t until recently, that I began to think differently. I started working at the early age of 16. Working overnights, doing overtime, jumping from job to job. You get tired working for someone else; doing the most for a job that, in reality, could care less about you. Eventually, I started to surround myself with groups of people that had bigger mindsets; mindsets of giving themselves better lives. Read more>>

cartier taylor | Founder & Owner

To be quite honest, I started Deathbosses Brand at around the pandemic time when the world was sitting still, I began this brand by working from home in Detroit (Spring 2021). I was working 5 hour days in my landscaping job Wiley And Son .while also learning photoshop more and talking to the community within social and streetwear community; I give my dedication and time to. between work, learning and grieving, I needed an outlet. I am an introverted extrovert and have realized that I love being with family and friends yet when the pandemic took that away I had to adjust in my way of not being able to see my core group as I did before. Read more>>