Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Alex Bosin | Wedding and Senior Photographer

The love of my business, being a creator and photographer, is more than the ability to love and serve my clients well. I thrive in my personal life when I am able to decide and stick to a healthy schedule that balances being a wife, mama to littles, and photographer/business owner. It is my business and my craving for the flexibility and freedom of my schedule that motivates my lifestyle and allows me to do what I do best. The thought process behind starting my own business was a gradual one. When I first picked up a camera, I didn’t think it would ever turn into the full caliber its developed now. Read more>>

Brian Klick | Fitness coach

I started my own coaching business for many reasons. The first and main reason was after being coached so poorly and developing so many health issues related to it all, I knew right then and there that it was not only within my ability, but my public duty to make sure I not only coached people from my end, but also make sure that they are the best they can be and minimize hardships within their lives even beyond just fitness. All life ties together and it all starts with mentality. If you are unable to help others through these things, then you are only as good as the athlete currently is. My other reason is that I want to be able to provide an opportunity to the friends and family I love within growing this business and ensure everyone can live a great and meaningful life as a unit. Read more>>

Lindsay Askins | (Birth) Photographer + Doula

Truly, I hated working for other people. I hated having a boss, and someone who told me when to be where. I hated not having control of my time and income. I went through a sad divorce, moved across the country, and was unable to get hired in the small town I relocated to…even though I was over-qualified education-wise for almost every job I applied to. So, I gave up and started Spot of Serendipity. I had a very small idea of what all that entailed, but put in the time and work to get it launched and, even though balancing it alongside motherhood is next to impossible, it’s the best decision I ever made as a professional. Read more>>

Cameron Woodsum | Entrepreneur & Digital Nomad

I started my own business after becoming fed up with the powerlessness of being an employee and being at the mercy of other people’s decision-making. After working for a series of CEOs whose decision-making and philosophies I didn’t agree with, I decided it was time to control my own destiny. The freedom that comes with running your own business and being able to control who you work with, what you work on, and when you work is simply unmatched. Read more>>

Jose Coronado | Fingerboard maker and tattoo artist

I had a friend pass away before I could start my business he was my main inspiration to start making fingerboards. Skateboarding and great friends at Desperation skateboards also where great motivators in the start of my business. Read more>>

Daniel Case | Pool Company Owner

I have worked in the pool industry in a couple of different states. In this industry experience teaches you a lot of what you need to know. I wanted to spend more time with my family and two young boys and felt the best way to do that was to have our own business. I had the experience and felt it was a good time to jump in. Read more>>

Anthony Cinquini | Franchise Owner and Travel Advisor, Dream Vacations

The idea of starting a business was appealing for many reasons: being accountable for my own success, creating a flexible lifestyle, the opportunity for creative independence over how the work was done, and the possibility of being more involved within the community. However, despite my desire to be my own boss, I decided that the best option for my entrepreneurial spirit was through a franchising opportunity, since I didn’t have the business background or education that I thought would be vital to success with a standalone business. Read more>>

Kelley Shaw | High priestess of vintage

My main focus was accessibility and beauty. I hand pick my vintage items based on uniqueness, quality and spirit. I wanted people to come in and be inspired to do something that they had never done before or go somewhere new. I wanted things to be affordable so all types of people would come in. I did not want to create something in which the community that I came from could not afford something they wanted. Read more>>

Bee | Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

I am passionate about psychology and neuroscience, and I always knew I wanted to serve others and help make a difference in the mental health realm. After going through severe depression and anxiety, I decided to walk the path of self-love and healing. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology, however, in early 2020 I felt there was something missing with the traditional therapy approach. To me, it’s important to consider someone’s overall wellbeing, and address the needs of the mind, body, and spirit. Read more>>

Dayna Schaaf | Digital Marketing Specialist

Being a solopreneur is hard work. You LOVE what you do, but you wear ALL the hats. You are sales, marketing, shipping (if applicable), the actual product itself (for people who are coaches, or service-based businesses, like photographers). It’s a lot to balance. What ends up falling by the wayside is usually marketing. People who don’t have experience in marketing feel intimidated. They think that paying for ads or Google keywords/ SEO is the answer, but in a small business you don’t have the resources (money) to compete with bigger companies and so that is money down the drain. With so much other stuff to juggle, and a seemingly impossible problem on their hands, they ignore marketing. They post a few things on social media and hope (I call this “post and pray”) that clients will find them. And they don’t. So they lower their prices, try to attract people that way. And the vicious cycle continues. Read more>>

Melissa Valdez | Creator

Well, I really wanted to give people who are lactose intolerant or just don’t do dairy a FRESH option. When I say fresh, I mean minimal ingredient, organic, gluten free, like only high quality products go into making this Milk. What goes into our bodies matters. I only want the best for my body. I love being able to show people that there are dairy free options to our favorite “classic milks” like chocolate, egg nog and of course I love getting creative and making seasonal flavors and using local fruits and teas. Read more>>

Grace Koval | Blogger & Owner of @arcadialiteliving

I love our neighborhood and I really wanted to highlight the fact that Arcadia Lite has a lot to offer for those living nearby. There are so many businesses renovated and new that deserve more customers. Read more>>

Cori Ghougassian | Advertising Agency Owner

When I first started college at 17 years old, I was introduced to the world of marketing and advertising. I was working on a project where I did some research on Advertising and Marketing Agencies and thought to myself, “Wow, it would be amazing to work for one of those companies!”. After doing the research for that project, I thought to myself, why not just start your own agency and create it the way YOU want it to be, and since then the idea of starting my Adverting agency just stuck with me. Read more>>

Lety Elle | Natural Hair Stylist

Tucson is growing fast. I felt that the demographic for the community is changing right a long with the population of the city. Tucson did not have a large selection of Natural Hair Stylist. Tucson especially did not have any Hair specialists that cater to a particular communtiy. Read more>>