Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Colin Adrian | Stained Glass Artist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is that I love what I am doing. Every day when I enter my studio I am excited to begin my day. Time does not exist when I am working. I take a small break for lunch which can be comparable to waking up from a deep sleep. I put my head down and go. By the end of the day I am always left with a huge feeling of accomplishment and pride in what I am doing. It can be exhausting but the rewards of creating beautiful peaces overshadow any shortfalls. Being happy in my environment is a huge factor contributing to productivity. Coming from NYC and Portland Oregon, the beauty of the desert scape here in Arizona is both calming and inspiring. I look forward to what new ideas this will bring. Read more>>

Haili Copeland | Photographer & Videographer

I’d say the most important factor behind my success would be my mindset. Believing in myself has been the number one thing to help me and my brand succeed. I know it sounds crazy, but if you walk around telling yourself “My work isn’t good, why would someone hire me?” you’re going to manifest just that. Instead, try saying “My work is amazing, why wouldn’t someone hire me?”. Positivity is key and has always been so important to me. Read more>>

Jennifer Diaz | Board Certified International Attorney, President

RESULTS! Whether it is getting detained or seized goods released, large penalties mitigated, or ensuring our clients have terrific processes and procedures to be model importers – we get the job done, and well. A sampling of my notable client accomplishments can be found here: https://diaztradelaw.com/meet-the-team/attorneys/jennifer-diaz/. I’ve built a terrific network by being incredibly involved in the trade community and am known to help connect people. Read more>>

Lauren Featherstone | Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Relatability. The most important factor of my success and brand is being able to relate to my clients. I’ve had eating disorders, I’ve been overweight, I’ve tried every diet in the book. It took me years to find balance and create a healthy relationship with food. I want to help save others from the trial and error I had to go through to get there. In my opinion, people trust not just experts, but other people who have been through similar experiences. Starting your health journey takes a level of vulnerability so trusting your trainer’s expertise and understanding is pertinent. Read more>>

Natalie Van Marter | Cosmetologist

I would say the people that took a chance on me, supported me, and believed in me are the most important factors of my success. Without them I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today and I am positive my work would not have the quality it has without them. Read more>>

Tricia Schmorde | Breeder and Mentor at Dakine Shiba Inu’s and Siberian Huskies

The most important factor behind my success is the way I raise my Shiba Inu and Siberians inside my home. All of my dogs are full-time family members I am not a kennel, nor do I believe in Kennels. Mans best friend needs to be housed with us. All of my dogs are with us full-time in our home or RV when traveling. We keep our program small and focused. I raise the Shiba Inu’s and my daughter and my CO breeder raise the Siberian Huskies. All our puppies receive socialization being raised inside the home as well as neurostimulation which produces 30% more brain cells and a better immune system for the life of the dog. MY dogs are my life, my hobby, and my passion. Being a Vet Tech by trade and my years of experience and studies sets me apart from your average breeder. Read more>>

Jennifer Jakobsen | Life and Clarity Coach

The most important factor behind my success in business is having clarity. I was unclear about where I was going in my business and who I was helping for a long time. Once I became clear on my vision for my business and who I was helping with my services, things became so much easier. Clarity has helped me to become confident when talking about my business as well as marketing and selling what I do. Read more>>

John “Jay” Lotspeich | Artist and Designer

Most important factor to my success? That’s a bit loaded, like asking a parent to pick a favorite child; “It’s you, I promise. You’re my favorite.” I wish it was as simple as that, one major factor that you could pinpoint and share with others. Maybe it is beyond the ideas of a physical thing or person, more than just a single moment or decision. There are a lot of links in the chain that lead me to here, so let me share the most influential bit of advice I got that helped direct the current direction of my brand: “Choose your niche”. Read more>>

Benjamin Benulis | Chiropractor & Health Freedom Advocate

Allowing my business to be an expression of myself. Putting myself out there and authentically expressing myself only to find that people deeply resonated with my message. Read more>>

Branden Levine | Chef/Owner of Sel Restaurant

There are many factors that are involved with a restaurant’s success because of the many moving parts that has to come together to create a great guest experience. I believe that passion is the driving factor in any successful business, without passion, it’s easier to give up. If your passionate about something it makes you more resilient because you will always do your best and find ways to adapt and be creative. When people see that you are driven, it also flows down to your team because it creates a positive energy that people are excited about. Read more>>

Sara Ferrer | CEO/Founder, Zoey Koko

When I took Zoey Koko from part time side hustle to a full time career in 2021, my definition of business success fell into 2 buckets: either things were perfect or they weren’t. Whether it was the perfect product, the perfect marketing plan or the perfect strategy, the constant pressure I put on myself to not make a mistake ended up stifling my creativity, confidence and draining my energy. Then one day, while reading James Clear’s newsletter, he mentioned the concept of the 1 Perfect Rule that shifted my whole perspective. Read more>>

Lauren Swank | Boutique Picnic & Event Coordinator

I believe that dedication and drive make up the foundation of success. When I created Grove and Gather I wanted to build a community who valued spending quality time with loved ones and celebrating life’s special moments in style. I didn’t just want a creative outlet, but also something that I would put my everything into. Having this dedication and drive to do the work no matter what it took is what has kept my business going. I also realized I wanted to help people live more intentionally which I practice in my business everyday. Read more>>

Mike Ewing | CEO & Golf Instructor

My clients success in a fun simplistic approach. Arizona has hundreds of golf instructors that all teach the same principles for the most part so you have to separate yourself from the rest. We have what is called a Blueprint Performance Plan which is uniquely tailored to every client. Yes we can be like most and have a person fit in to a category and give them generic stuff but thats not us. We believe that your swing is your swing, just with us its better! Having our clients feel comfortable, confident and having fun is what we are all about. Golf is already tough, instruction and getting better shouldnt be. Our simplistic, fun, come as you are approach is what has given us extremely high customer satisfaction. The key to our success… our clients success, with a bit of fun! Read more>>

Rechelle Trejo, RN | Owner & Aesthetic Provider of AURI Aesthetics

Hands down my team is the most important factor behind the success of Auri. I am a huge believer in the potential of others and how that potential can exponentially expound far beyond the boundaries of a single person. Each member of my team is unique in their personalities, interests and natural talents. I see this as an asset as we allow each other to use their unique attributes to shine and bring greater recognition to themselves and Auri. I do not believe that we rise by pushing other beneath us. Contrarily, I believe that by helping others around us rise, we cannot help but rise ourselves. Auri is a place where each individual in the team is supported, encouraged and given a voice and autonomy to grow. Read more>>

Liljana Poli Daniel | Owner of Lilly’s Marmalade

When I was younger, I always watched my grandmother and my mother make jam together. Growing up in Sweden, we had to keep ourselves busy during the dark months of the year and jam was one of those things. They put love and effort into making the jam and when it was done it transformed into delicious flavors. I watched as they bonded over something as simple as jam. My grandmother told me once that her and my great grandmother used to do the same when she was younger back in the Middle East. As an Assyrian from the Middle East, jam and marmalade has always been a part of my heritage. I remember I used to eat it with homemade bread and cream cheese everyday. Read more>>

Monica Robbins | REALTOR®

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand has to be authenticity. Starting a career in real estate has really pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. Having to be in front of the camera has been challenging for me in many ways. I am not a boastful person by nature. Whether you meet me in person or view my post, you will find I am always the same person. The content I post is intentional and best represents who I am. I hope that the level of service I provide is valuable to all my clients. I always want to help in any way that I can. Sometimes, I give too much, but if it helps build up another person, I am ok with that. I always want to build authentic relationships with whoever comes into my life. I contribute much of my success to my family and friends who have been so supportive of my transition into real estate. I am forever grateful to all of them. Read more>>

Connor “3C” Carlson | Media Specialist & Recording Artist

I truly believe the most important factor behind my success is to always differentiate myself from others and to make sure I always stand out for who I am and what I do. I often try to put myself in new environments and situations to continue to learn and grow into being a better me everyday. Being inspired comes from what you see, hear, and feel. The inspiration will play out in your work someway shape or form the more you listen to it. Creativity is a huge factor in success. Why try to do the minimum amount of work? Why make it just good enough? Success comes from putting your 110 percent into everything. Read more>>

Julia Rose Studios | Combining Live Music with Healing Adventures

The most important factor behind my success is perseverant networking. The success of an independent artist is directly correlated to the opportunities that present themselves. Some artists are lucky enough to find opportunities early in the pursuit of their art; however, many artists need to create these opportunities for themselves through dedicating countless hours to persistent promotion and networking. I am grateful to have the drive and passion behind my current music endeavors to be able to push through the moments of self doubt. When I feel tempted to give up, I have been able to convert my discouragement into a fuel that will help me work even harder toward achieving my ambitions. It often is uncomfortable and a learning process but so far, I haven’t quit yet. Progress is not linear and thus success is dependent on perseverance. Read more>>

Rhonda Steinke | Naturopathic Doctor and Pranic Healer

By staying connected to why I am in business. I have always wanted to help alleviate suffering so people can have more in their lives. I like doing this in the simplest form possible however the how can change as I evolve and depending on the needs of the person. Owning my own business has provided me the flexibility to adjust services or products to yield the most sustainable how. I simply get shear joy when someone not only feels better but is empowered and engaged in life ready to move forward. Read more>>

Jenny Jorgensen Kate Worum | Co-Founders of She She

Our brand and our designs are centered around honest storytelling. We think the authenticity of our designs helps people automatically connect to the patterns and then develop a lasting connection to them when they understand the purpose and story… and of course, hard work. We hold each other annoyingly accountable and find time to make our passions a reality. We really believe in what we are doing and we think others can see that too! Read more>>

Mary Hone | Artist/Photographer

I created something that was unique, and one of a kind. Taking my photography to a completely different place, set me apart from other wildlife photographers. I also make every one of my mixed media pieces individually, so every piece is unigue, and one of a kind. People easily recognize my work, and my collectors enjoy seeing what’s new. Read more>>

harmony fulton | gooder goods co-owner + spirit animal

SOUL. by that i mean the spirit of the people who started and run gooder goods: the founders – nate, joe and i, and our incredible cooks and baristas. success is greatly dependent upon culture so to create a stellar culture in our company we regularly practice being positive, powerful, playful, generous, grateful and real. starting a business is a difficult thing in and of itself and we did it in the midst of a pandemic. i don’t say that to boast, i say it because if it weren’t for us adhering to these six values, we may not have made it thru the hard times. and there were some hard, hard times. if i were pressed to choose ONE of these six attributes, i’d choose playful. no wait, i’d choose grateful. shoot, being positive is suuuper important, too. hmmmm, well, it’s a good thing i don’t have to choose!! Read more>>

Tejpal Spring | Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Author.

As my work focuses on helping others to find their true purpose and blossom; these are my major factors: 1- Being authentic and clear 2- Being compassionate without being a pleaser 3- Keeping learning and growing 4- Loving what I do
5- Being part of multiple communities that nourish you Read more>>

Malorie Navarrette | Barber

The most important factor for me would be the connection I make with my clients. Whether it be just a haircut or an ear to listen to, a cheerleader, or celebrating life in some way, I feel honored they choose to sit my chair! Read more>>

Patty Roberts | Body Contouring Owner / Specialists

My brand is about making a change in someone’s life. As people there are things that we want to change to help us feel better/ have more confidence. It may be a kick start to starting a journey. My clients trust me and in return it turns into loyalty and marketing. I love what I do. I came from big business for over 30 years. I enjoyed what I did with the exception at times seeing decisions made that did not have the employee in mind. When I found this opportunity I realized I could make a difference and always keep my client in mind. That is what it is all about. The success from my business is from social media platforms and referrals. My referrals from come from helping the client make that difference that they are looking for. Read more>>

Jessica Mitschele | Owner & Principle Planner

The most important factor behind the success of our business is our willingness to go above and beyond to make our clients wedding day feel magical. It’s in the little details and within every interaction that we try to bring positivity, excitement, and romance. We feel that because all of the payments, budgeting, scheduling etc. can be stressful, we want to make all of the other aspects of their process fun, memorable and something they look forward to. Being happy, kind, and genuinely excited for them to get married has set us apart from others. We are truly there for them and put ourselves and systems second. If we need to adjust anything to make sure they are feeling catered to, cared for, heard, and stress-free, we will do it. They hired us to design and plan their day, and we feel that by creating this world of excitement and romance throughout the wedding planning process, it brings them even more joy and appreciation to get married! Read more>>

Jenny Matejov | Dog Mom & Small Business Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the comfort of the dogs! Growing up, I used to be the kind of person who would never in a million years put clothes on my dog. Now, I own a small business and personally sew dog/pet accessories! The biggest factor that stands out about HelloBinx pet accessories, is that I find ways take into account the comfort of the dog, while making sure the products also look as good as possible while they are on your dog. Read more>>

Jason Luna | aka TUNA

The most important factor of my brand being successful is maintaining solid relationships. I strongly believe if you remain a solid person to others you are going to attract the same type of people. Relationship bridges last longer if you stick to being 100 percent real with yourself and to others. Another thing I would say is being versatile. I’m not a fan of placing all my eggs in one basket. If you look at my work i attempt to shoot other type of photos besides just the music industry. I can do portraits, maternity shoots, parties, gender reveals, behind the scene type photos and much more. The key is elevating your game to each type of different styles of photography and mastering them. Read more>>

Kevin Breeze | Tech Reviewer & Social Media Influencer

Focusing on one project at a time has made a huge difference. In the creator economy, it’s easy to be distracted by the countless opportunities available. For example, in the past I attempted to launch multiple YouTube channels, create an online course, and write an eBook simultaneously. Despite setting aside time for all these ventures, none of them were successful since I couldn’t give any of them my full attention. I wanted to work on multiple projects at the same time as a hedge against one or several of them failing, but I spread myself too thin to succeed. Read more>>

Brandon Odom Skye Sackrider | Latin Dance Instructors, Event Producers & DJ

Unwavering dedication to bring the highest quality experience we can to our audience regardless of the short-term costs. Pursuing this path has been difficult but the brand equity it’s produced has been worth it. Read more>>

Connie Miller | CEO, Credible Advantage

The most important factor in my success and building my career has been to stick through the tough times, as they teach you more than anything learned in a leadership book. You are likely going to experience a time with poor communication, a difficult customer, exhausting schedule, coworker with an agenda, poor leader, or dysfunctional team. Studying what works and adopting best practices will always win over running to a new environment so you don’t have to work through challenges. Read more>>

Gianluca Boncompagni | Business Owner & Overlander

Our brand, Guana Equipment, has been seeing some success mostly thanks to the fact we like to grab as many opportunities as we can. Both my business partner and I, have been people that like to get a hold of opportunities in life, which has translated onto business. I’ve had the pleasure to live in 5 different continents over a 10 year period, and many times I changed jobs or even careers, by pursuing an opportunity that was in front of me. I learned to take calculated risks, so to speak, and make that jump onto something new and grabbing it by the horns. Every opportunity I have seen that looked exciting or promising, I took it, and I dealt with it giving it commitment and energy. Thanks to that I lost a lot of fear on moving forwards, I learned to be dynamic, proactive and keeping myself energized and focused. Read more>>

Marie Duraffourd | Aerospace Engineer & Student Pilot`

I believe the most important factor behind my success (my success being the career I choose to pursue i-e aerospace engineer and airline transport student pilot) is happiness. I want to wake up every day and be happy to go to work. I do need a job that stimulates my brain and my desire to learn. Read more>>

LB | Creative Director

I would say there are 2 main factors that are truly behind my success thus far. The first one, to begin with, is why I am pursuing this career path and that is I want to be the best to ever do it at the end of the day. Ever since I was younger, I was told do not ever give half effort in anything I do, always give 100% in all that I do. I carry that same mindset in my career as well, I do not want to be average. No one remembers the average person, they remember the great and the best ones and that is going to be me. Read more>>

Dajean Bell | Guitarist

I would say the most important factor to our success as a band would be our passion. We’ve been a band since 2013 and had a few lineup up changes. However, the passion, the drive to write and play music would be the most significant and driving factor in our success. Playing death metal/deathcore isn’t the biggest money maker. And we’ve never been the type of band that wants to play stadiums for clout. We’re here to inspire and just share our brutal music with the world. Sometimes it’s not words that I feel fans connect with it may be the energy or vibe the notes generate. Without a doubt, passion is the biggest driving factor in our band. Read more>>