Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Brent Orsuga | Recruiter in the Logistics/Supply Chain Industry

For me I was raised in an entrepreneurial environment, so the hustle and grind was embedded in me at a young age. When I started Pinnacle Growth Advisors in 2014, the biggest thing I thought of was there will never be a perfect time to take the jump. I could have delayed that leap for years, but actually taking the jump and never giving myself a plan B was what led me to the success we have achieved to date. Read more>>

Sharone Chin | Sun Protection Apparel Designer & Small Business Owner

Mine is the classic mom story you may be familiar with. After I had my four kids I made an attempt, but couldn’t find a flexible work situation. So I decided to get creative figuring out a solution. When my kids were very young I designed and made jewelry which I sold at trunk shows. This first endeavor helped build my confidence and helped seed fund my present business, HELIADES. As to how HELIADES came to be, I’m obsessed with healthy skin and like to sun protect my skin all the time. I got tired of wearing a running shirt over my outfits and had a tough time finding stylish sun protection apparel that coordinated with my everyday clothes and dresses in my closet. There’s lots of athletic, beach and resort inspired UPF apparel, but I wanted something that felt comfortable and looks really nice, too. Read more>>

Katie & Alexis Patterson | Entrepreneurs

Both of us are very creative and we love to share that gift with others. Not only as sisters, but as best friends, we felt like teaming up together to make a business out of something we both already do seemed like a no brainer. It was something we could do together and a great way to spend time with each other. We wanted to find something positive to take away during Covid, and this was something that we loved pouring a lot of our time into. It was a way for us to interact with people and to get to know people without having to be in contact because of all the regulations, still being connected & involved in people’s lives in some way. Even though Covid has died down in certain aspects where we are able to meet up with people again, it brings us so much joy to see our products being used in peoples daily lives, in all parts of the country and that is plenty reward in and of itself. Read more>>

Sonia Martins | Co-owner Sacred Skin & Writer

What started the business was a challenge. My partner and I were doing a face mask and we were reading the ingredients and looking at the price, he turns to me and says ‘we can make a banging mask, with better ingredients and for less than that’, my first thought was ‘not another project’ I had been diagnosed with depression and I was still learning how to manage the symptoms and the medication, the last thing on my mind was work or a project. Instead, I said something like ‘okay, let’s try it and see’ and we did. We bought small quantities of ingredients and became our own guinea-pigs. My partner is very passionate about fragrance, he knows a lot about ingredients and scents, he loves researching about every single aspect of them. Read more>>

Sean McKinney | Photographer & Software Engineer

I had been shooting photography for about a decade, and I had reached the point where I wanted to do more with my work than just taking photos for myself. Using the equipment, and skills, that I already had and taking the leap into the more professional end of the art seemed to me to be the next logical step. As most of us were, I was stuck inside with a lot of time on my hands during the spring and summer of 2020, and I decided to just dive into it. I started by doing some serious research, and ended up launching my website. It is still an ongoing process, next up I plan to tackle ecommerce. Read more>>

Ashley Borum Tara Lukrofka | Owner & Creators

Tara and I have always shared a passion of one day designing with flowers. We have been in the interior design industry for over 15 years and wanted to enhance our ability to be creative through another outlet. What started out as small talk in the office, grew into a dream come true during the height of the Pandemic. “We figured what do we have to lose?” Read more>>

Karla Wear | Baker & Business Owner

Sweet Cravings first started in my kitchen. I quickly realized I had outgrown my small space at home and would need to expand in the future. I had the opportunity to showcase some of my treats at a local boutique and took that opportunity as a challenge for myself and see if it was something I could make work in the long run. Within a week I came to the realization that my small home business was definitely worth expanding and quickly jumped on the opportunity of leasing a suite and thus the grand opening of Sweet Cravings as an official storefront! Throughout this journey I have grown not only as a business but there has been personal growth as well. Read more>>

Maria Banks | Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Prior to starting my business, I worked for over 10 years in the healthcare field in a traditional setting. I am passionate about helping others address their health and wellness needs; unfortunately in a traditional healthcare setting (e.g. hospitals, skilled nursing facility) we are often limited by systems in place such as healthcare insurance. I have always wanted to start my own business focused on health and wellness, but always found an excuse to not pursue my dreams, mostly operating from fear. After becoming pregnant, my passion was reignited and I found a need to help pregnant and postnatal women address their maternal health needs. I took the steps necessary to start my business to truly help women address their health and wellness needs without the limitations of a traditional healthcare setting. Read more>>

Allie Scordo and Tanya Casas | Group Hiking Hosts

Tanya and Allie started Hike With Us AZ to connect local adventurers, one group hike at a time! We were both new to Arizona at some point and know how challenging it can be to not only meet friends but to explore new trails. We thought it would be impactful to build a local AZ hiking community and host memorable group hiking events because sharing adventures means enjoying them more! In September 2020, we created Hike With Us AZ, LLC out of our joined passion for hiking and bringing people together. We host fun and motivating group hiking events every month during hiking season. It has been rewarding seeing genuine friendships formed from our group hikes, motivating people to stay active and hike all while showcasing the beautiful Arizona trails! Read more>>

Flora Tromelin | Event and project manager, etiquette and cross-cultural expert, global-minded strategic advisor

I moved from France over Summer 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. I resigned from a job I sincerely enjoyed, and which was challenging me every day. To be honest, I had never really envisioned becoming my own boss before. I actually applied to several jobs upon arrival in Arizona. But, moving internationally with 2 teens doesn’t come without challenges. I realized that I had to modify my professional expectations. I was fortunate to meet with a few local young entrepreneurs, and they were kind enough to give me some administrative and financial tips. After I spoke with them, my decision was made: I would create my own consulting company. I believe today that it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Read more>>

Jake Greenbank | Professional auto detailer

I wanted to create a service that catered to people through convenience. Not only do customers experience a detail that is mobile and capable of servicing them in the comfort of their home but also they get the benefit of scheduling it on their own time. The idea got rid of the hassle for people that have to make the trip to the car wash and experience swirl marks after going through and having to touch up and do the interior by themselves. My goal was to create a service that fully benefits the customer and leaves them for more time in their day-to-day life Read more>>

Katie Benford | Quantum Embodiment & Manifestation Coach

My thought process behind wanting to start my own business was this: I was tired of seeing brilliant women doubt themselves or even worse, have these BIG aspirations, and yet tell themselves they weren’t capable of making it happen. I wanted to start my business so I could help these women step out of their zone of familiarity with confidence & the courage to make their lives the best they can be. I also wanted the time freedom that having my own business has brought. Starting my own business has been a scary endeavor, but it has been worth every single second of it. Read more>>

Eulecia Hudson | A Fun Yard Card that helps you celebrate any occasion in your yard or place of business

Starting your own business is the American dream. It takes dedication, persistence, support and commitment. You need to research the market, study other companies that are similar and learn from their mistakes and successes. Most importantly create a plan and be willing to pivot if needed. Read more>>

Robert DiGregorio | President – Obsesssions Car Club

Back in 2015, we had decided that we wanted to get more involved into the Car Community. I started looking around at the different car clubs in the Tucson area, And what I saw really bothered me. Most of the clubs that we had looked at, wanted you to do a probationary period, So they could assess you, and see if you are “worthy” to join them or not. The majority of them also had requirements that I thought were just ridiculous, such as wanting you to put stickers on the front windshield of your car to show your club affiliation, clubs that only allowed certain years, makes or models, or buy and wear the club tshirts and hats ( which were required to be worn at club functions)
Myself, along with a small group of friends got together, and discussed all this.
We decided we would start our own club, accepting any and all who requested to join. Read more>>